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  1. gavinwatson. It's really not so difficult to deal with units in quest zone. Obviously if you are just thinking destroy a unit in combat with damage than you can have difficulties even units on any of the other two sections too. Empire can move units to different sections, chaos and dwarf can damage them directly or indirectly. High elves can turn them into development. Even dark elves can reduce their hit points to 0 or take control over them. Orcs I am not sure, but does need any trick with orc decks? "Smash them all!"
  2. I "fallen love" with the "human race", but that one rarely works for me. The most variance is in the Chaos (you can create combinations with very nice synergy). The most reliable is the HE (you can have always card in hand what you can use). The fastest is the Orc (cheap units with cheap extras). The toughest is the Dwarves deck (toughness and damage cancellations almost unlimited). And finally the biggest fun and the most comprehensive game is the DE for me. I do not use the neutral races as separate race. I mixed them usually into the main races' decks. But might be I will try them later as stand alone deck. DE, HE, Orcs, Empire, Chaos, Dwarves
  3. Agree with skwizzle. What I could imagine instead is having pre-build decks like battle packs. I mean would be nice to new starters to have a chance to buy starter packs which includes chosen cards around a play concept (eg.: Orc rush, DE deck mill). I still see sometimes new starters' comments here and even myself just trying to build a "WHI community" in west London collect couple of my friends and family members. I just love this game. But I wouldn't like to buy more and more cards and share my own entire card collection with my whole "community" if you know what I mean. But the other hand I think new players won't invest heavily into a dead game to get a proper deck to play, therefore setting up pre-build collections and sell as starter packs would be still a good idea for FFG (with or without card corrections, or errata reprint).
  4. Master. Tell me the secret, please? I hope personally me, I got my internet connection from my broadband provider Virgin. I can imagine you will have an FTP server and your own domain and we access through your FTP but got the whole internet from you it sounds wierd to me. Anyway, thanks for the podcast.
  5. Yep. Basically it will kill the attached unit softly (shortly) or a weak unit quickly within couple of turns as you put every turn an additional resource token on to your card which attached to one of your opponent's unit and that particular unit will sufer -1 hit point per resource token on your support card. The limit is one resource token per turn of the card's controller's turn. Which effect is happening exactly in the beggining of his turn.
  6. It's not like that. Mallumo probably meant he has got his own website in his own computer not in server park. So when he is offline we won't be able to access anything from his side/site. I guess. By the way if he would be like that you would have been already screwed.
  7. If you think about it, basically those resource tokens are only pointers on those cards. When you have the thougths about a card's text there is savings what you can use later on that usually going from your pool to the particular card. Otherwise, follow what the card says. Exactly as Mallumo's answered.
  8. I see you have got timing issues during your battlefield phase. Basically you have got chance to react with any action or card or effect in your opponent’s battlefield phase 6 times. The updated turn sequence diagram in the FAQ's 15th page shows quite well. The main thing what I was hardly to understand that an effect after its activation is independent from his origin so doesn't make any sense anymore to target the origin card of the effect. After when an effect triggered you should target the effect itself if you would like to cancel it. 1. You can "catch" the unit anytime till end of the battlefield phase as it is declared till is declared but its effects won't canceled after when they made or triggered. Effectivly better the catch the unit straight away after its declaration. 2. Same. Better sooner or later. 3. Counterstrike's damages dealt immediatly after when deffender is declared they "start" the combat just after counterstrike damages applied. That is how we understand this ability. 4. Same than 1st. You can use 6 times when you have got a chance to use but do not forget effects after triggered are independent from the origin. 5. Same than 1st. You have to target the opponents cards before its controler triggers their effects. After, you can only target the effect itself. I hope that helps.
  9. Yep I know that. But basically what I was thinking to organizing tourney-s. I have a post somewhere else http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/94503-alternative-world-championship/ It is nice to play online with other players but basically the distance is the biggest issue for everyone to going to a tourney. So what I just thinking about with cameras and real cards. I believe it would be a different feeling.
