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  1. Hi there, My friends and I are enjoying aGoT very much currently. There is a point of contention which we request be clarified by fantasyflight - I've done a quick search but not come up with anything. In short, salladhor saan removes the ship strength of non-baratheon ships if bara is being supported. In each of the situations, does it also remove the bonus from the Order token? Eg, bara is defending and is supported. Tyrell has 3 boats with a +1 move order. Salladhor Sahn is played by bara, loras is played by tyrell. Is the combat strength of Tyrell now 0 or 1? Similarly, if Tyrell was being supported in this situation with one boat and a +1 support order, is the supporting strength 0 or 1? We would very much like an official ruling on this, please! Regards and thanks in advance
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