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  1. So, I finally got an official answer straight from Corey. In his message, he stated the following: "Retreat immediately ends the battle, and therefore you would not resolve the remaining steps of battle. The Sauron player would not get to spread influence." It is curious, but the influence spreading due to defeat is part of the combat.
  2. Well, the FAQ answer reads "The hero continues his turn as if he had defeated his opponent in combat. The movement from the card is not treated as a travel step and will not trigger combat or peril in the new location." The manual (p.29) reads the folowing: "If the monster or minion was not defeated, then Sauron may immediately place an amount of influence equal to his combatant’s wisdom in extension of Shadow Strongholds." My interpretation is that, by playing Retreat, the minion is considered defeated in combat, therefore Sauron does not spread influence. It's like the hero made a tactical, planned, surprising retreat, leaving the minion moraly defeated and unable to spread fear through Middle Earth. But the truth is the FAQ does not give a direct answer to that question, and a quick search in the BGG forums shows that there is no consensus among the players. I sent this question to FFG staff, so let's wait for their answer. Meanwhile, I believe the best way to handle this problem is to house-rule this matter with your friends before you choose who'll play as Sauron next time.
  3. When the text simply sais that a player must discard Hero cards, they should be discarded to the rest pool.
  4. Indeed, a curious situation. Thanks for the reply.
  5. The "Messengers of Stormcrow" is a first stage event card that reads: "Each hero that has favor must immediately either spend 1 favor or receive 1 Corruption card". Taking those instructions to the letter this means that heroes that have no favor token should not get a corruption card. Is this the correct interpretation of this card's text?
  6. Yeah, that's what I thought. Thank you.
  7. Whenever a hero's turn is immediately ended, by, for instance, not defeating a monster or minion during a travel step, does the hero get an encounter? I guess not, but I'd like a confirmation.
  8. Hi people, the reedy corruption card has the following effect: "When Sauron plays a Shadow card on your turn, he may then draw a new Shadow card". Let's say that I play a Shadow card that gives a Hero the Greedy corruption card. Does it means that Sauron may draw a new Shadow card, since he did play a Shadow card on a Hero's turn?
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