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  1. I know the rumour has been floating around since the summer, but I saw a pre-order up at a local store's website for the Cassian and Iden Commander packs, so I guess we should be seeing some kind of announcement sooner rather than later? Links; Cassian Andor Iden Versio No product images to go with it, but a SKU is a SKU I guess...
  2. After sealing models with Testors Dullcote, I use GW's Ardcoat to paint on a gloss varnish to the Stormtrooper arbor to give it that shiny "original movies" look that they seem to have. Even on Endor, the Stormies kept their white armour crisp and gleaming, so I'm going that way. Ditto the Scout Troopers on the bikes. Note, I only gloss the actual armour, not their body suit, guns, etc. I also, like @Red Castle said, paint gloss on the Royal Guard helmets. You can also spot gloss Vader's helmet and chest armour, the Death Trooper armour (leave the gaps and the pouches, etc in matte), and I guess when I get to it soon, the inside of the mouth of my Dewback.
  3. I don’t know about seeing an ImpAss 2.0 based on the new movies, but you can look at the current state of the product and see an ImpAsse. I’ll see myself out now...
  4. Care to name names? I'd like to know which one to skip.
  5. Pop Psychology metaphors aside, I think the pattern for all of these competitive games has been to have something in the pipe by way of an announcement while the newest release is about to come to us. This is how you basically communicate to your OP players that their competitive game isn't dead yet, and thus you maintain that base level of interest in people that drives the community along its road. Personally, I prefer if they spoiled less, because with the amount of time generally from announcement, preview articles and then the inevitable release, the die hard among us have already proxied and tested everything to death, so they're left wanting more on Day 1 of the new product. Keep some mystery in the relationship. In any case, X-Wing always lets you know what's next. Legion has a cascading amount of stuff in the pipeline in terms of previews, at all times. Armada went quit for awhile but now they have the SSD coming soonish, as well as a campaign box to look forward to. Their players that want to keep playing have verifiable proof that their game hasn't been mothballed...yet. For us, it's been too quiet for too long, and the subtle clues like the lack of card design as a Worlds prize seems to speak volumes. We have another OP card pack announced, but the subtle focus on "campaign" play as a qualifier tells me that we're moving towards that final box. People just want to know, at the end of the day, if their competitive game is still worth investing in, or if they should dump it all if they're not going to get much use out of it posthumously, but while they could still get some cash for it. Of course if you play campaign games at all, which is even easier with the app, there's no reason to write the game off, and it will always have a permanent place on my shelf for that reason. But really, the PR that needs to be managed is probably more to do with stockists than players. If FFG said right now that there's one more box coming (which we inferred from the Ewok on the skirmish mat), and then it's digital only app updates from now on, as a game store, other than doing orders for specific players, why would you want to stock Imperial Assault's entire 40+ SKU product line if most of those SKU's are for a skirmish game that nobody is going to be getting into to play? Especially after retailers got burnt on Runewars, which never really took off broadly, but for some dedicated fans here and there, I think if you have limited shelf space, you're going to stock X-Wing for sure, probably Legion, then call it a day on Star Wars games from FFG while you put another company's offerings in the next space, and so on. We can talk about campaign being alive for as long as we care, but I think when we say the game is dead, we're speaking a common language that we really mean the Skirmish component is dead, in that it's busted elements will remain so because no new product is coming to balance it, nor will we likely see a final errata FAQ to rebalance the entire game, knowing it's the end, which would actually be a cool parting gift.
  6. I'm with @TauntaunScout on this one. I'm working on one last unit of Stormtroopers before I tackle these guys but broadly my plan is this; 1)Prime everything thoroughly in black 2)For the actual armour plates/helmet, do some grey highlights and slightly brighten them in some key focal areas like the helmet 3)For the under-suit and the various pouches/straps, I would start by painting in a darker grey on them (like Vallego's German Grey) and highlight that up a step or two on the edges. You should be able to tell from a distance that those parts aren't as "black" as the armour. 4)Paint the guns with some dark metal. Look at some reference pics online to see what parts are "black" and what parts are "metallic" 5)Nuln Oil the whole thing, which should shade the German Grey parts and keep the black parts nice and black 6)Paint the green lights on their helmet, and if you really want to be "correct", do some more pronounced dark green eye lenses for the DT-F16 model, since they depict her(?) as having more green lenses in Rebels. 7)Touch up anything you think might need some love. Maybe get the red markings on the guns, then base, seal with some kind of Matte varnish, then go back and paint on some gloss varnish onto only the armour plates/helmet. Leave the under-suit, pouches, straps, gun, etc in the matte finish.
