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  1. Chuck and Andrew return for Armchair Admirals 40: The Durandal. What better way to celebrate their 40th episode then having Jarod of the Durandal Initiative join them to talk Armada. In state of Armada we talk about Jarod’s World experience, touch on what Durandal really is and do a light overview of streaming. In Battlestations we talk what can you do to beat down Sloane. Finally in Parting Shots we discuss Dropping Raddus Turn 0. http://www.thearmchairadventurers.com/thearmchairadmirals/2018/6/7/armchair-admirals-40-the-durandal-xz8z9
  2. Andydriver

    Worlds 2018 Armada Breakfast

    Count this Admiral in
  3. Andydriver

    Armchair Admirals Streams

    No bid sloane vs Raddus MC75!
  4. Andydriver

    Armchair Admirals: The Ian Edition

    Let's be honest he's beat you 100% of the time
  5. Andydriver

    The Durandal Initiative: We're Back

    You're in for a treat then lol, Sloane is so evil. It'll be an epic battle!
  6. Andydriver

    Armchair Admirals Streams

    Lol yeah @durandal343 seems I need to bring my A game
  7. Andydriver

    Armchair Admirals Streams

    Wow impressive!
  8. Andydriver

    The Durandal Initiative: We're Back

    I know I'm excited. Also scared too face your regional list ?
  9. Andydriver

    Worlds Tickets

    I'm looking for a partner for the team event if you are going to be around on Friday.
  10. Andydriver

    Worlds Tickets

    Is a durandal coming to worlds?
  11. Andydriver

    Who is going to worlds???

    Are you from the area? We're staying a few minutes from FFG
  12. Andydriver

    Who is going to worlds???

    I'll be there, playing 1A. If anyone wants to meet up in the evenings for beers or whatever let me know.
  13. Andydriver

    Armchair Admirals Streams

    More worlds prep, Sloane interdictor vs Vader Cymoon
  14. Andydriver

    Armchair Admirals Streams

    Oh yeah it was painful to play. Next video is better lol
  15. Andydriver

    Armchair Admirals Streams

    Our February Patreon stream, Sloane vs Screed!