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  1. Armchair Admirals Streams

    Double Akbar frigates vs Akbar super 75
  2. Dec 2 Regionals data collection

    I faced Sam in the second round, he had Most wanted for his red objective and contested outpost for his yellow. His squads were a jumpmaster, Mauler Soontir and Zertik, I think everything else looks accurate. Fun guy to play against.
  3. The Admirals are streaming the next game of their Corellian Conflict tonight on! Join us at 8:00 pm CDT @
  4. The Admirals return for episode 12, World’s edition. In this episode we discuss the outcomes of Star Wars Armada World's 2017, we briefly discuss the major announcements at worlds and we dive deep in the recent Armada FAQ. Report to battle stations and enjoy! You can find it here!
  5. Andrew here, Like Tvboy said I'm into disposable fighters and not much into bombers. Firesprays and YT-2400s are great fighters-bombers but I like quantity over quality. There it's something about seeing a ton of tie fighters on the table that makes me smile. Anyways thanks for listening
  6. Armada Podcast Wave 5 Rebel Review

  7. Another Character Generator

    Thanks, that fixed it!
  8. Another Character Generator

    Oggdude, Awesome generator but I installed the new update today and when I go to add a new motivation I get this error: note I can add random motivations
  9. Another Character Generator

    Would this run on a Chromebook?
  10. 180 point build

    I've got a local tournament coming up and it's only 180 points. I was hoping for some thoughts on my build: Assault Frigate Mark II A (81) General Dondonna (20) Raymus Antilles(7) Advanced Projectors(6) Enhanced Armament(10) 124 total Luke Skywaker (20) X-wing (13) A-wing x2 (22) total squad: 55 Objectives: Opening Salvo Contested outpost Superior positions
  11. Anyone in the Sioux Falls Area looking for games or Tournaments feel free to join our X-wing Group on Facebook: