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  1. ...so let's pour over this semi-related one until the next one rolls around; https://twitter.com/FFGOP/status/1079818878090391553 ...and the ironic follow-up tweet, complete with it's own dumpster fire. Shout-out to @Masterchiefspiff for roasting FFGOP's chestnuts on an open fire. I enjoyed the read.
  2. cleardave

    Worlds Waitlist

    Reading this, it sounds like it's not so much a wait list as a general sale on March 4th.
  3. cleardave

    Worlds Waitlist

    While I see the value in making Worlds an invite-only event for something like X-Wing, I don't see how it helps IA to copy that formula. Surely if they opened it up to 100 seats they could get around 70 bodies in there, if you could just buy a ticket at will? The FFG Winter Sale barometer for game health sadly could not be used to check on IA, since they can't sell it directly, but they sure did liquidate Runewars... EDIT: To make a monkey out of me for this post, apparently (though they needed little help), FFG posted that only X-Wing and Legion will be invite-only, and that Runewars is essentially dead now, by way of OP support being cutoff. They didn't say no new product would be released for the game, so I guess it's whatever they've basically got in the pipeline and that's it. So for IA doom-and-gloom, at least we didn't get that article? Of course it would be silly to announce the end of the game this far out from Worlds? Maybe they'll do a much needed map rotation, then do Worlds, then let as all down gently with an article of our own?🤷‍♂️
  4. cleardave

    Farewell post from FFG founder

    @FrogTrigger Respectfully, I think @a1bert was just pointing out that CP's departure was announced quite some time ago. He was also absent from the last InFlight and I believe at the GenCon 2017 InFlight he did the torch-passing to Navarro. I don't think anyone is trying to jump up anyone's behind here with a "gotcha". All that is to say that his departure is not exactly breaking news to the public and I'm sure the transition has been working itself out for a while. Having met the man in person and talked about his journey, I can say that his OG designer-Boardgame presence will be missed in the field, assuming he doesn't appear in the next year at the helm of a Kickstarter for some passion projects he's been back burning for a while. The real shocker is that this wasn't brought up in the Extended vs Hyperspace dumpster fire that is currently roaring over on the X-Wing boards, because it would make excellent kindling.
  5. cleardave

    Regional Meta

    Yes, I too, would like some more details on common lists we're likely to see at the top table at upcoming Regionals for IA. I'm, uh...asking for a friend...
  6. Unrealistic expectations, I'd imagine 😛
  7. cleardave

    Please give. We can use all we can get...

    @NeverBetTheFett I thought you'd have plenty of salt left over from that time I used C-3P0 to hide my HK so I could jump out and melt your Boba Fett with the God-Hand of Element/Assassinate/Tools. There was never more traction on the Toronto streets that winter...
  8. cleardave

    Other good gaming companies?

    @FrogTrigger I played OG Warhammer Quest, but not the modern version that GW is putting out. If you like that style of game but want a broader experience with an in-print title, then check out the Shadows of Brimstone line. It's a great open-ended sandbox of an RPG where the Old West meets Cthulhu. It's only 2 major flaws are that the minis while sculpted well are just of a lower quality than a GW-tier kit so if that's your standard, SoB might not appeal, but if you're not too picky that way, you'll love it. The other problem is that as far as I know, it doesn't have an "end game" mission, so as a player group you may want to agree on using one of the major boss monster missions as The Finale so you have somewhere logical to stop. Unless you like to just keep going on and on with all the various expansions using the same character, but you can make it worth either way. Haven't physically played Sword and Sorcery but the short version to me looks like a more involved Descent/IA campaign in terms of complexity, so that's both good and bad depending on how your group likes bulkier combat options.
  9. cleardave

    Other good gaming companies?

