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  1. Would anyone have said anything if the second version had been the only version posted? Maybe a comment or two about a bland back story, but mostly apathetic emptiness would have been the norm. This really a whole lot of ado about nothing.
  2. TheMetal1 said: The thing that was annoying for me wasn't that the ad made the US look like the bad guys and world was trying to stop them - be all you can be with grey area, alternate future, etc. in a game or story etc. But rather they changed the original premise of the game - especially when there was no need to, because when you do that, you not producing Fotress America, instead you're just using a brand name. Exactly!!!!!! This isn't Monopoly or Life. A base game with a thin theme piled on top for a specific audience. I have never gotten this need to overdo the revamping of an already solid game!!!! Why not just re-release the original game with some minor clean-up/editing work? Maybe an optional (or two) variant added in- a lot like what was done with Conquest of the Empire. As for the CYA moment concerning the two press releases- see the first part of my post. Stop trying so hard to be PC about anything concerning this. You didn't need to change anything (send it to the creative department, etc.) about the original theme. It is now a historical "what-if" scenario, instead of a future "what-if". You just set yourself up for a chance to have an editing screw up. This is a great game that has deserved a reprint for a long time. I hope that the few fixes that are done only add to the experience. Thanks FFG.
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