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  1. It seems that updating the plugin trough the catalog may not work as expected. If you find yourself without proper encounter set or collection lists, you have to reinstall the plugin. Any of you can solve this following these steps: Open Strange Eons and press F12 (or open the menu Tools>Manage). On the left list, for each The Lord of the Rings plugin part: select it press the "uninstal" button on the bottom right of the window. Close the window and Strange Eons. Open Strange Eons and press Shift+12 (or open the menu Tools>Catalog), and install the plugin. I've been reported this problem 3 times, but I don't know if this is common or where lies the problem. If any of you have this problem, leave a message here. Writing "update problem" is enough.
  2. A new update is available. - Reworked fonts: I've updated the font files to get rid of some bugs appearing depending on Java version and operative system installed. If anyone finds missing accents or graphical glitches, please, report it. - Added Eye of Sauron icons. - Card sized divider now has template colors based on the box or cycle. I found a good YouTube tutorial on installation and basic usage, thanks to The Kirkwood Runner: Strange Eons tutorial I haven't included example cards shown above because to include some new features I'm planning I have to rework a big portion of the code, and that will take a lot of time. Make a backup of your cards before editing in the new version. If you find anything not working properly, report it.
  3. Yeah, examples are ok. I may shorten some text to make it more legible, once you get the others, send me a PM with them. The translations are easy to do, once I finish including new encounter icons and some other stuff in the plugin, I'll contact you through PM to update the translation. Sure, I could add a text box for the shadow effects, but... you can do that right now! Create a new player card and add this into the rules box: <b>Action:</b> action effect. <vs> <center><sha><i> <b>Shadow:<b> shadow effect.
  4. I'll work on that, but will take long because I have to think how to implement those changes in the code and the user interface.
  5. They look good enough. For the ally, change the flavour text to a short frase to gain font size, and should be done. For example: ...we almost forgot our grief for a time... ---Legolas, The Fellowship of the Ring Also, Action should be limited to once per phase. With the Hero, we can change the default template to the non-promotional version.
  6. Testing again, it seems like there's a problem with the plugin installation and a clean update should fix it. Do the following: Go to Toolbox>Manage Plugins (or press F12) Select each The Lord of the Rings LCG extensión and uninstall it. Close Strange Eons Open Strange Eons Go to Toolbox>Caralog (or press Shift+F12) Install The Lord of the Rings LCG HD plugin Close Strange Eons Open Strange Eons Try creating a card If it works tell me. If someone else got this problem report it here too.
  7. Yes, I see I didn't test the last update properly. You will find the update soon. You'll notice the icon picture loads porperly in the card. You can create the cards safely, because it's just a problem with the user interface.
  8. New Update Added sailing icons and a button for sailing test icon. That's all for now. Remember that you can configure the context bar to show icon buttons, in Edit > Preferences > Context bar.
  9. Of course, I'll include the translations too. Also, if you find something in the user interface that needs translation too, tell me. You can send me the texts any way you want: send me the Eons files or send me a message with the texts.
  10. You made a good point in that card examples may be too simple. If you make the examples, send me the texts and I'll include them in the next update.
  11. Oh, my... the forum system is not sending me emails with the new posts. Sorry for the late response. No prebuild tag yet (I knew I was missing something when adding these templates...). I will add them as soon as possible. You can add any image to the text bex with the tag <image ...>. There is a shortcut in the tags menu. Use "pt" as measure for the image, and get a PNG with transparecy. If not sure how to make the image, tell me.
  12. New version is available in the catalog. Most important feature is the inclusion of the Ship templates. Icons have been updated to Sands of Harad. Make a backup of your cards before editing in a new version and report any problem you find.
  13. Latest Strange Eons update broke some stuff and plug-in isn't working correctly. I've sent the update to be published in the catalogue and should be available very soon.
  14. Beta 13 is up in the Strange Eons catalog Sphere variants for Player Side Quests added New Victory Points decoration added I've found problems when loading cards from very old versions of the plugin (+2 years, missing text). I'll work on that but if someone need quick help, send me a message. As I always recommend, make a backup of your cards before editing them in the new version.
  15. Just wanted to say that I've finished adding the player Side Quest sphere variants. Also, I've added the new Victory points decoration. I'm testing everything, because it had to change more code than expected. You'll have to download each part of the plugin. I'll write here again in a few days, when is ready to download in the catalog, with more detailed info.