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  1. The Empire should spend the first three turns expanding and landing on resource planets. This denies the Rebels units, adds units to the Empire and removes the possibility of the location of the base. By the end of Turn Three it is possible to have removed 15 locations from the equation.
  2. "If we choose c3p0 (or r2d2) are we then effectively playing with a leader short for the rest of the game? If yes, what is the point? A leader seems far more useful given the number of turns they can potentially activate." I suppose that's a judgment call. Either one gives you a single die roll modification which appears to less powerful than a leader.
  3. Just to clarify since there are two points here: Example One: Mon Mothma is in a system activated by the Empire. She has no tactics values so the Rebel player may pull one leader that has tactics values from his leader pool and pulls space and land tactics cards accordingly. (Combat 1. Add Leader) Example Two: Mon Mothma and General Rieekan are in a system activated by the Rebel. The Rebels activate that system with Jan Dodonna. The Rebel pulls two space tactic cards and two land tactic cards, for Rieekan and Dodonna respectively. (Combat 2. Draw Tactic Cards)
  4. Thanks! Just to be clear then: A ship can be mustered to all three spaces but can only Raid or Support the Bay of Ice?
  5. What are the legal spaces in to which a Ship may be mustered in Winterfell? The Winterfell port The Bay of Ice
  6. Ah thanks so much! Are these the only two instances? Influence Tracks Wilding Attacks
  7. Hello, I've read the rules but have yet to play so forgive me if this is obvious but... By what method is the first selection for the Iron Throne made? What if bidding for the first round is tied by two (or more players)? Also, I see that the player who controls the Iron Throne decides ties. What are some game events in which use of this bonus is good? Thanks much!
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