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  1. Interesting results. I'm still trying to decide how to approach the buildings. I've primed all the bits with Vallejo grey primer but I think I'm going to leave this on the back burner as I have TOO MANY figures waiting to be painted and at the rate new units are released, I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever catch up. Does anyone else find the buildings a tad wobbly? The pieces from the building I got with Zverograd is very shaky. I've had to do some gluing on the two halves that make each piece to keep them together properly.
  2. Londoncopper said: The boxed building is not primed, just grey plastic. There is some good stuff on the buildings in Dust Chronicles that should give some inspiration for painting. Wow. Not sure how I missed Dust Chronicles. Great stuff. Thanks. And for anyone else who hasn't heard of Dust Chronicles, here's a link: javascript:void(0);/*1351906070782*/
  3. Thanks, Fenton. Yes, I may just wait until I have a few more before painting. I was thinking of going for more of a sandy brown look. There are a few variations on the cover for the Operation Zverograd rulebook that look nice. Again, thanks for the good advice.
  4. I just got Operation Zverograd and my first building pieces. Anyone have any advice on how best to paint these? As far as I can tell, most of what I've seen is a single colour coat with a wash applied. Anyone have any advice or examples of more detailed painting for these?
  5. OK, tried those suggestions but they didn't work however I did get an explanation as to why it isn't working on my phone which is that the latest version of Icecream Sandwich has issues with HD games and applications. In the US, there's a patch available now called Jellybean that should sort it out. Unfortunately, I am in the UK so I'll just have to wait it seem.
  6. Doing some research online, I've found it's an issue with other games that have embedded video. Unfortunately, I haven't found a solution. Will post a solution as soon as I find it and no one else has resolved the issue.
  7. I have this problem as well on the Samsung Galaxy SIII. I just got the phone and bought this and oh what a pain to find I can't play it.
  8. -wuhsawbe- said: Here's the updated walker. I added some shadows around panels and such with the original basecoat, and added in a few more highlights as well. I also redid some of the chipping and "muck" on the legs with the sponge technique that I notice a lot of others using. It was my 1st attempt at it, and I kept it limited to the legs, underside, and just the right portion of the walker as if the driver may have clipped some rubble in an urban setting. Any ways, here it is… Looking good, but one thing that for me personally always looks a little odd is a perfect decal. I'd chip away at the "411" with a little of your base colour (yellow) even if only a tiny, tiny bit.
  9. I agree with Loophole. If you look at the minis above, the highlights are a single colour and pretty much just limited to edges. I'm not sure how camouflage would make washing a nightmare? As for the difficulty, I suppose it's different for everyone but I only started painting minis a few months ago and kept putting off doing any camouflage and then found it really, really easy. I suppose if you just started adding camo to the primer, that would be difficult but I'm not sure why you'd do that.
  10. ItsUncertainWho said: Something I haven't seen anyone mention are Camouflage Decal sheets. There are several sources online for 1/35 and 1/48 scale decal sheets in most recognizable German patterns as well as the U.S. Army frog skin pattern. Has anyone tried these? The reviews I have seen seemed favorable, with patience and decal set solution. Even if applying the decals isn't ten times harder than just painting, they would still have that age old problem of sheen you get with decals. I just did my first camouflage painting the other day and not only was it easier than I expected, but it was kind of fun.
  11. Loophole Master said: This was something I decided from the very beginning. I love the personality of all the Dust units, and I wanted that to shine through. I didn't want to be uncertain for a second whether that squad was the BBQ or the Hell Boys, whether that walker was the Mickey or the Hot Dog. That is why I don't play with multiples of the same unit, and that is why I don't care for colour uniformity for each faction. I do have some overall themes that the factions tend to stick to, like the blue-gray armor for the allies and the dark gray armor for the axis. I really don't like it when I see those pictures of uniform armies and it's just a mass of olive soldiers and gray tanks. Really uninspiring. I agree absolutely. Overall themes with a variety of accents do surprisingly well to make the factions hang together while making each unit distinct.
  12. I agree. They look good but with a dull/matt coat they'll be even better.
  13. drapulv said: Siouxfire said: Vallejo do Russian colors just like they do with the Axis and Allies. I think of olive green as an Allied color. Ok, but which one? I´d like it to look like the color on the picture of the "Grand´ma". I see where you're coming from now about the Olive Green but when it dries it will look nothing like that. I'm thinking it's one of these… Vallejo Model Color 838 Emerald Green M071 Vallejo Model Color 891 Intermediate Green M074 Alternatively, you could just go for the Flames of War Soviet Paint set. Note sure where you're based but you can get that on Amazon. BTW - this is how the Olive Green looks. It's quite bright even after a few washes.
  14. Vallejo do Russian colors just like they do with the Axis and Allies. I think of olive green as an Allied color.
  15. Healdhj said: I've been nervous about mixing or watering down as I have to clean up my paints after every use and I am affraid I'll never match my original mixture. As I'm only doing one or two figs at a time I wouldn't be mixing much to begin with. Mixing can be tricky but with Vallejo you can count drops and take note of the mixes you make(something I need to do more often). Watering down doesn't change the color so no need to worry about that. I'm pretty new at all this too but there's a lot of information out there and just reading through these forums is great as you can ask people and they're always happy to share information. Keep posting your progress.
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