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  1. I second the notion for a card upgrade pack and hope that FFG will see the necessity if threads like these get big enough. C'mon, FFG, We will even pay for it!
  2. I fear you are right. It's a pity. Having Runewars/Runebound Cards would be the only reason for me to buy this game.
  3. I don't know if that was your intention, but now that you quoted it, I'm sure you really can't field a KV-3 as a Red Platoon 4th section. Thanx. My mistake. Keep on walking. Nothing to see here.
  4. You are still doing an excellent job, and the force builder is in daily use over here in Germany.. I think I found a mistake, but I'm not 100% sure because I don't have the rulebook at hand. In the force builder, you can't pick a MatrioshkaBabushka as a 4th section for a Red Platoon. I *think* it should be allowed according to the rules, however. Keep up the good work!
  5. You could also turn the unit leader to face your side of the table after the activation, and turn all of the, back at the end phase.
  6. Ah, I see. That makes much more sense. Thanx.
  7. I just realized something, and I don't think it has been discussed before. The SSU Napalm Bomb damage against Soldier 1 and 2 is S/2, whereas the damage against Soldier 3 and 3 is S/1. My brain always precessed this as "2 dice per mini against weak infantry and 1 die per mini against heavy infantry'. but that is not the case! If you have to roll 2 dice per mini, the damage should read SS/1. Just like the SSU heavy arty. So, is this a rules mistake? Has this been clarified in a FAQ I missed? Or should this be the only weapon that does more damage against heavier targets?
  8. Well, if you are standing around and actually see the mines deployed around you, if you don't complain, you can at least try to memorize where they put them..
  9. Well, the new Axis aircraft look like they are on Skis.
  10. P. 41: Core rules: If the unit leader of the shooting unit touches terrain, this terrain is ignored when determining cover. It is irrelevent if you "share" this cover with your opponent or not. So in both yout examples, you ignore the cover your leader touches, and the enemy has no cover. P. 58: Core rules: A phaser weapon, like almost every weapon type, shares its abilities with the whole unit (no armor rolls against attacks that INCLUDE a phaser weapon)
  11. Thanks for the Tactics input! Self repair seems like a good and adaptable idea for Warfare. They sure look like they already have been self-repairing quite a lot.. I don't think that the Warfare version will have anything that impacts scenario-specific Victory Points. Most of the scenarios don't even have kill points.
  12. Yeah, I also thin that is a given. I read somewhere that one of the 4 versions has 2 repair arms. My bet is that one has Tank Head, and the versions with one weapon and one repair arm have mechanic. But with the whole fluff text focusing on salvage, it would feel weird if they don't address this at all, rules-wise.
  13. I must admit, I'm quite curious about how any kind of Recovery capability is going to be implemented in Dust Warfare. Do you have any ideas which wouldn't complicate the game too much? How does it work in Dust Tactics (which I've never played)? Destroyed vehicles don't leave any wreckage behind in the current ruleset, so there is nothing to salvage. And even if there was: What could the benefit be? Maybe it is something along the lines of: 'every time a vehicle within 6'' of a miniature with the Recovery ability gets destroyed, put a Recovery Marker on the miniature. You can spend one marker during a repair action performed by this miniature to skip the repair roll and automatically repair up to 3 points of damage.' any other ideas?
  14. I was shocked when I heard the news about a revised edition, but reading all the details, I’m at peace with FFG. All component changes are downgrades (god, I hate those flimsy Civ sheets!), which makes my first edition some kind of “deluxe” edition. New buyers shouldn’t feel screwed, either. They get an excellent game with playtested rules for a reduced MSRP. Component compatibility with expansions wasn’t very consistent before. Banners of War had terrain with mountains printed on, but there were no 3D mountains included. I didn’t complain then, I won’t complain in the future. This is the second coffin box game that FFG shrinks down to an almost regular size. I give them less than 12 months before they announce TI4..
  15. Odd like in "When I throw grenades into a tiny building with 3 enemy units crammed into it, I can only hit the exact 5 soldiers of one of the units"-odd?
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