  7. It's called "filler". That's why you need to have Wookieepedia open in a browser tab while you unbox your ships, so you know if you're supposed to care or not that the "Thane" X-Wing pilot is actually Ya Boi Thane or just a series of consonants and vowels strung together to vaguely spell a name you can pronounce, maybe.
  8. I think in terms of fun, you can't miss with a Rancor in Skirmish. Just make sure you bring your Weiss token to use in place of the model for half the game when nothing fits on the board. As @NeverBetTheFett once roasted me for on a Regionals stream, it's the only way you'll ever see Weiss at an event.
  9. I wouldn't say it confirms a box per se but it's definitely alluding to some ewoks in some form or another coming down the line. We got the same thing for Not-Rex when they showed it on the skirmish mat on the Worlds prize support preview, as well as the Lothal cover art. Hopefully this Ewok content makes it in before the inevitable conclusion of the IA physical product line.
  10. The Event Center can easily hold 100 players (50 tables) of IA and another 50 players (25 tables) of Armada in one day. It held more than that for X-Wing worlds when they filled the back event room and all the tables out in the main store area. Will it be cramped? I don't know, maybe? By the time the third round ends and players start dropping, I expect plenty of elbow room to present itself. Also, when did they stop selling Surly in there? I've had it on tap every time I've been there. They pour it in the store, the hotel, the surrounding restaurants, and if that's not good enough for you, you can go for a short drive and get it straight from the source. Honestly the only reason I could see them not packing their Event Center is some perceived (or actual) loss of sales for that week while customers and casual players go elsewhere. That said, I don't think the store is closed to outsiders coming in for purchases, they just can't stay and play. It's there to be done if they wanted to, which they clearly don't.
  11. I'm not going myself, but I was thinking about this scenario happening, and whether they would leave you holding the bag on your con badge, which I imagine they would be.
  12. I feel pretty confidant that based on the sizes of the player bases, they could easily do Swiss for both IA and Armada on the same day, with the cut the day after. Part of the logistics problem with Worlds in general is that many players play multiple games and would like to jump in the pool for all of them, for all the swag and community engagement, never mind even really attempting to win the thing. So they could easily devote a day to get both IA and Armada Swiss done, and on Day 2, with at most a Top 16 for IA and a Top 8 for Armada, have 16 "3x3" game spaces occupied at the start, shrinking by half each round until a winner is declared. You get the Armada or IA final streaming in the cordoned off area with whichever starts first, giving the other players the break between rounds while it resolves for their final. Meanwhile on that same day, you get a Swiss going for something else that's not as big as X-Wing (which used up the entire Event Center last time I was there), like Legion and run that Swiss during IA/Armada cuts, then run X-Wing Swiss the day after where Legion's Top 8 isn't taking up too much room, then do the same for Destiny after. It would take all week, and the only people caught between two games would be those in cuts and Swiss pools overlapping, which would be a very small percentage of players. They wouldn't even need to dip into the Raddy's space and incur that cost if they proceed with this invitation-only scheme, as they can control the attendance, which itself makes it easier to not worry about that player overlap as you'd be talking about a really small percentage, again. But since I'm an insane man yelling into the void of the Internet, nothing matters.
  13. Perhaps, but it's a shame that all of those opponents that worked hard to build and train their 200pt lists found out that they didn't need to invest any time and money towards their results when they could take one pilot, provided complimentarily by FFG, and achieve a 72-way tie for "champion" at their local Regional. It's a tough call, for sure.
  14. She would actually more thematically redistribute the damage cards every turn, whether you could be bothered to line up an attack or not. At the end of the match, both players redistribute points destroyed to ensure an equal outcome. Something like that. Maybe provide tournament points to your significant other if they are also playing in the same tournament?
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