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  1. !!! LOL.. I was part of that team!!!!... it was once called Arkis Vir. I see now that it has progressed a lot since last year. I notice that they still have my Race Insignia's in the game... good for them!
  2. .... and if you haven't seen them. Here is part two... https://youtu.be/hzn82AJhhe0 and part three... https://youtu.be/8Yhd-TMPeJs I am currently making part four. This will be the last one, as the project is pure fiction.
  3. There... my Twilight Imperium videos are up on YouTube again. This is part one of a series of videos. "share and enjoy" https://youtu.be/90MaRpHEeGw
  4. I'm still monitoring the forum. Thanks for still commenting. I'm going to re-upload my Twilight Imperium videos onto Youtube, after many requests and I might just finish the video series too.
  5. Hi guys! I just want to tell that the videos have been removed, by request of FFG. "it was not a good idea to post a work-in-progress video to a game we do not have the rights to" That said... it's still not quite impossible that a videogame like that, might not be under development Regards Thomas
  6. !!!!.. lol... that is the reason why I wanted to do it a computer game in the first place... I always forget stuff like that. How many times haven't I played through a space battle... and lost... only to realize that I forgot I had a +1 on something or another. Rest assured... when the game is out... THAT will not happen! Thanks for telling though.
  7. My third video is up.. here I explain how space combat and planetary invasions could be done. http://youtu.be/a-oauZuDN1U Enjoy! and keep posting comments, critique and ideas... it will all help us when we go to FFG with this. Regards Thomas
  8. We are! The videos are there to see what can be done and use as a guide on the layout, GUI and gameplay. Twilight Imperium is pretty complex when you try to thing of it as a turn based strategy game for the PC. The videos help on realizing the hurdles that has to be overcome for it to work. When we have something tangable… we contact FFG and hopefully they will endorse the project. It's still done in our spare time, so not too much recourses are spend on it at the moment. Thomas
  9. My second video is up… showing how the first round of the game could be played out. Follow this link : http://youtu.be/n8OcgrJitmY Please comment as much as you like regards Thoms
  10. Hey Guys! Thanks for all your commets about a computer game. I have made a small video that shows how the game could look like. Check it out here http://youtu.be/_OUHd0uyIbg Regards Thomas .
  11. Well… I actually have never heard of Vassal, so I downloaded it and tried to run the Twilight Imperium mod. First of all… what I was thinking about is a real game, with music… maybe soundeffects for fun… VOIP maybe, but atleast… a game that is ready to play and intuitive enough for everyone to understand and start! First of, you either log onto a games server to find or create a game, or you can do it offline on a LAN or Hotseat (sharing one computer and take turns). It should start with how many players should there be, and then options for what expansions should be played. From Distant Suns, Space Mines to Shards of The Throne. You pick a race at random… like the real game and you get the tiles at random as well and you choose where the tiles go.. like the real game. With computers, you could offer statistics… a ranking system with medals or points… a hardcore mode, where carriers content is hidden as well as players tokens, technologies and such. I think it could be really cool. Have you guys seen the latest adaptations from Ticket To Ride… it should be very good and has been praised a lot.. so it should be possible to create it.
  12. I'm currently thinking of asking FFG if they would want to sponsor a project to convert Twilight Imperium onto a PC platform, with internet community and network play. What is your opinion.. would you buy it if it cost… say.. 10-15€? --------------------------- Just wanted to update those who were following the project on here that we recently released our website/forums and are looking for feedback on our concepts, as well as any design tweaks that people want to see for the final release. This started as a fan-made labor of love, and we want to keep it that way! While the game is not an exact like TI3, it contains almost all of the mechanics, as well as some flavors of house rules and unique elements that would only be possible in a video game format. That being said, here's the site: ArkisVir.com Check out some of the content we've put up, and leave any feedback you have in the forums. See you there! Regards Thomas
  13. I'm in Århus, Denmark... anyone else?!.. my girlfriend and I are looking for some Twilight Imperium players.
  14. Hi everyone! I just joined this forum and want to share my little video I made inspired by a battle in Twilight Imperium. Hope you all like it Regards Thomas
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