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  1. Search isn't working for me either (IE8). I know I've used it in the past, but right now the "Search the Forums" button does nothing.
  2. And don't forget that you can only have 1 "other" item equipped. If you equip the ring, then that's it. (unless you're wearing wizard robes)
  3. How many people are in your group? I've heard that with 3 players vs 1 overlord, it usually ends with defeat for the players. With 4 players vs 1 overlord, it seems tipped in favor of the players.
  4. Yes, but it's not as useful as you think. It requires 1 movement point to hand the ring to the next player. The ring gives you 1 extra MP. So this cancels each other out.
  5. Nanok of the Blade has the special ability is that his defense is 2 + number of melee trait (the number of power dice he rolls when making a melee attack) In the campaign RtL, there's an outdoor encounter that limits the number of power dice you can roll to 3. If Nanok's melee trait is 5, his defense is still 7, right? We played the other day and the others in my group thought his defense should be limited to 5 (= 2 + 3 maximum power dice allowed)
  6. Thanks, but where did you get this from? I just did a search for "400" in both the RtL and FAQ pdfs, and it's not in there.
  7. In the campaign Road To Legend setting, how much gold is in each treasure pile? Is it still 100gp/hero?
  8. Seems like you understand everything correctly. Can I attack and dodge? => 1 attack and dodge incoming attack in OL turn Yes Can I attack and guard, waiting for OL attack, interrupt it ->attack and receive attack from OL afterwards? Yes. But you have to interrupt *before* the OL rolls the attack dice. Can I use those combos EVERY turn? for example. Yep. You didn't ask, but one thing you CAN'T do is READY 2 actions on the same turn. So you can't aim and guard, trying to make your interrupt attack an aimed attack. Enjoy!
  9. I think you need to increase the number or power of the monsters as well. Otherwise, the players will just kill them all before the Overlord gets a chance to activate any of them. As for recording, the campaign sheet comes with a front and a back. I would just turn it over and record the extra players on the back.
  10. Thanks. I was confused as to whether placing the order was the half-action or if the order itself (aim, dodge, guard, etc) was the half-action. Your post clears it up for me. I know the Overlord will be happy to hear it, but the player won't be.
  11. Thanks. That's what I thought, nice to have it confirmed. Though it'd be funny if the grappler could choose to keep his hold and thus be knockbacked with the hero
  12. One of our heroes has the knockback ability (skill card I think). If another hero gets grappled, can the hero with the knockback free the grappled hero by knocking him away from the monster? I assume so, since the grappled hero isn't spending any movement points, but thought I'd make sure. Can a hero use knockback on himself? I assume not because I don't think you're allowed to attack yourself, but what if under Dark Charm and ordered to attack yourself? Though in that case the overlord gets to pick where you're knocked to.
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