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  1. Some of these are already mentioned above, but here is my list. Note that I have included Characters, Battlefields, and Plots as well. Jawa Scavenger (Rivals #4) could also work but is a Neutral Character. GAIN RESOURCES Yoda (Legacies #33) Built To Last (Way of the Force #115) Boonta Eve Classic (Way of the Force #155) Profitable Connection (Legacies #171) Dry Fields (Rivals #19) Garel Spaceport (Empire at War #155) Moisture Farm (Spirit of Rebellion #156) Mos Eisley Spaceport (Awakenings #172) Mos Espa Arena (Way of the Force #159) Outer Rim Outpost (Legacies #178) Yoda's Hut (Legacies #107) Remote Stockpile (Legacies #164) Scrap Heap (Legacies #165) Lotho Minor Junkers (Way of the Force #152) Force Training (Awakenings #58) Adapt (Legacies #100) Respite (Legacies #131) Secret Mission (Empire at War #102) Resourceful (Rivals #13) Recycle (Empire at War #149) REDUCE COST Obi-Wan Kenobi (Spirit of Rebellion #37) Padawan (Awakenings #36) Docking Bay (Spirit of Rebellion #153) Imperial Armory (Awakenings #169) Weapons Factory Alpha (Empire at War #160) It Binds All Things (Awakenings #150) The Force is Strong (Awakenings #125) Destiny (Spirit of Rebellion #101) Luke's Training (Way of the Force #60) Premonitions (Spirit of Rebellion #131) Reaping the Crystal (Empire at War #101)
  2. Last line has a typo so probably legit
  3. eEzra, eMaz, Rey eEzra, Maz, eRey Ezra, eMaz, eRey Not sure what team is better, just noting the 3 possible 5-dice teams
  4. Not sure if this will be deleted, but... Files for both sets can be found on Boardgamegeek.com Destiny filepage or my Dropbox here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gue60pn9nxu266q/AABgpJCoYBjVCwRPA6z51WAda?dl=0 Downloading the excel file allows you to create your own page(s) with only the dice you want. Print at 70% for 22mm blank dice.
  5. The link just takes you to the boardgamegeek file page. You don't have to download anything to see screenshots and replies from others. Version 1.5 had over 200 downloads but I guess I have no way to prove it to you. I can't really post much in the way of screenshots on this form due to the size limitations. Boardgamegeek.com doesn't accept files unless they check them out first.
  6. Version 2.1 is up and has huge improvements: -Added Spirit of Rebellion set-Enhanced graphic design-More robust Game Text & Die Face Filtering-Added more deck and dice statistics-Clicking on card name brings up game text in a popup https://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/141245/sw-destiny-deck-designer
  7. Yeah but all it does is shoot dice at you. Actually, that is pretty scary
  8. I'd like see "master yoda" to be the first game character without a blank side on his die
  9. I count 33 legendary cards (11 for each color). The only neutral Yellow I see is Thermal Detonator. Never mind, I see that Quadjumper is a Legendary.
  10. Sabotage is a decent way to deal with him if you are running Yellow. His only costing 1 makes him easier to discard. Sabotage (SOR #147) Neutral. Rogue. Uncommon. Event. Cost: 1 Discard cards from your hand equal to the cost of a support in play to discard that support.
  11. Seems fitting because C-3P0 was the true hero of Star Wa-- oh wait that was R2
  12. New spoilers on product page today: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/3/24/fully-loaded/
  13. Here is the image of the blaster that Tiny spoiled yesterday in his video quoted above.
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