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  1. Both the last ideas sound cool as well but wouldn't really fit in with the overall adventure ; that's my bad though as I haven't set it for you: The Acolytes have been separated for the last two years (in-game) ,and are reunited on Dusk . Except the Assassin , (played by me ,even though most people don't agree with a GM Character) , who serves as a sort of spy in the group for the Inquisitor. The Cell was sent there to face Dusk's dangers as a survival test but also to investigate this strange ruin recently revealed by energy scans . This ruin is an Eldar Temple ,predating their Fall . It harnesses the power of the soul , and in conjunction with others would have been able to create an energy grid not only giving free endless energy but also allowing for Warp-like travel in the material realm . It could also have been used as a very powerful weapon , firing blasts never missing or raising armies of corpses . This is a broad description. A Space Marine fell from a ship , after a fight (or whatever) and came down crashing . His power armor protected him but greatly injured and weakened him , thusly he was forced to take refuge in the closest shelter : the Temple.A cult then formed around him ,trying to revive him by prayers . Originally , I had thought that the three original priestesses tried to contact the Emperor by channeling their mind through the Chaos Space Marine , only to be corrupted and maddened by the very sight of Slaanesh . Their Daughters would have then taken over the lead of the cult and started ordering sacrifices in order to revive the CSM and to please Slaanesh . However the cult itself never saw the chamber where what they believe to be an Angel of the Emperor lies, and are true believers ,even if they have set a foot on the path to damnation. Now , if we have a Space Marine instead ,there is a bit of a change. What I thought could happen instead is we keep everything except the Chaos involvement. The Space Marine is revived ( the Temple feeds energy to it and every sacrifice helps) after a while ,a Knight of Blood. At the beginning everything is fine but then he starts sensing the foul stench of Chaos and prompts the Acolytes to help him cleanse the area . Once every man ,woman and child is slain , he still senses the Warp and tries to chop up the Cell. I would like to give to the players a sense that there might be something wrong with the , for us obviously psychotic ,SM, that maybe these people are just unaware folk.
  2. Covered in Weasels , I love your Idea , which my limited knowledge of the 41st Millennium would never have allowed me to come up with. What I could see happening is that the Acolytes discover the Knight of Blood who at first would be a "normal" Space Marine . However as he spends time with the Cell he senses their corruption (for example my Assassin has 30-something CP) and he gradually goes berserk , turning against the Acolytes who will then be forced to bring him down , which will be a arduous task as I believe a crazed Space Marine must be quite the challenge. Thanks , B.Kaedran
  3. Thanks for the reply Orpheo, The PC is not aware of this , I just wanted this element of the adventure to be a suprise for excited players who where happily expecting to see an awesome Space Marine. This adventure is just a starting point for a much larger-scaled campaign and the presence of the Space Marine be it a Traitor or a Loyalist is not relevent for it . By that ,I mean that I can change the situation at will. However, you have a good point ,one which touches a very hard part of role-playing : pretending not to know. B.Kaedran
  4. Hi there! I , after a long time , finally managed to get my group together and host a DH game. But one of the players , the one with the most knowledge about WH40K (and also who knows me best) foresaw , at least partly my plan for the adventure. Maybe I should give you a synopsis: The Acolytes Inquisitor sends the Acolytes ,who for in- and out-game reasons have been separate for the pas two years (in-game) ,on Dusk in order to test their survival skills .Shortly before that he received a report from one of his allies about a strange energy reading outlining a temple which had never been registred before.The Acolytes ,dropped a couple hundred miles from the Temple have three months to get there , investigate it ,and come back to the drop-point. Now , this temple is an Eldar Temple , but in it a Chaos Space Marine lies dormant ,a cult dwells there led by three sisters whose goal is to revive him , although the cult actually believes he is a Angel of the Emperor. The group didn't get to the Temple yet but met a tribe who hinted that an Angel of the Emperor lies in it. My problem is the following : the player afore mentionned is convinced (rightly) that he is a Traitor.The whole idea of this event was to suprise my players and to pitch them against an enemy never seen before but now he expects to see a CSM. I don't what to do , whether to keep the adventure unchanged ,or replace him by a Loyalist who will go mad or not or whatever... I'm aware this is not a very clear description of my problem so please excuse it , and if you have any ideas please submit them! Also ,should anyone be interested in more details about this adventure , or the campaign it belongs to , I'd be happy to answer you. Thanks, B.Kaedran P.S: the paragraph in bold letter indicates information unknown to the players.
