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  1. baltar

    Keyforge Lore

    Based on the illustrations, the armors changed a lot compared to CotA. I just think it's lazy to launch a set without a word about it's lore, but still love the game.
  2. baltar

    Keyforge Lore

    That was for CotA. No lore was realeased for AoA
  3. baltar

    Keyforge Lore

    Makes sense, thanks. I would just hope for a little bit of context. Like, why Sanctum went all high tech in AoA? Flavor texts (I guesss it's the only source for AoA) didn't help at all. I guess they will be "forced" to give something in the Genesys RPG.
  4. baltar

    Keyforge Lore

    Hi, everybody =] I'm a huge fan of the setting and the thing that got me in to keyforge was the considerable amount of lore published in Call of the Archons. I was expecting much more to come, like in Legend of the Five Rings. Short stories, books, i don't know, anything. The thing is, I haven't found a single piece of lore about Age of Ascension, not even a little paragraph. Why is it even called Age of Ascension? I guess something related to the Sanctum religion, I don't know. I just don't understand why FFG would ignore the possibility of adding some content to this huge sales hit. Have I missed anything? Thanks for reading!
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