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  1. The prices of Runewars units are outrageous? I didn't seem to think so. That's par for the course for FF games. Look at X-Wing for example. One thing is pretty much a given though, I think the gameplay will be great since FF usually releases good stuff.
  2. I think they are coming pre-assembled, but not pre-painted.
  3. This game seems like it just came out of nowhere and got exciting all sorts of fast.
  4. Why oh why can't they just use Polystyrene like GW and others!!!!
  5. I have seen some of them, and they look to be decent in their form. Here is a Barbarian of sorts and an Orc.
  6. I wouldn't mind a new core set next year for tactics/warfare that has QuickStart rules for Warfare, quick reference guide like original core had. And some exclusive units for SSU and AXIS. For example, the SSU don't really had any long range firepower. And little ranged antitank squad weapons. They could get a new hero, modified KV suit, and 3 squads slightly altered from their existing units like they did for RCS. Maybe even not do a modified KV and instead introduce the personal battlesuits as Armor 3 SSU. Axis could use. Squad with a grenade launcher. Now that we have seen the sprues and know a squad carried Granatwerfer is coming.
  7. Major Malfunction said: KevinBakon said: I wonder what the Axis and Allies supers will look like? Captain America and The Red Skull. After seeing ironman I'm not surprised if there's an homage to them.
  8. Maine said: Revision 6 is up. This fixes some bugs with Platoon Upgrades by adding validation to Improved Command, Extra Panzer Support, and Extra Hero. I was the guy who emailed you those. Thanks for implementing them so quickly!
  9. I will be there too. I'm punching Patrick doty in the balls.
  10. They could be. Atleast he looks that way.
  11. We meet every other Tuesday at the moment. We are always playing pickup games in between. Imperial Outpost Games from 6-10pm
  12. I paint the whole mini anyhow. It's a primer. It could be black for all I care I'm going to paint over it. And since I don't apply paint like I'm adding mustard to a hotdog, I don't think I'm losing any noticeable details.
  13. Psykostevo


    The shot guns won't ignore cover without the flamer. The CC attacks will go after the shooting, CC always ignores cover regardless of grenades.
  14. Well, you still wasted it, you're just considering it usage. :-P
  15. Psykostevo


    My $0.02- So since the fliegerfaust has burst, the zwei-44s in my command squad ignore cover too as long as they attack the same target? Good thing Lara can't join the command squad. Or can she? That would also mean Hellboy/BBQ/Hotdog/Sturmpioniere/Stefan/Ozz-117/ and allied heavy walker ignore cover when attacking same unit at flamethrower with all of their other weapons? Hellboys becOme mighty powerful.
  16. What number of dice do you roll on the damage table? # of hits or number of damage caused?
  17. I'd rather win the roll and go second because I find the more orders you have the better off you are, plus with weapon ranges being as Short as they are let you opponent move up into your range.
  18. Hate to blog in an old post but this question came up today again on Facebook and we are looking for the official answer. I agree that there should be a comprehensive list of weapons that ignore cover.
  19. just Logan said: Anyone tried those bricks they have on the hobby lobby page. Could have potential. What page? I don't see inventory on their site.
  20. Dakkon426 said: all that matters is personal preference you could easily use a bare table and paper cups for terrian if you wanted to. Kind of like a game of Dust Pong.
  21. People hate GW but they are good for the hobby.
  22. I painted up a few more investigators. Not sure of their names. But I'll have pics up soon.
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