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  1. your insulting people that post on this thread. Don't act like you don't talk down to people or act like a smartass. This is not even about sexism. Your just trolling new people with your b.s. ? every time someone post with something you don't agree with, it's that can't you see this might be sexist line of crap. I really don't care what you think. More power too you. But you preaching on your soapbox is old and tired. No one's here not for women in games. Yet you've made it like it's this whole thread vs 2 people. If you really believe in this and your not trolling pick a better fight. Your fight is not with fantasy flight games. Or anyone here on the forms. Maybe refocus that to a company etc that is sexist. I just want to be clear I support women in games. I'm down for everyone having fun. I don't think there are barriers in board games. If you think there are, or find a game has a gender gap and it bugs you. Maybe that says the problem is with you. I've played with women who just want to be a guy token. Or they like the almost nude mini girl. Or maybe they want to be something not human. Same with guys. I'm not looking to fight with you. But your very pushy.it Just rubs people the wrong way online. If your not troll then go fight against real sexism. Cause there's none here. What I will say is for sure a troll is the op posted this and never looked back. I've said my peace on this matter. Just ignore this guy not worth our time.
  2. I See you have your copy and paste reply post for the day. Only thing shallow here your post.
  3. This is a lie as fantasy flight games books says players. Not males...... do I need to post screen shots. Only thing annoying is you.
  4. Great to see you assume he never did. Way to twist this thread into something no one ever said. No one said dam I don't want girls playing or girl minis. People said it was not sexist. Ahhh here..... since you seem to have turned sexism into something in this game it's not. prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex. Good to see your sick of it. Better get used to people not see things your way. On that's right your group is left thinkers. Bet you guys must get triggered over everything.
  5. So at work today I asked 13 people if this 11 of them women, not one of them cared or thought this was sexist. Same with others. At this point someone else's perspective seems just to be really yours. as I'm going to call you out for just trolling. By this messed up logic if I buy my daughter a my little pony set and it comes with 3 girl and one boy it's sexist. ..... Done feeding the troll in thread. Have a good day
  6. I don't think you have ever played fallout games. player2017979, base on your last post.
  7. Sorry, that's the problem you seem to have. Cause we don't see it that way cause it's not sexist.
  8. I don't think anyone is against girls in the game. But to make a thread and call this game sexist is wrong. What I'm not for is forcing games,movies,art books etc to bend to appease people. Once you force that it's no longer art or freedom. This goes all ways. Make great games movies art etc. Don't just shoehorn in things. Everyone has different views. No one is right or wrong. I doubt this game will even see a expansion. As more characters miniatures might have been added. Fantasy flight games base on video games don't have a good track record for that. At the end of the day, fantasy flight games has put a ton of female characters in its other games.
  9. See the only person who see this as a issue is you. And your not even a female. Like others have said we disagree and will not see it eye to eye.
  10. Play with meeples then. Stop whining, you bought the game knowing what the minis are. So going by your logic. the game being sexist. You supported it by buying it. By the way most board games in the grand scheme of things don't have minis. Yet this hobby is mostly male based by a huge margin. It has nothing to do with a mini being male or female that make someone want to play.
  11. This is pointless. There's nothing sexist in this game. This topic Is just trolling and goes no where. There are no barriers in board games to keep anyone from playing. If you don't like something in game go buy a miniature that you like or customize it.
  12. I see the trolls and sjw are out in full force.
  13. Kindle fires are not e-readers. 2nd it's up today on the amazon app store here is the link for anyone who needs it. http://www.amazon.com/Fantasy-Flight-Games-XCOM-TBG/dp/B00S1TP4S0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1421250403&sr=8-1&keywords=XCOM:+TBG
  14. The app is not on the amazon app store for the kindle.
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