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  1. Well... hello!!! First of all I think a simple reprint after 3 years of inactivity is out of the question for FFG. They just don't do things this way. A "revised" edition on the other hand seems much more probable to me. It could have some new artwork in accordance to the refreshed style of the Terinoth line of products, plus a slight twist of the rules that would still make it compatible with the 2nd edition BUT you 'd have to use a conversion kit or different stats or something (so old owners would not complain but still be tempted to buy the new version). Other than that, I think that with the Witcher adventure game coming out soon (and very probably at GenCon) a new Runebound would be a direct competitor thus a bad commercial choice. I think Christmas would be a better time to bring out Runebound - that is IF they are planning it at all, of which we have no clue. And that being said: I WANT A REPRINT NOW PLEEEEEASE!!!!
  2. So... the conversion files have been posted, the changes are concerning a minor variation in the combat board and a slight retouch of some hero stats. I don't know how much these will affect the game, but I can certainly live with that Most of the other rules were already offered as options with the old version and/or are easy to apply. We already used some of the combat altrnatives anyway. I appreciate the fact that FFG made everything available, nice and honest touch. Cheers!
  3. Well, I don't think that there's going to be any variation of the combat cards. Damage values are prefixed (and presented on the combat table). The whole revised concept is imho to drop out the complicated combat system (although the "new" one was offered as an official variant) and an excuse to stop printing the extra hero cards as well as testing the game's appeal to fans with a possible future expansion in mind (although I think this is a game that really doesn't need one - it's great as it is :-) )
  4. I wish FFG were more active in their forums...
  5. I join my voice to yours for a 3rd edition (or even a classics wave 2 for me). How about board expansions instead of overlays? More space = more epicness !!! (although I know this is debatable) Anyway, +1 positive thought!
  6. It's just another fantasy adventure game. FFG have already a few of them in their catalogue (Arkham Horror, Eldritch Horror, Talisman, Relic, WoW, Runebound, Descent, ecc) and there is always space for more!
  7. I'm adding my voice to the cause! FFG bring back Runebound! (...and if it's through a 3rd edition PLEASE make it backwards compatible, or give us a conversion kit , thank you...) (edit- ...heck, I'll buy it even if you don't!)
  8. Great news! Nice thematic change! I've seen a lot of threads asking for culture variations and here we have it! Hope the new rules are not too much of a weight. Thanx FFG! PS. It's a Talisman only phenomenon I believe to start discussions on further future expansions the day one is announced. It's never enough! It's Talisman!
  9. What? Ten siders? That's pure HERESY!
  10. Talisman is a gigantic world already! I believe that the addition of the last corner is all we can expect for the future of the 4th edition. But... I wouldn't mind a small box expanding on the fates concept! And... There could be a Talisman: Realms line of medium sized expansions featuring medium size boards the players could reach from spaces on the main board through adventure cards... And... They could make the 4th corner double sided... And.. OMG MORE TALISMAAAAAAAN!!!!!!
  11. Yeah I am a human being alright! I'm already smeling the darn box !!!!
  12. I'm buying it anyway, thanx for the replies. I just wanted to ***** about one of my favorite gaming companies that does so much right and so much wrong Sorry
  13. Ok, It's half a joke, but with FFG and especialy with AH there has been a lot of revising and it bothers me quite a bit to spend money without having the final product even if it's a little detail that differs (I could list at least 3-4 examples). So for those of you who have seen the game, do you feel there is anything missing or should I go ahead and start hunting the Mythos globaly? Thanks in advance!!!
  14. Hi friends! Don't know if it has already been suggested but how would you feel if the new corner was dichotomized into two different realms? One having entrance at the woods and being the classic forest of the previous editions, while the other half of the board being "undeadly" themed with an entrance at the graveyard! Maybe even with a connection between the two halves (a common final boss for example like a dark castle at the heart of the forest you may reach from both sides). I repeat my excuses in case it has already been brought up. I see many nice possibilities with this setup plus it will have the feeling of a novelty, of something different going on in the game. So.. what do you think?
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