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    Psykostevo got a reaction from Elrad in The prices are outrageous   
    The prices of Runewars units are outrageous? I didn't seem to think so. That's par for the course for FF games. Look at X-Wing for example. One thing is pretty much a given though, I think the gameplay will be great since FF usually releases good stuff.
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    Psykostevo got a reaction from Orcdruid in Expansions announced   
    This game seems like it just came out of nowhere and got exciting all sorts of fast.
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    Psykostevo got a reaction from Muz333 in Unpainted Models   
    Why oh why can't they just use Polystyrene like GW and others!!!!
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    Psykostevo reacted to Muz333 in Expansions announced   
    And just to randomly put this in here, how the Reanimate Archers look when painted to the colour scheme shown on the Battlelore cards.

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