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  1. Looking for a wider shot of the firts concept art of the movie is unmistakable: the U-Wing is a Transport ship!
  2. Since the images are a goner, i putting them again. They seem to take a hold of all the star wars news sites at this moment. The first concept art released a year back and posted here by EMEM cleary show the U-Wing as some sort of transport. So it will probably be some kind of tydirium shuttle. The pics are reposted here:
  3. It was in the description of the book. It seems to be too good to be fan made, and the ships appear in multiple angles and drawings. I would say this is legit... Makingstarwars.com seems to believe it as well...
  4. Wrong link? they already took it down. You can see the rest here: http://jedi-bibliothek.de/blog/2016/05/charakterinfos-und-viele-bilder-zu-rogue-one/
  5. I really liked the U-wing, but it seems to similar to a X-wing in function terms... The Tie Striker seem to simple for me, i think i'm getting tired of the Tie design... and I am mostly an imperial player..
  6. Edelweiss has shared the motherload of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story images and information. A full list of names was published revealing all of the “highly skilled soldiers, fierce warriors, Rebel Alliance captains, enforcer droids, and freelance assassins” from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. But the most important thing for us? New ships in the rebellion era! The information is from the Rogue One: The Official Visual Story Guide which is listed on Edelweiss. I will put some of the pictures here. What do you guys think of the new ships?
  7. Almost every fighter that showed up in rebels is a small variation of something we already have....
  8. Did anyone see it? Maybe it's going to be transported soon to X-wing, since we are lacking official ships.
  9. Hopelly we will get to see some Force Awakes period ships with the new Poe Dameron Comic Book. The cover already shows an A-wing flying besides the new X-wing.
  10. What I would really like to know is how the Tie can have a 360 firing arc as the text says... It would shoot its own wings.... Such a lazy design for a new Tie Fighter...
  11. Yeah, i agree, but in the end i think we can have two Scum ships in the movie, the Quadjumper and the one from the red gang.
  12. So, a couple of pictures explaining the Special forces Tie.
  13. I just watched for a second time paying close attention to the ships. My conclusions are these: There really is two different Ties in this movies, and the red marking is not what differentiate them, a lot of the regular Ties had red painting in the front as well. There are only three special forces Ties in the whole movie. The one they stole, and the official guard of Kylo's shuttle composed of two of them (they appear in Takodama, the planet with Maz Kanata's bar). They have a turret/cannon in their "belly" and obvious bigger weapons in the front, they also have some antennas which should provide better awareness systems. Nothing to say about the transport ships from the First Order and from the Resistance, they both carry big guns, and the Resistance one does have some similarities with a B-Wing. I don't think i have anything to add to the T-70 besides a turret with a 360 degree shooting arc. Last, for not least, is it really possible to see the vehicle from the First Gang that attacks Han Solo, and it is a really cool design, I wish they pick that one up for a next Scum ship. I guess this is it. I'm reading the novelization, so maybe i will have some more fresh information about these ships soon.
  14. A lot of cool concepts of Capital Ships in the The Art of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
  15. Abou the new Tie Fighter it's important to say, it must be a rear arc, the Tie Fighter can't use turret, otherwise it would shoot its panels... However the movie totally opens precedent for the T-70 X-Wing use one turret slot.
  16. I was totally hoping for some newer versions of the A-wings and B-wings... I really don't know why the didn't put anything like that. Even the new Tie is exactly like the old one, its jus a paint job.
  17. So there is an official description of it in Starwars.com "FIRST ORDER SPECIAL FORCES TIE FIGHTER A two-seat strike fighter used by the First Order’s elite Special Forces pilots, the TIE/SF boasts weapons far more powerful than a standard TIE, combining laser cannons with a heavy turret and warhead launcher. Special Forces TIEs have hyperdrives, deflector shields and high-yield cells that provide additional power to onboard systems. These versatile attack ships are used for everything from reconnaissance to combat operations."
  18. The same "rear arc" cannon shoots forward too (took out turbo lasers they were flying towards) - not sure if this means the TIE in question forgoes the normal weaponry in favour of the cannon (don't remember the pilot doing any shooting at all in that scene) Yeah, that was a little bit weird, it seemed that all the lasers were fired by Finn, and Poe was only flying the Tie. I didn't' get it was a different Tie of the rest of the movie.
  19. I surely was expecting some B Wings upgrades.... Like i said, i loved the movie, but it relies too much in the old mold, it was too afraid to create new designs. Even the new X-Wing is not new at all, it is actually the original design of the ship.
  20. Another interesting thing is the that the new Tie has one crew place and can shoot out of its back. In the Movie at least.
  21. So, last night i watched the Force Awakens in the Brazilian premier. As much as i enjoyed the movie, one thing kind of disappointed me, the lack of different ships. Even in Episode IV we had at least two Rebel ships, and it was really weird watching X-Wings in a bombardment mission... So it seems we have only four ships to work in the Force Awakens: the new X-Wing, the new Tie, the old Falcon (with the quadrangular antenna) and a new Imperial Shuttle. What do you guys think about that?
  22. So, I just moved recently from France to Rio, in Brazil, and neither country is used to have X-wing ships released on time. I am Lucky that my aunt is spending two weeks in NY (she's coming back at 13th September). Do any of you knows any retails that can have the ships until there? Or if there is any chance someone could ship a group of miniatures in time for her return? I Know 13 september is the official release day, but many stores can end up releasing the ships earlier. Can anyone help telling me about an early release near de NY area (or in a fast delivery website)?
  23. I know it is a pretty generic question, but nowadays I never play 100 points matches with my pals, going usually for 150 points or 200 points. I was wondering what are your ideals squads for 200 points games? Rebel and Empire?
  24. In the end, the B Wing is stronger and cheaper then my predictions…
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