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  1. I've done it in the past. I started at a table with 18 PCS (D&D game, 2nd ed). It can be really difficult but not hugely overwhelming. What it really takes is one person telling a story and the other GM helping out. Basically GM 1 tells the story, plans the adventure and looks to run it for a number of sessions needed. GM2 is there to help out. Runs character interactions in non-vital situations. Basically wanders around the table to keep everyone in game. You end up with a party of 18 walking into a bar and it's a bit of an invasion. Often we would end up with half the party in one bar and the other half out accomplishing something else either for the story or for a player specific side plot. When the whole party is together, GM1 tells the story and GM2 helps with logistics. Battles involving 18PCs often involved 40NPCs and that's where the second GM is key. you can split the badguys up and they can act independently of each other with the two GMs each controlling a group of them. We color coded them so PCs would know which GM to address an attack/action towards. in the end GM1 always maintained control of the story and GM2 helped manage that story. It did involve a lot of communication before and during but it was fun. Currently the group is 5 PCs of which 4 are GMs and we rotate story telling responsibilities as people have ideas. keeps it fresh and going forward. I also play in a second group so we occasionally add that group in as our parties interact on bigger more invovled stories and usually run that with two GMs. If it's something you want to do, know your partner/co-GM and the story before you get started. That way you can run side characters and plots (henchman x or whatever) or you can just run odd stuff (we have used the "i'm going to go play cards over in that other room and basically have a different subgame until shooting starts" style).
  2. I don't have a clue what we named our YT-1300 in my first ever Star Wars game (d6 style 15 years ago) but in this iteration of the game, I decided that I would name the ship something closer to my character than previous ships in previous games. We have a YT-1300 and I named the the Queen of Air and Darkness (-2 Face Card in a Sabacc deck). My Scoundrel is a sabacc player (and very excited about trying the new rules out from Suns of Fortune) and so I named the ship after the coolest card in the deck. I'm in the process of "acquiring" a new freighter. I want more cargo space so I'm looking to get a Wayfarer that I'm going to name Drifting Tide. That said, I hate naming ships.
  3. We use a YT-1300 but I wish I'd gone with the Wayfarer. More cargo capacity, nearly the same level of customization available and higher silhouette (means you can put Turbolasers on it if you want). I also like the bigger shield capabilities. Yes, it's -2 handling but that's not the end of the world. I misread the book (wrong entry) so I picked the YT-1300. I'm not hugely unhappy I just hate the cliche of it all. We put in smuggling compartment (just one, no mods yet), hyperdrive, new guns (quads in the turrets). Future plans are an increased shield generator, and advanced targeting array. Lastly we are mounting the medium laser cannons removed from the turrets on onto a forward facing mount to add a bit more kick.
  4. This thread is over a year old.... Suns of Fortune wasn't out yet =p Lol yes and i had totally forgotten about it. It was an interesting thread and then Kyla brought it up to the top and I just finished reading Suns of Fortune and figured since it was back at the top, I'd toss it out there so anyone else who saw it could get the rules FFG created. I thought it would help folks out.
  5. Yeah it's definitely redundant, but I like the idea of there being some specifics for different high profile places but I think they totally dropped the ball on this one. I agree with you Awayputurwpn, no reason at all to to be a Corellian flavored human instead of a basic human. Unless you want to be a pilot of great skill free and immediately (which is totally cool if that's your character idea) but just doesn't work. CorSec, CEC execs, traders working the Corellian Run or the Corellian Trade Spine and a free rank in pilot bugs me.
  6. So I'm confused, if I take Human from the Core book, I get 2s across the board for characteristics, 110xp and two non-career skills with one rank each. If I take Corellian Human, I get 2s across the board for characteristics, 110xp and one rank in Pilot (Space) or Pilot (Planetary) and access to it 3ranks at start. While I love the idea of 3 ranks at start, I feel like a Corellian who isn't interested in beig a pilot gets a bit screwed. My Corellian Smuggler is more a businessman and card player. Yes I can fly (I'm a pilot) but that isn't my character's focus. Why should I take the Corellian package and not just be a Corellian raised on Coruscant or another world (taking basic human package)? Am I missing something or do we think somehow FFG forgot something?
  7. Not sure if everyone saw it yet but in Suns of Fortune, there are rules for Sabacc with this dice system. It looks like it will be reasonable though like many things very difficult until higher levels of skills and characteristics are reached but it is a very functional set of rules and I'm excited for my gambler to get a chance to play cards.
