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  1. I blieve there's been rumors of an X-Files reboot lately, hasn't there? There's a chance a reboot could add enough interest to make this pretty profitable.
  2. Just wanted to pop in and say that you guys do a great job! Way to keep the game alive in its own unique way
  3. I would love to see this game make a comeback, but didn't it use dice for missile combat? FFG would likely change the way that worked- they seem to be anti-dice in their card games. Any thoughts on what they could do?
  4. I wouldn't mind seeing this, although I'd have to be concerned that the market might not be there. I enjoyed playing this game when it was out (quite a bit!), but I don't know that I could name a non-Mulder non-Sully member of the show :-\.
  5. This is exactly my hope as well. Simple games definitely are a place when trying to recruit.
  6. TysonDude said: I would love to see FFG do a board game version of X-Com! I always thought a board game version of X-Com would do very well. Wouldn't mind seeing FFG do this myself
  7. Ryan the Lion said: If Fantasy Flight could somehow get their hands on the license for the old VS card game and market it as an LCG, I'd be very interested. YES PLEASE. This game would be a lot more interesting as an LCG. Of course… I say that about most older CCGs :-.
  8. Toqtamish said: There is no raffles anymore. Were there ever actual raffles?
  9. I was concerned about Warhammer: Invasion for a time, but I feel like the last cycle and what's been revealed of the upcoming cycle really help them. This past cycle has really helped make quests not only more powerful, but also more flexible. And the most recent pack (Shield of the Gods) had plenty of cards that I could see a use for. Not all of them are great, but I certainly would try most of them in various decks- what more could I really ask from a pack? What's been mentioned about the upcoming cycle sounds extremely exciting as well. Making the Battlefield phase more interactive and involved can only help the game, and add some dimensions to the gameplay. With that said, Lord of the Rings is still a fantastic game, no doubt. But this doesn't have to be an either/or sort of thing. Why not just play both? Or even better, why not just play all the LCGs?
  10. Spike1382 said: This has been painfully needed since… Forever? I remember there was an actual tactical mini squad bass game, like 15+ years ago. I'm not sure it even got a real release. I have a bunch of the Wizards stuff, but the truth is it just wasn't what I wanted out of a mini game. Prepainted, unprinted, whatever. Just give me a real squad based game. I vote for some vehicles. An army level game where I can field multiple AT-ATs would be sweet too. Battles of Westerosish if the board game license is up for grabs. Star Wars Miniatures battles from West End Games? That had a release, an expansion, and tons and tons of miniatures available (pewter and unpainted). It basically played like a slightly simplified version of their d6-based RPG.
  11. Have you tried posting on the Privateer Press forums? They have a ton of players, and you almost always see results for people looking for games on there.
  12. I wrote a review of the game here: boisterous-exuberance.blogspot.com/2010/06/horus-heresy-brief-thoughts.html Basically though, I thought the game was a lot of fun, and did a good job of capturing the flavor of the battle. There are parts of the game that are a little strange to me, and I feel it's tough on the Chaos player, but even so, I have a lot of fun playing it.
  13. ktom said: Never outside of a "War of the Five Kings" or Cersei/"Power Behind the Throne" deck. Isn't there a style of Stark Siege deck that uses them? Characters that don't kneel to attack + Epic Challenges = profit, or something like that?
  14. Some Warhammer card sleeves would be pretty sweet. Really, having any accessories, like you said, would be awesome. I'd grab some as well
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