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  1. Fantastic work and progress- Really excited to use and support the new app!
  2. Was great talking to you guys - thanks for having me on! Also glad it wasn't closer to Worlds, where I'm sure I'l become a ball of nerves, doubting my every deck-building decision
  3. I expect some people will be a bit miffed about having such a small amount of time with the playmat for Training Grounds. It is a really lovely, well designed mission tho. I think Pidgeon makes some good points - I'd just add that I think the next mission may end up being less door-heavy (like Cantina was). At present - at least in my experience - it's a little tricky to make the melee-heavy lists work. Cats and Wampas just can't get around all the doors at present!
  4. Hey both - IA Armies list for my regional winner here! And yes I did change to Greedo for the Nationals (he wasn't out at the time of the Kirton regional). I was often much happier with him at the nationals, though truth be told there were a few moments when I felt I could have used the extra figure! Re Command Cards- I think it was Focus and To the limit that I didn't think really paid off in the game. Odd, though - because situationally, I think they're both fantastic! http://ia-armies.com/army/ZB8nyxgp Deployment Cards --------------------------- ▪ Agent Blaise Elite Stormtrooper Elite Stormtrooper ▪ Temporary Alliance ▪ Zillo Technique ▪ Greedo Elite Wing Guard Command Cards ------------------------ Change of Plans Element of Surprise Emergency Aid Focus Grenadier Reinforcements Reinforcements Take Initiative To the Limit Negation Tough Luck Intelligence Leak Espionage Mastery Disorient Camoflauge
  5. Yep - people were struggling (heh) with strain before Bespin, it was hard to commit to it sufficiently to make it a viable approach, but I think that's changed. Boba's a tricky one though- His strain power requires him getting all up and personal with the enemy, which (despite his great speed) I've found rather situational. He's tough but not immortal and running him forward seems a great way to get him killed.
  6. This looks like such an amazingly fullsome expansion - is this supposed to be on the same level as Twin Shadows? It seems like WAY more neat additions.
  7. So - - Looking for a final verdict on this because I've seen it both ways. If I bring a Bantha in to an Imperial list with Temporary Alliance - am I allowed to use an Imperial Upgrade Card (like General's Ranks) on it. Yes, I know the card has the imperial icon - but it doesn't stipulate can only be put on an imperial figure - unless that's implied? Would love a ruling I could be confident about.
  8. I think the Beast Tamer has truly given the Nexu the ability to shine like never before - I think it's an insanely powerful unit for 6, or even 4 points. The Nexu is best thought of, I think, as a problem to put in your enemy's way and force them to deal with while you prepare your follow-up. Because of it's massive base, the elite Nexu's +2 cleave (which is a guarantee and is free) means you can consider that six points well invested to put some damage on squishy, black die figures and throw a little damage on to those white dies. Also - there are so many cards that benefit the Nexu (both types) - a not exhaustive list: Wild Fury - Pounce is an attack. So you can effectively move three (four if you rotate), attack (maybe with cleave) attack again. For six points, again this is unreal. Sure that nexu is then stunned and bleeding, but few opponents aren't ANGRY enough at that Nexu and don't then waste turns killing it. well worth the points. Pummel. (with beast tamer, see above) Parting blow - massive base, put a bleed on someone as they're leaving and see how they enjoy spending the rest of their turn. Cripple - Jump up to that bantha and tell it it isn't going to be smushing or trampling anyone this entire round, cards and tricks or no Opportunist - placement for pummel and parting blow, also remember that's a MOBILE move three for the Nexu. .... There are more but I can't give all my secrets away. Sufficed to say I think the Bantha Rider, awesome enough as it is, turned the Nexu awesome through the back door.
  9. I really should stop giving away my secrets, but the meta needs to change in response to the Bantha. Cards like slippery target and cripple have gone up in stock a ton. You need to be able to run when they arrive. Cripple can ruin a Bantha's ENTIRE ROUND. They can absolutely be focussed down. Conservative first turns will become more normal. I love love love love the Bantha. I think we're in the period where they seem crazy, but it will be figured out. Stun ALONE is not the answer, but that's ok.
  10. I think Urgency is still a great get, but the non-activation requirement of fleet footed certainly makes it more versatile. Stuff like Beast Tamer, Opportunistic, Field Tactician, all have diminished Urgency's appeal to me
  11. This is actually the trap I think I was falling into with To the Limit, it's actually worth considering even for characters who don't have special actions depending on how many command cards in your deck provide a special action. So - for example, if you did something like Telekinetic Throw with Diala, you could THEN do that third action, be it a move or attack or even another special action. I think it's actually much stronger than it looks, if you consider your command deck, too.
  12. Couldn't agree more on this one. The fact that with two elite Nexus you can both do 'change of plans' and Strength in Numbers (though not necessarily both at once) has really impressed me. Good pounce use and mobile makes the bases almost LESS annoying than the Wampas, too. A
  13. In a previous post I believe this was considered NOT possible since Stormtrooper 1 is not 'another card'?
  14. Agree- though I've been favouring the elite Nexu over the Wampa lately, just because of that great pounce. This beast will MOVE with beast tamer and I think it could do some great late game surprise activations on mission objectives (if it gets lucky on the rolls and can survive).
  15. Oh totally - don't worry, I think you raise some very good points. I'm not sure the Bantha is going to be an overpowered / unstoppable figure. Am very excited to try it (if all my forum posts didn't make that clear!) but it's been good getting a sense of its weaknesses. Frankly - since going last with it is so key, that's almost information available to your opponent - and the more info your opponent has the easier it is to plan for
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