  8. I'm looking forward to gear and ships. As my group is much more invested in being smugglers but want some offensive punch (and everyone loves the stupid X-Wing which I say ironically before everyone jumps on me), I'm excited for military gear that can be great smuggling stories such as stealiing parts for AT-STs for a Rim world narcobaron who wants more defense for his narco fields. Also on the mass combat idea...my group has been playing the FFG Warhammer 40k games for years and the Rogue Trader game has the group making rolls for the entire ship (thousands of crew) in starship combat and works very smoothly. They are the command structure and I think if I was going to have a major Star Wars battle, they would be acting as bridge officers of a star ship and making rolls related to that (gunnery officer makes gunnery checks, pilot officer makes piloting checks etc). so yeah. I think a good GM can make mass combat work without much hassle and just needs to have a group who is interested in it. mostly...i'm looking forward to the gear and ships. Key Star Wars stuff X-Wings, A-Wings, more advanced Tie Fighters (Interceptors, Bombers, Tie-Advanced and Tie-Defenders) and all the military level. I love gear.
  9. In the background info of the 40k game and universe, this is really simple... No there is no way a mutant could go through the Soul Binding. All potential astropaths (all psykers in the Imperium who are found out) are taken by the Inquisitional Black Ships to Terra where they are assessed for potential use. Those that can become astropaths are sent through a number of trials and such, the final one being a meeting with the Emperor himself on the Golden Throne where in he or she is Soul Bound to the Emperor. There is no way a mutant would ever get that far into the process. Sorry, but there's no better way a mutant makes it to meet the Emperor.
  10. I think the only part of this discussion we've missed so far is that a Rogue Trader Warrant is usually passed on by genetic line. So while your Senechal might very well be set up to take over the dynasty from a "business CEO" side but he's not going to inherit the Warrant. In fact trying to steal it will likely get the entire crew purged by the Inquisition or far more likely by the family who actually own that specific Warrant of Trade. and on a slightly different note…I think you can definitely treat NPCs differently than PCs. While I understand the argument that we should treat all NPC/PCs the same, when it comes to undermining and eventually killing a character, if the RT is an NPC, its different than killing a friend at the table. You've always got to remember that you have to hang out with these people afterwards and in different settings and that's why I see a huge difference between outright killing/replacing an NPC vs doing the same to a PC.
  11. One other thing to keep in mind, a Storm Bolter hits up to 8 individual times which means that your NPCs will get armour and toughness against every hit. The senechal in the game I run has a storm bolter and we were fighting orks…Ork Nob (T45, Unnatural Toughness x2 = 8pts of toughness) which means that any given hit will do 1d10-3pts of damage. That's better than nothing. Also put out more badguys and make him split up his shots. Sure he'll still drop a few of them, but as someone else pointed out…ambush and rush him. That Storm Bolter is not so good when a choppa hits you in the face (as my Senechal found out to the tune of -4 rending crit to the body.
  12. I actually ran the beginning of Haarlock with my RT group. I started with the Tattered Fates adventure. Basically what I did was finished an endeavour/session and then when I started the next session, I just started reading from the beginning of the Tattered Fates adventure as is. I found that it left my players a bit lost (which was basically the point). They really loved it because then there was no sense of injustice from a "unending" assault. I let the players find their way through, offered some Intelligence tests, Willpower tests etc to see if they could remember how they got there. They found out they had been invited to a business dinner in Scintilla (they were visiting to finish a previous endeavour of trade for House Krinn) and that they had been brought a number of exotic dishes to eat and then woke up right where Tattered Fates starts. My players loved the entire situation, they were wondering what happened to their ship and their crew (and their navigator, which I PC when one of our other players runs endeavours). They spent half the time trying to solve the Quanddis situation and the other half trying to figure out how they will get a message to their House. I did end up giving them a bit of a hand here, I just had the ship arrive about a week after they finished the adventure. And of course having had this much fun, they decided they would hunt down the Haarlock line themselves. Using this, they went into House of Dust and Ash themselves because they had put out feelers throughout their networks. Honestly, I found that all I needed to do for Tattered Fates was start them with "non-combat" dress and load out. They all had Best Hardened Bodygloves and fine clothes as well as some basic weapons. Using the business dinner approach meant I didn't have to steal their best combat gear as well as not necessarily having to up-gun the whole adventure. After that we haven't gotten back to it because I moved across the state but I suspect that I will guest GM for them and run the further parts of it so beyond Tattered Fates and House of Dust and Ash.
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