    @FrogTrigger If you like board games with lots of miniatures, I think CMON is your most comparable outfit. They tend to launch all their new products out through Kickstarters so to me that would be the best place to purchase anything they make going forward, as the value on content is always better that way versus trying to get it at retail, assuming you're realistic to know you're probably going to be an "all-in" or close to it kind of player. If you're into IA or other FFG titles with lots of expansions, I'm sure you know if that describes you or not. Be warned with Kickstarter and other crowd-funded games; fulfillment always ends up going longer than planned. Some companies do it better than others. New games from relatively untested designers/publishers on there can be a crap-shoot, so do your homework and ask a lot of questions on Boardgamegeek. One company I have a soft spot for that isn't mentioned here is Flying Frog Productions, which are often erroneously abbreviated to FFG to much confusion. Last Night on Earth, A Touch of Evil, and Shadows of Brimstone are all lines they have that I've enjoyed, though they have other series of games as well.
  10. cleardave

    IA production schedule

    We recently got a new campaign for the app and the front page showed off the latest map to be in the queue for Skirmish rotation. I know a lot of people on here want their big Skirmish release news, but things are still happening, albeit slowly. I'm sure all the FFG resources are concentrated on that X-Wing/Legion Clone Wars production that's going on behind the scenes. I can't remember (or care) if Armada is getting in on that but either way, it's a lot to get worked through. If only FFG had more capital while paradoxically producing and maintaining only their Star Wars IP lines and leaving all other brands on the back burner...?‍♂️ But seriously, this is where having another engrossing game-like substance to get into pays off. It makes for a handy distraction while your "main" interest has to take the long way through our timeline and get to that future point where more news is revealed.
  11. cleardave

    Other good gaming companies?

    They don't really make them themselves, so much as they license out Marvel IP's to other companies to make games out of. Upper Deck's Legendary series of deck building games is pretty fun. I didn't go down the expansion rabbit hole and stopped after the first few, being more than happy with the line-up. The Legendary engine overall I think works better in the "Encounters" spin off line with Aliens, Predator, etc, but you could theoretically drop Marvel characters into any Encounters game and have Spider-Man team and Deadpool team up with Ripley and Hicks to fight off the xenomorph invasion.
  12. cleardave

    Imperial assault artwork

    I think that's a confirmed crime against humanity. Besides, if Black Star Warrior could get away with it, surely you can get a shirt made?
  13. cleardave

    Imperial assault artwork

    Advice from someone who at one time may or may not have been involved in that industry; "Legally Distinct" should become a new phrase in your vocabulary.
  14. cleardave

    Spray coating maneuver dials

    100% I did my dials and ship tokens. Probably not a bad idea to do your templates as well if you're going to stick with the cardboard and not get some pimped out acrylic ones. You can get a cheap can of Krylon brand spray from a Wal-Mart for like $5 and have enough in there to pretty much do all your cardboard. Even with the new dials, your greasy oily thumbs are going to be wearing that new dial down for another 5-6 years of play on your favourite ship. Ultimately it's not hurting you to do it and takes pretty much no time out of your day other than the dry time. Just get a wire rack or something to put them on, like a cheap dollar store desk organizer or something, spray them somewhere away from humidity (like not outside on a sticky summer day), like a garage, where you can keep it overnight to dry. If you don't put a thin washer between the two halves, they might stick initially from the spray coat, but you can easily break them in again by giving them a good spin.
  15. cleardave

    What is “Dark Side”

    How about something simpler; It's fake suspense. You're sitting in the theatre knowing full well that Carrie Fisher is dead in real life and you're thinking "is this how they write her out?" It's like Paul Walker in whichever Fast and Furious movie was his last. Also, it's ultimately pointless to the story. You could have achieved the same narrative goal; Leia is wounded in the battle and incapacitated, thereby requiring a less likeable character to take charge and cause tension in the ranks, by just having the command bridge get hit by the TIE's and have her maimed in the wreckage without being sucked out into space and going through all that. So, some quick editing of the final movie and you've got the story carrying on exactly the same but without taking people out of the movie with that whole bit. I think that's kind of the idea of trimming the fat in the editing process, no? Now, if her surviving the cold vacuum of space paid off later in the movie somehow, then sure, throw it in there, but it doesn't, so we're back to cutting it out.
  16. cleardave