  10. I play Orcs. They get quite a benefit to have damaged units. I put Possess Mind on a 1-2 P unit of MINE. This way I can just power up my boyz turn by turn with damage triggered powers. And if I dont want, I just skip it, as it is not forced. I guess YOU would discard a few of your cards to stop me doing this. That's a nice combination bro. Well done! My question was from a different aspect (discard 60 cards deck within 6 turn). But your concept is a good synergy with my orcs self damage deck to.
  11. "A card effect is considered to be targeting as long as it says “target” in the card text." (from FAQ) So if "targeting" is not written, then it is not because of limited space, but because they dont want that card effect to be considered targeting. Just like Troll Vomit. It is on purpose when they dont put "targeting" in the text. And the purpose is rule-wise, not space saving-wise. Sorry BlackOrc. We changed the "target" of the topic regarding Troll Vomit. Troll Vomit is ok. It is a question about the understanding of the wording of not targeting but to target cards with effects without using the target wording itself. Like I said Toxic Hydra degrees the HP of the opponents' units in any corresponding battlefield. We can agree it is an effect. Does not use the target wording but it targets cards. So Church of Sigmar or King Kazador works against this kind of effects. My personal opinion.
  12. Yep. We are talking about the same thing. They shouldn't write there is there "targeting" because of limited space, because it is obviously if you have got an action to trigger (not constant effect) which will target cards with the created effects that is still targeting the automatically determind cards.
  13. Hi Srgnt! That very FAQ describes a lot about TARGETING in a whole section on it. And it just gives the Troll Vomit as an example. Same conclusion as Maik.   Target (v1.3) Targeting is checked when the card is played and again when the card effect resolves. A card effect is considered to be targeting as long as it says “target” in the card text. For example: Troll Vomit (CS 80) reads “Action: Destroy all units in play.” This effect does not target the units it destroys, so a card like King Kazador (CS 7) which reads “Opponents cannot target this unit with card effects unless they pay an additional 3 resources per effect” would not interact with Troll Vomit. I am not saying you are wrong regarding Troll Vomit or the FAQ is wrong. It is just innacurate. The major difference between the Troll Vomit and the "target" wording in any "Action" cards that the destroy word does not reflect any effect. It makes common sense. Destroy is an immediate step like put in game or play or declare. Those are not effects so you cannot block with cards which are blocking effects. But just to clarify, many of the DE cards create effects targeting your cards without using the wording "target" because they have got a mass effect so not necessary to use wording like "target all unit in any corresponding zone....". For example Toxic hydra. What about that one?
  14. I see these posts from December and all of you were so excited about a championship. Would you guys really like to travel 3-6 or more hours, spend a whole day with it for play one day WHI, spend hundred bucks than go home and wait another year and repeat it in the next year? Actually, I started a topic previously for alternative way of tourneys between long distance cities. This is the 21st century where is no distance in communication, or meet with new people. Probably all of you who play the game for a while now and knowing many people in your area or in your country are getting been familiar with those communities and players styles. Wouldn’t be good to test your skills and your decks against players who can be better than you but they are far distance from you? I am relatively new in WHI (shame FFG closed that doors of production and support of the game when I am getting enjoy this and getting more interested about the game) but I believe that wouldn't be so difficult to create a virtual tournament online. I know it can sound weird at first hearing but I believe it can work. Not like log in BGG or OCTG or whatever but make it more real within conference calls with more cameras. We can dedicate game masters locally (like referee) who co-ordinate their local community during the game session and in the organizing phase. Please respond. It's only 6 month gone from your last post but we can make it real this!
  15. Church of Sigmar only works against effects that target your units, so unless the effect explicitely contains the word 'target', the Church won't do anything. In your example, Troll Vomit will not cost any extra resources. Actually I am not sure in your answer. Not regarding Troll Vomit. Your answer seems ok if do not look at the wording of Troll Vomit as an effect ("Play during your turn. Action: Destroy all units in play."). But not all the cards wording use "target" which has got an effect which targeting your units. For Example: Toxic Hidra or many of the DE cards ("Action: When this unit enters play, each unit in any corresponding zone gets -2 hit points until the end of the turn."). Or the Curch of Sigmar is effective only against cards which wording is "target" that is s....
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