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  1. cleardave

    A joy to bring to the table

    I think in terms of fun, you can't miss with a Rancor in Skirmish. Just make sure you bring your Weiss token to use in place of the model for half the game when nothing fits on the board. As @NeverBetTheFett once roasted me for on a Regionals stream, it's the only way you'll ever see Weiss at an event.
  2. cleardave

    New map announced.. Ewoks?!

    I wouldn't say it confirms a box per se but it's definitely alluding to some ewoks in some form or another coming down the line. We got the same thing for Not-Rex when they showed it on the skirmish mat on the Worlds prize support preview, as well as the Lothal cover art. Hopefully this Ewok content makes it in before the inevitable conclusion of the IA physical product line.
  3. cleardave

    Worlds Waitlist

    The Event Center can easily hold 100 players (50 tables) of IA and another 50 players (25 tables) of Armada in one day. It held more than that for X-Wing worlds when they filled the back event room and all the tables out in the main store area. Will it be cramped? I don't know, maybe? By the time the third round ends and players start dropping, I expect plenty of elbow room to present itself. Also, when did they stop selling Surly in there? I've had it on tap every time I've been there. They pour it in the store, the hotel, the surrounding restaurants, and if that's not good enough for you, you can go for a short drive and get it straight from the source. Honestly the only reason I could see them not packing their Event Center is some perceived (or actual) loss of sales for that week while customers and casual players go elsewhere. That said, I don't think the store is closed to outsiders coming in for purchases, they just can't stay and play. It's there to be done if they wanted to, which they clearly don't.
  4. cleardave

    Worlds Waitlist

    I'm not going myself, but I was thinking about this scenario happening, and whether they would leave you holding the bag on your con badge, which I imagine they would be.
  5. cleardave

    Worlds Waitlist

    I feel pretty confidant that based on the sizes of the player bases, they could easily do Swiss for both IA and Armada on the same day, with the cut the day after. Part of the logistics problem with Worlds in general is that many players play multiple games and would like to jump in the pool for all of them, for all the swag and community engagement, never mind even really attempting to win the thing. So they could easily devote a day to get both IA and Armada Swiss done, and on Day 2, with at most a Top 16 for IA and a Top 8 for Armada, have 16 "3x3" game spaces occupied at the start, shrinking by half each round until a winner is declared. You get the Armada or IA final streaming in the cordoned off area with whichever starts first, giving the other players the break between rounds while it resolves for their final. Meanwhile on that same day, you get a Swiss going for something else that's not as big as X-Wing (which used up the entire Event Center last time I was there), like Legion and run that Swiss during IA/Armada cuts, then run X-Wing Swiss the day after where Legion's Top 8 isn't taking up too much room, then do the same for Destiny after. It would take all week, and the only people caught between two games would be those in cuts and Swiss pools overlapping, which would be a very small percentage of players. They wouldn't even need to dip into the Raddy's space and incur that cost if they proceed with this invitation-only scheme, as they can control the attendance, which itself makes it easier to not worry about that player overlap as you'd be talking about a really small percentage, again. But since I'm an insane man yelling into the void of the Internet, nothing matters.
  6. cleardave

    Man, that Jess Pava HST Alt Art is...

    Perhaps, but it's a shame that all of those opponents that worked hard to build and train their 200pt lists found out that they didn't need to invest any time and money towards their results when they could take one pilot, provided complimentarily by FFG, and achieve a 72-way tie for "champion" at their local Regional. It's a tough call, for sure.
  7. cleardave

    Man, that Jess Pava HST Alt Art is...

    She would actually more thematically redistribute the damage cards every turn, whether you could be bothered to line up an attack or not. At the end of the match, both players redistribute points destroyed to ensure an equal outcome. Something like that. Maybe provide tournament points to your significant other if they are also playing in the same tournament?
  8. cleardave

    Man, that Jess Pava HST Alt Art is...

    I definitely did not read the comics, and no disrespect was taken. I was just going for a layup on AOC
  9. That didn't take long for another one. And here I was ordering the new map thinking it was to have it well ahead of a rotation for a change.
  10. cleardave

    Man, that Jess Pava HST Alt Art is...

    Probably the connection between AOC and the "Great Destroyer" subtitle of the pilot. Good luck down there, folks.
  11. cleardave

    I've got an idea for a summer project..

    You're almost there; You're awarded half the maximum victory points (rounding up) as a GI Joe player if you can best your opponent in a series of questions designed to test your knowledge of the rules. If not in a mirror match, at the start of the tournament round, a judge will give you a tricky rules scenario. If you correctly rule on it (showing your work, of course), you get your points. In a JOE vs JOE match, it's a sudden death pedantic test of knowledge. This will of course create a special Strength of Schedule tie-breaker so that the knowingest of JOE's advances to the cut. Naturally, this will lead to excessively long tournament days, but that's the game we all signed up for...
  12. I mean, it was a Yoda reference... FIFY Also, this is the real testament to IA's worth; the powers that be are doing everything in their power to essentially make the game fail, and yet here we are. It's like the "Major League" of tabletop games. For you millennials and younger on here, Major League is what we used to call "a movie".
  13. cleardave

    Beating the S(C)-Tier

    That almost reads like a doom-and-gloom commentary on the always precarious state of our little Skirmish game in this corner of the gaming galaxy.
  14. I can't see this going into a second edition the same way X-Wing did, as far as playing Skirmish goes. Beyond rebalancing the deployment cards, they'd have to release figure packs and expansion boxes at a pretty aggressive pace to pull that off. In terms of a "second edition" for the campaign side, Imperial Assault is basically the fourth edition of Doom (2004), so it would lead one to wonder what major improvements would be made to the campaign side to warrant a whole new edition that would get people to buy in rather than play with what they already have. The app is the stop-gap there I think, providing the developers with easy ways to tweak deployment groups to be more in-line with whatever the scenario requires. Much less overhead than releasing all these physical components all over again to a probably underwhelming response in a crowded market of dungeon crawlers. It sounds like you are looking at playing the campaign, and potentially solo, so pick up the core and either Jabba's Realm or Hoth as your budget allows, play through the first campaign, then start doing the other 2 campaigns that align with the expansion boxes. By the time you've played through all of that, you'll have had many 10's of hours of fun game play. Get a couple of friends together and try running the Core campaign and the Hoth/Jabba campaigns and you'll have doubled your entertainment value without spending an extra cent. From there, pick up boxes as you see fit if you have a play group (it only really takes one other person to play the opposite side), and if FFG adds another campaign, make that your next box purchase for sure. As for the skirmish side's long term viability from current year, always in motion the future is. Let's see what they say after Worlds in March. Maybe when they do their Hyperspace Report this year, it'll actually be about all the Star Wars games and not just an X-Wing ****-off like last year, and we'll hear more.
  15. cleardave

    Worlds Waitlist

    Reading this, it sounds like it's not so much a wait list as a general sale on March 4th.