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  1. If i roll red, white and anything else does only the one i declare as melee or magic attack have a miss on a X or do i miss if one of those 2 misses?
  2. Does this mean, the diamond upgrade is useless (just the dice part) because there are only 2 green dies, so the third die has to be yellow - as it is on gold level? Or should there be more than 2 green dies?
  3. In the advanced Campaign the Chaos Beast gets 4 dice for choice. May the Chaos Beast take 1 X die and 3 green ones (or 3 yellow ones), while there are only 2 dies included in the game or is he only allowed to throw 2 green and 1 yellow die?
  4. Dark Relics are generally Items, that can't be removed until the hero dies. In the Advanced Campaign there is an item to remove a Dark Relic. Are removed Dark Relics available again for the overlord after beeing removed once in the advanced campaign or can each dark relic only be given to heroes once per campaign?
  5. I got another Question about Movement: Can u move between a Rubble and a Wall (or between 2 Rubbles) which are diagonally to each other? So logically closing the space between each other but if it were figures u could move between. So do u have to take A or B on the left one? Do u have to take C or D on the right one?
  6. Does the Overlord have any Cards on Outdoor Encounters? Islands i think yes, but Travelling Encounter or Lieutenant Encounter? Does he have the Treachery Cards on each Encounter, which means Outdoor, Travveling and Lieutenant Encounters too?
  7. In the advanced campaign (Sea of Blood) not every player gets an item. Dark Relic says "Play this card when a hero receives a treasure card." So the players draw one item for every blank on one of the four power dies and distribute them. To distrubute them, the players have a look on the item and then one player takes it. The FAQs on page 11 says, that the overlord is not allowed to see the treasure card, before he decides whether to play "Dark Relic" or not. So how does "Dark Relic" work in advanced campaigns and when is it played?
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