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  1. Sorry, I'm not checking the forum much lately. I can tell you how to add the ring picture, but combining both images in the editor may be too tricky. It may be better to use a image editor to combine both externally as you put it option 1, and add it the way you know.
  2. The punctuation offset is intentional, I thought it looked cool, but now I see that is inconsistent with other characters. I'll correct it and put all accents centered. For the icons (yes, I have to update with latest ones). Uninstall the icons part of the plug-in in the manager (F12), close and launch again strange eons, and install it again through the catalog (shift+F12). This error happens sometimes to some users but I can't find where's the problem.
  3. I've sent the updated font package to Strange Eons developer, so update will be available in a few days.
  4. Sure, go for it. I've checked the font you mention, and that is halfway through the character expansion. If you find any other character missing from the special fonts, tell me so I create all of them.
  5. I implemented a custom translation system specific to my plugin. You can read an explanation about it in the Lord of the Rings plugin section of the preferences. It's on the translation section, on the blue exclamation mark. Whenever you save the component, you save all texts in strings marked with the selected "game language" in the plugin preferences. If you change the "game language" you will save all strings in other strings, marked with the new "game language", keeping the previous language strings. You can check this through settings explorer where you will find, for example, "name_en_us" and "name_es_es", if you change "game language". That way you can load into the card the strings for the language that you want to translate from. It's a bit obscure, but if you don't understand how to use it, I'll try to write a tutorial. About the missing font characters, do you refer to the rules box font too? The character you use as example should work on the rules box. I have updated the card title font with a lot of non-english characters, like the one you show, but I have to upload it to the online repository. I'll try to upload it this week. Adding a font with full Unicode range of characters is one of the things in my to-do list. But I'm not sure how to implement it, so I've been pushing it back. P.D.: I'm in the middle of a complete rewrite of the plug-in, so new cool features will be added, like OCTGN export and editing cards using data from spreadsheets, but it will take time.
  6. Yes, you have to change for each card. There's no way of applying it a generic way. Doing otherwise would imply changing cards (for example from other authors) that don't have to change.
  7. Hi @Mr_Kew I won't add such switch to remove the victory decoration, because I don't want too add marginaly used stuff to the user interface. But there is a way to do a lot of stuff like this: through the settings. It's not an obvious way and it's not easy. So anyone willing to do this kind of stuff just ask how to. There is the workaround that will please you: Open Window>Setting explorer Most of the card is defined by "settings". Some settings select which picture to use for the template or the which font to use. Others keep the user values, like the name, collection icon or stats. changing these values will change how the card looks This will remove the decoration. In that window, in the Key column, look for VictoryDeco Double click on its Value and change it to: TheLordOfTheRingsLCG/image/empty1x1.png It paints a picture, but is a transparent one Press return to accept the change (the key and value will be shown in white now) This will recover the usual font and change the size Look for OptionRight-style in Key column Change value to: FAMILY: {Eons.namedObjects.LRL.BodyFont}; WEIGHT: BOLD; SIZE: 7.0; FOREGROUND: #000000 This won't change anything now, but it will show the desired changes when you reload the card. So save your card, close it in the editor and then open it again. Extra: changing placement of the text Look for Location-OptionRight-region in Key column Change value to: 291,464,57,10 You can increase or decrease the second value to get the desired vertical placement These numbers describe a box and it's placement: horizontal,vertical, width,height This setting will work right away when changing it It's not pretty, but it works. Oh, and some alignment tags are boound to the text box: justify, top and bottom can't be activated for different parts of the same text box. Only center, left and right are switchable.
  8. It seems that updating the plugin trough the catalog may not work as expected. If you find yourself without proper encounter set or collection lists, you have to reinstall the plugin. Any of you can solve this following these steps: Open Strange Eons and press F12 (or open the menu Tools>Manage). On the left list, for each The Lord of the Rings plugin part: select it press the "uninstal" button on the bottom right of the window. Close the window and Strange Eons. Open Strange Eons and press Shift+12 (or open the menu Tools>Catalog), and install the plugin. I've been reported this problem 3 times, but I don't know if this is common or where lies the problem. If any of you have this problem, leave a message here. Writing "update problem" is enough.
  9. A new update is available. - Reworked fonts: I've updated the font files to get rid of some bugs appearing depending on Java version and operative system installed. If anyone finds missing accents or graphical glitches, please, report it. - Added Eye of Sauron icons. - Card sized divider now has template colors based on the box or cycle. I found a good YouTube tutorial on installation and basic usage, thanks to The Kirkwood Runner: Strange Eons tutorial I haven't included example cards shown above because to include some new features I'm planning I have to rework a big portion of the code, and that will take a lot of time. Make a backup of your cards before editing in the new version. If you find anything not working properly, report it.
  10. Yeah, examples are ok. I may shorten some text to make it more legible, once you get the others, send me a PM with them. The translations are easy to do, once I finish including new encounter icons and some other stuff in the plugin, I'll contact you through PM to update the translation. Sure, I could add a text box for the shadow effects, but... you can do that right now! Create a new player card and add this into the rules box: <b>Action:</b> action effect. <vs> <center><sha><i> <b>Shadow:<b> shadow effect.
  11. I'll work on that, but will take long because I have to think how to implement those changes in the code and the user interface.
  12. They look good enough. For the ally, change the flavour text to a short frase to gain font size, and should be done. For example: ...we almost forgot our grief for a time... ---Legolas, The Fellowship of the Ring Also, Action should be limited to once per phase. With the Hero, we can change the default template to the non-promotional version.
  13. Testing again, it seems like there's a problem with the plugin installation and a clean update should fix it. Do the following: Go to Toolbox>Manage Plugins (or press F12) Select each The Lord of the Rings LCG extensión and uninstall it. Close Strange Eons Open Strange Eons Go to Toolbox>Caralog (or press Shift+F12) Install The Lord of the Rings LCG HD plugin Close Strange Eons Open Strange Eons Try creating a card If it works tell me. If someone else got this problem report it here too.
  14. Yes, I see I didn't test the last update properly. You will find the update soon. You'll notice the icon picture loads porperly in the card. You can create the cards safely, because it's just a problem with the user interface.
  15. New Update Added sailing icons and a button for sailing test icon. That's all for now. Remember that you can configure the context bar to show icon buttons, in Edit > Preferences > Context bar.
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