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  1. Chuck and Andrew are back for another installment of the Armchair Admirals, Episode 54: They Saved the Dream! In this episode we catch with the great Lando Chuckrisian, we've finally uncovered his rebel schemes. We talk about all the great news coming out of Star Wars Celebration! Two more ships by the end of the year! The Admirals talk on what they hope to see. Next they talk about the biggest announcement since the Super Star Destroyer, the Clone Wars is coming to Armada! Finally in parting shots they talk the fighter game, do we need changes or should we leave it status quo? Flip that brace token the Admirals have launched! https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-9jb24-ae427d
  2. Chuck and Andrew are back for a very special new series(maybe), the Admirals Academy Episode 1: Buyers Guide. Thinking about jumping into Star Wars Armada? Not sure what you should buy when first dipping you toe in? Andrew and Chuck are hear to give you some advice. Remember we didn't say good advice, now flip that brace token the Admirals have launched. https://thearmchairadmirals.podbean.com/e/admirals-academy-episode-1-buyers-guide/
  3. Chuck and Andrew return for Armchair Admirals 40: The Durandal. What better way to celebrate their 40th episode then having Jarod of the Durandal Initiative join them to talk Armada. In state of Armada we talk about Jarod’s World experience, touch on what Durandal really is and do a light overview of streaming. In Battlestations we talk what can you do to beat down Sloane. Finally in Parting Shots we discuss Dropping Raddus Turn 0. http://www.thearmchairadventurers.com/thearmchairadmirals/2018/6/7/armchair-admirals-40-the-durandal-xz8z9
  4. Let's be honest he's beat you 100% of the time
  5. You're in for a treat then lol, Sloane is so evil. It'll be an epic battle!
  6. Lol yeah @durandal343 seems I need to bring my A game
  7. I know I'm excited. Also scared too face your regional list ?
  8. I'm looking for a partner for the team event if you are going to be around on Friday.
  9. Is a durandal coming to worlds?
  10. Are you from the area? We're staying a few minutes from FFG
  11. I'll be there, playing 1A. If anyone wants to meet up in the evenings for beers or whatever let me know.
  12. More worlds prep, Sloane interdictor vs Vader Cymoon
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