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  1. I would argue that a lot of people agree with him. The Hearthstone, Pokemon, Magic, and Yugioh player bases are far, far, far superior to the AGoT LCG player base and even the Netrunner LCG player base. Just because no one on an LCG board agrees with him doesn't mean no one does. I actually agree with him anyway. There are definitely players who want to both play an LCG for the fixed distribution, but also want to collect and trade. AGoT pretty much makes that completionist desire moot as everyone who buys all the packs automatically has all the cards whereas in MtG and other games a completionist is much more meaningful as they put in a lot more effort for their completion. Random alt arts is the solution, but I don't know that it will ever happen. This game could have the best of both worlds, but it might come at a bit of a cost. Heck you could just have two or three arts per card (but again... cost is likely going to make this difficult). On the flip side, it's only 240 cards a year. Considered Magic averages 636 cards a year, it's not like it's impossible.
  2. Honestly draft is the best format for that, but it tends to not be worth the money. You can always make a draft cube. There is no quick fix for this except maybe the highlander format. You could also try the AGoT equivalent of Magic's Commander variant. Here's the way somebody on reddit made it.
  3. Little late to the party aren't we? Why in the world did you respond nearly a year later? LoL. Because I don'tusually read this section. How the hell did you even find it? Haha.
  4. Anti-combo is inherent in all card games. It has nothing to do with design focusing on breaking combo and everything to do with the simple fact that combos aren't reliable. It is almost always more effective to play cards that are independently good with synergy than cards that are not independently good. A card that is not independently good must rely on another card. A card that is independently good, but becomes even better with card synergy is one that will almost always see play. An example of a card that is combo based that doesn't see much play is core set Robb Stark. Now anyone who has played against a deck using him knows just how much of a pain in the ass he is. The card is very good in the right situation, but if you look at the greater meta he rarely sees play because he is not independently good. You could have played Northern Cavalry Flank in that slot or any number of other cards that are independently good with synergy when played with other cards in your deck. The flip side is a card like River Blockade (the GJ cancel location one). It is independently good, it outright disrupts your opponent for free. It also has huge synergy with Naval Escort and elevates it to a card that will always be playable in your deck as it doesn't require another card to be good, but becomes an incredible card with that other card. It's a part of all card games. Independent cards are almost always superior to combo cards.
  5. Little late to the party aren't we? Why in the world did you respond nearly a year later? LoL.
  6. Holy cow. There's no one at all for MD on the map still.
  7. It looks like PA is pretty barren for Thrones players (or they haven't put themselves on this map). Try OCTGN if you want to play some games and don't mind doing it online. There are always people on it.
  8. Nice write-up. On a side note, one of the reasons murder is less NPE is because it doesn't overstay it's welcome. One of the complaints that I've started getting consensus on in NYC is that the reason control builds are so NPE is less because of the control and more about the fact that control doesn't just win once they've got the lock in. You play a 50 minute game where the non-control player really only did anything of significance in the first 20 minutes. Then it's just sitting there waiting for the slow-as-hell control deck to win. I personally am all for conceding against control. I don't think anyone enjoys it when I concede, but I'm not going to waste 30 minutes of my time waiting for you to win. Is conceding still frowned upon in this game? I always encourage people to do it since it's far more fun to just start another game once you think you've lost. It actually increases the fun you'll have cause you won't sit there for 30 minutes going "******* control..."
  9. Green: Stark/Bara (big board full of beefy characters) Blue: Martell/Greyjoy (Counterspells) Red: Targ (direct damage) White: Bara/Lanni (Pacifism/Shackles/Swords to Plowshares) Black: Stark/Greyjoy (Dark Banishing, Regeneration, Deathtouch [e. g. Deadly in Thrones]) FYI I haven't played magic in a long time, but this is the rough list of how they break down. In-so-far as dual house goes. I wouldn't recommend it. However, if blue-black is what you're going for you will very likely find Greyjoy to be a house you like. Edit: Rethought this a little and moved Lanni to white
  10. ****... Is that why his handle is Marro? LoL So simple. Edit: Those 10 design principle articles are excellent.
  11. Errr, but per Ktom isn't the play illegal before you play the card? My scenario is dependent on the opponent choosing an option that makes the card fail to resolve, which is what Ktom was indicating as making the play illegal as far as I could tell.
  12. They really should not have used "until the end of the round here." This was a good opportunity to create a new phrase that clearly delineates it like "during the current round" or "for the duration of the current round."
  13. There's more than just the one lonely guy on this map??
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