    What is “Dark Side”

    Maybe your memory blocked out the embarrassing "Mary Poppins" scene in The Last Jedi when Leia gets sucked out into space and comes back to life.
  17. cleardave

    New Zealand Regionals

    But you know what's satisfying as all heck? Rolling up on wounded Han with your Vader while you're holding a Parting Blow. Too bad SoS and IG-Bon-Jovi can close out your Vader well enough, so you don't want to pull that stunt on them.
  18. cleardave

    Not enough YT-2000 threads

    @Hiroshiro Couldn't agree more. They mined all kinds of ships out of those video games from back in the day, with the Gunboat being the most demanded of that fanbase. The 2000 would be cool if it was made as an all-in-one box set pack with the 2000 as a cross-faction ship with the Rebel/Scum designs on both sides of each token, so Ace (Rebel) and Ace (Scum) on both sides of the same token. The interesting thing would be providing an Andrasta paint job on a Firespray, but I remember FFG saying something about the old alt-paint-scheme ships not being made again. That doesn't necessarily exclude a NEW alt-paint-scheme though, does it? The real kicker would be what they do for an Azzameen family YT-1300; include the pilot cards in the 2000 box or hold it back for the inevitable YT-1300 2.0 edition. But if they do that, and it's another cross-faction ship, I can see the dumpster fire going off over partisan collectors feeling they "have to" shop outside their faction(s) of choice. I'd buy it though. It's a good relic of a different time in Star Wars fandom, when you could produce an entry in the series that didn't cram in Jedi and lightsabers into everything, whether it made sense or not. It was just pilots and space battles and felt like really good world-building in that universe. I'm still salty that Maarek Stele didn't come with at least 1 Force Point. He served the Emperor above all others, and even had a fancy tattoo to show for it.
  19. For what it's worth, I'd keep the arcs marked in. It's not going to kill you to future-proof your models against some effect that comes down the line that offers some kind of benefit for attacking vehicles in the side/rear arcs, or something to that effect. You don't want to be "that guy" that's on here in a year complaining about how you based over them because you didn't have a need at the time, and now you're going to have to mess up your bases to get the lines back in.
  20. cleardave

    Next expansion?

    Vague announcements that announce they have something to announce at a future date have never been their style. In a way this is a good thing, as I find the Hollywood practice of announcing trailers which merely announce when the real trailer is coming out to be a bit obnoxious. We know from numerous examples of discontinued games they tend to announce the final product and its last appearance at a Premier event, so until you see that, there's always something to look forward to. The release schedule may not be to everyone's liking, but it's coming. Patience, friends, and ask yourself "what would George Michael do?!" No, not THAT...the other thing...
  21. I meant more along the lines of if a mission has some throw-away reference to the frozen Han tile. Not so much as part of a story arc but just a thing because it's there. Glad to hear the tag along allies changed up. There's so many of them at this point, and I'm glad all of these figures have a home in that replayability.
  22. Amazing. I'm assuming you're running it with a full current collection. How was the variance with the app's deployment group selections and campaign hero allies? Did the carbonite Han tile come into play in the game at all?
  23. @IanSolo_FFG Like I alluded to, most doom and gloom for IA is rooted in Skirmish. The only way you're writing this off as a content drought as a campaign player is if you've played each campaign through at least twice, and did it with different heroes/Imperial classes on the second lap. At that point I think your entertainment dollars were well spent. Skirmish has many wrinkles to get it going as an OP game, but the dedicated base keeps on playing all the same. It's just not very accessible for new people, especially with X-Wing 2.0 launching officially next week which is super accessible for new people, and easier to facilitate, to make a comparison. I think a sense of humour is critical for navigating through things like Skirmish, and most of my soap-boxing here is done with some irony attached, for my own entertainment if nothing else. As an app player though, you're probably getting hungry like the skirmish wolves for more. I did the first one and haven't gotten around to Jabba's campaign, but I probably will when the fall hits. Much quicker and easier to play and resolve than the analog campaigns, for sure.
  24. cleardave

    Next expansion?

