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  1. Picked mine up from my local game store yesterday... great book!!!
  2. I ordered this through my local game store... no shipping fees that way!!!
  3. JosephCurwen

    Android rpg?

    OK so I completely forget about this thread since I last posted on it. I am getting "The Worlds of Android" and using it to run a Savage Worlds Interface Zero 2.0 game which will be the perfect ruleset for this setting I think. Hopefully Worlds of Android will be like Guide to Glorantha where you can use it as a rules free game setting book for any game system you might want to try and work around it. Now just waiting for it to arrive!!!
  4. Ok so I have been out of the loop for a while, I have the core game, the first 2 data cycles, and the first big box expansion. Looking to start collecting again with maybe 6 data packs, or a big expansion with a couple data packs. So what would you say are the important data packs or big expansions to look at. Traditionally I have been playing Anarch and HB, but I'm really open to changing things up. What I really want to know is if there are any particular things that are important to have in your decks that I should really focus on before I start collecting everything else.
  5. Yeah, I picked up Interface Zero 2.0, now just waiting for this to come out: did they mention a date yet? I see it's on the ship.
  6. Actually, I was hoping a might get a print and pdf combo, that's usually how I like to do it. That way I will order through this website and not elsewhere.
  7. I hope they offer a hardcopy/ pdf combo.
  8. I've got books stacked everywhere, but I still love them!
  9. After looking at Interface Zero 2.0 on Drivethru RPG, I think I am going to pick up a copy and use that... seems closer to the Android world... I have Savage Worlds Explorers edition, I don't need to upgrade to the new deluxe version for the core rules do I?
  10. Anyone hear about an ETA when this might come out?
  11. Was first thinking BRP, but now I think Shadowrun could work, maybe having some limited psychic powers using the magic system...
  12. Hopefully this will be a precursor to an Android RPG!!!
  13. The TSR game was awesome, especially The Book of Ultimate Powers!!!
  14. I DEMAND this RPG!!! I love the Android universe and will be getting the new Worlds of Android book that will be coming out, but it would make a great game supplement to an actual RPG for this universe. And it would sell well as the only pure cyberpunk game out there that I know of... in the meantime I might have to be stuck running it in BRP. I own Netrunner, the Android boardgame, and have read a few of the novels as well... please make this game.
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