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  1. I'd like a rough translation based on rarity for those campaigns that would require strict survival, like a group of acolytes stranded on a hostile hive world.
  2. Are Forge Worlds already included? Those would be nice for a *pure* Mechanicus character.
  3. Keep: Talent Trees Homeworld / Background / Role system action point system trademark insanity / corruption based on backgrounds purchasing psychic powers with experience armor as damage reduction dodge and parry starting gear INFLUENCE track SUBTLETY track Multiple characteristic skills Vehicle Rules Dislike: Current wound system, due to the number of variables. Would like more: layers to character creation backgrounds roles
  4. "Max TB5 for starting level characters is 4, max bonus is 9." Though 9 seems extreme, I'm imagining only massive critters like Carnifexes and such would have such a high bonus, in which case causing fatigue instead of real damage still makes sense. I'm totally for 'if damage - soak < Tb, take 1 fatigue.'
  5. I'm trying the free RPG day adventure for my group. It looks shorter than these other ones, so good for a quick determination of whether to continue or not.
  6. Include a Mine location. That's an excuse to have explosives and wiring available to the players.
  7. Stimulant Patch Removes strain = to successes on the medical roll. Adrenal Stimm removes 5 strain instantly, one safe use per encounter
  8. I think everyone wants something slightly different, and likes / dislikes each part differently. I'd prefer more simplicity throughout, but that leaves people who want more crunch and detail high and dry. I've found it easier to simplify detailed and complex rules than to take a simple rule and add complexity to it, so perhaps a compromise could be the rulebook written towards complexity and then have an appendix of simplified 'house rules' or alternatives.
  9. Is the max TB 5? I like using the straight TB for simplicity, and since passing out from fatigue is a serious threat in combat.
  10. Size could add or subtract from the difficulty.
  11. DnD's complexity is why I've switched systems in the first place. Just because DH is more elegant in some ways doesn't mean I can't prefer more simplicity when accessible. Variable armor on character bodyparts is a rule I do not use, due to the extra steps it requires. It's nothing more complex than that. Any measurement of how much more complex isn't useful, since what is for me more extreme, is routine for you. Overall though, I find it easier to simplify a given complex rule than to add in complexity for a simple one that doesn't do enough. So if anything, all I'd ask for is a 'house rule' section at the back with a steamlined alternative for those who would like it, without punishing those who desire more crunch.
  12. I agree with this. The amount of complication is subjective, since different people can process it differently but also have varying tolerances for different levels of crunch. For me it's an extra 5 variables, multiplied by however many players and NPCs are within the combat. The way I ran DH was to use context. Armor value was abstracted across the whole body, unless there was a glaring example like no helmet or arm armor. Then those areas would receive some kind of extra damage determined on the fly.
  13. I laid it out in excruciating steps to present my biased negative perspective on the rules. Removing the term 'wounds' from the equation does make it simpler. The other advantage for this system is that it removes a whole characteristic from play (hit point equivalent). That evens the playing field between 'classes', which is something I applaud. My issue with this level of complexity is that it doesn't add depth that I can detect, compared with Dh1's system (which I prefer slightly) or a system like Edge of Empire (which I prefer more). +++Quote+++ Looking up tables for every attack after 2 wounds is kinda dumb. I feel thats a fairly simple answer hes trying to dodge around saying making it appear as if the system is hugely complex and lengthy. +++Quote+++ That is a fair assessment. Since it would be, in theory, for every character within the game something to track and reference. I was trying to lay out *why* I thought it was dumb, by illustrating the steps. It's a personal preference thing that people are trying to pretend is some objective fact. The objective bits are the number of steps taken to perform the rule. My request for a different system is one hundred percent preference, with the goal of a more elegant way to track / inflict damage. I'll alter my post to reflect this. This is another element of my dislike, which applies to both DH1 and to a greater extent, DH2.
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