    @defkhan1 I really hope you've been grossly misinformed.
  25. @belderone42 I'd chalk it up to gamer identity politics. I've talked many of my fellow IA players down from the ledge over the last year since it was announced. I get the reflexive fear, but let's get real here, Imperial Assault sales aren't solely determined by Skirmish tournament attendance, and will always work as a dungeon crawl adventure. Skirmish was a design afterthought and it shows with what you need to wrangle just to show up to an official event; A big bag of puzzle pieces you're hoping you don't lose, or some sweet mats that aren't cheap but not too pricey (based on $20 MSRP) but are in practice a pain in the butt to acquire. People use printed mats for local things but if you don't have the official mats and go to a GenCon type place, you better keep track of all those little 1x2 pieces you brought. The game itself is good for probably 3-4 rounds on "regulation" time and often spills over as people scramble to start a new round before the buzzer so they can try and swing the game, then slow down to a crawl because now the clock is gone. All this is to say that the game itself is that good that despite these and many other hurdles to play it as a Skirmish only competitive game, people make it work. I think that's why players are protective of IA, because it requires a lot more of an investment across the board than having some stuff to play something like X-Wing 2.0 as a new player. Legion is only a 1v1 head to head game and is produced a lot more efficiently in that regard, which makes it waaaay easier to focus in on what you want to collect in terms of faction and units. Being the newer game, it has the FOMO-factor and Newness going for it, but also doesn't really have a back catalog of "must haves" that people need to dig up. The joke's on Legion players though when you realize that you actually need to have some kind of terrain solution going, which is no problem if your local store has you covered, or you've played other mini war-games before and have some appropriate terrain already. Too bad nobody at FFG had any such terrain laying around, as I've seen two major events with Legion tournaments disperse pictures of sad terrain distribution, which really skews the game in one direction. I never thought in all this time that the Legion meta wouldn't be about some broken unit, but about building up to account for sparse terrain and high-number-of attack-dice attacks to tear up all that exposed infantry, rather than considering balanced forces versus doubling down on a gimmick like is often the plan in these games. So it's really weird when you think about it; IA and Legion players both have a terrain problem in their own way. You'd think we'd all just sit around the proverbial bar, knocking back a couple while shaking our heads, instead of trying to make some kind of weird us vs them issue. In light of all this, I got a laugh at @IanSolo_FFG's comment about Anyone that was at Canadian Nationals back in March is still waiting on their prize support, 6 months later with no communication to the players from FFG about what the deal is, especially now that NOVA has happened and their prizes (which should be identical) are out on eBay and other trade portals now. Bad distribution of official IA mats and awful terrain provisions for Legion at their Premier events doesn't feel like full support to me either. This is where X-Wing gets to come back and reclaim some ground from these players as well; established community for a game that can be played on any flat surface with a 3x3' square taped off. The star mats we all love to use are great for theme and moving ships around, but it's all cosmetic. You can get away with a picnic tablecloth with a square taped off and it's still just as serviceable for the X-Wing. I feel like Legion needed standardized terrain like RuneWars has, at least for tournament play, to ensure some kind of consistent coverage. Don't take all this as sour grapes. Again, this kind of adversity is what makes the IA players I've met over the years at events, especially the Premier ones, I think some of the most solid (in the professional demeanour sense) players of any tabletop community. You have to really like this game to keep going with competitive Skirmish. It asks a lot from you, and doesn't always pay it back in the conveniences you would expect from other Organized Play situations across FFG or other games. But that's what makes IA players so virtuous in that regard; it's the strong (us) protecting the weak (the minds behind the Skirmish logistics) from totally losing their jobs over this phoned in OP framework. Know that by continuing to give it a shot, some developer somewhere can still get their avocado toast. You're doing God's work, friends. We're their heroes. Not the ones they deserve, but the ones they need. Now I feel like Bill Pulman needs to shout "Independence Day" or something...