  5. Hi! I was wondering ,do the Step Aside and Wall of Steel Talents stack? Both say that you get an extra Reaction which can only be used to Dodge/Parry ,so would it mean that you get your normal Reaction + Extra Dodge+Extra Parry? There is no precision concerning this possibility in the book. Also ,do the Hatred Talents stack ? If so it would be nice but a bit weird: if facing a Mutant Cultist which happens to be a Psyker you'd get a +30 on WS if you have all three talents. Going back to my older post ,maybe here is where Moritats get interesting. B.Kaedran
  6. Hi! As we were playing ,I as a Moritat Assassin , I found myself wondering : is the Moritat background/Reaper class underpowered or is it just the way I play? My character will only use primitive (obviously mono'd) swords and doesn't use a Great Sword. But still ,even though I do not use the "best" weapons available because they wouldn't fit the character ,it still feels like Moritats are missing something: they have little abilities that make them better in combat ,the Bloody Edge and The Reaping are nice ,but that's about it .Compared to other classes with ,for example ,Crusing Blow or Deadeye Shot ,it's not much. Also ,the Assassins Career allows players to upgrade their Strenght only at very high XP costs. Actually ,most classes have a badly done characteristic advances table : Arbitrators ,Assassins ,Tech-Priests require 500 to raise their Strenght ,Psykers need 250… Anyway ,these are but some of the problems I have encountered. AM I missing something or is this class really underpowered? And in that case ,what could be done to rebalance it? Thanks, B.Kaedran
  7. So here is what I've come up with so far: It's not final and it is not finished. Weapon Generator This generator is used to create original and customized weapons for PCs and NPCs alike. There are several steps to the creation a weapon. Basic Layout First of all, you must choose if the weapon is going to be a ranged or a hand-to-hand weapon. Once this has been done you must choose what class it is. For ranged weapons the classes are: Pistol, Basic, Heavy and Thrown (note that Thrown can be used for a Melee weapon as well). The classes for melee weapons are: One-handed, Two-Handed, Thrown (a melee weapon with the Thrown class can be used both as a ranged weapon and a hand-to-hand weapon. Ranged weapons of the Thrown class are not melee weapons though) and Small (Small is a new weapon class) Once the class has been chosen, the nature of the weapon must be determined. The natures for ranged weapons are: Las, Solid Projectile, Bolt, Melta, Plasma, Flame, Primitive, Launchers, Grenades and Exotic. The nature for melee weapons are: Primitive, Chain, Power and Shock. Once class and nature have been determined the type of the weapon must be chosen. Melee weapon types are divided in to categories: _Size: The size of the weapon will change its abilities. The sizes are: Small, Short, Long, Great. _Shape: The shape determines some of the abilities and damages of the weapon. The shapes are: Blade, Axe, Flail, Mace, Staff, and Shield. These shapes are just guideline, a weapon’s actual shape might be different, a Staff could actually look more like a halberd etc…
  8. My bad sorry! So what I had in mind was something like this: You choose what type of wepon (ranged or melee) and its class ( one-handed ,two-handed ,pistol…). Once you've done that you choose (or perhaps roll,but it would be annoying I think) if it's power ,primitive ,Sp etc… Now this part is easy ,but here comes the rolling part. To each type/class/nature you assign a value for damage and range,wich will be rolled . For example you could say that every weapon has a base damage of 1d5 ,and since it's a one-handed weapon you add another 1d5 ,for a total of 1d10. But also ,since it's a power melee weapon you add +5 to the base damage and obtain a total damage of 1d10+5 for said weapon. Same thing for range. Once the basic layout of the weapon is obtained ,you roll on different charts (always according to the type/class/nature of the weapon) and the weapon gains the rolle attributes. Also ,some natures (by nature I mean plasma ,primitive ,power …) have inherent attributes like power which gives the..Power attribute. For example ,let's take the same power weapon of before , I roll on the chart and get the Balanced attribute. So we have a power weapon that deals 1d10+5 damage with the Balance and Power attributes. Now ,obviously this is a rapid explanation of my idea which has not been fleshed out yet ,so don't take this as ground for debate and criticism. Of course constructive criticism is always accepted ,and your help too ,since I thought it could be useful for many GMs and the more people that worked on this ,the better it would be! This Weapon Generator might help to provide players and GMs with many weapons that are adapted to their needs.I hope this is clearer than my previous posts. B.Kaedran
  9. Thanks for the post ,but it wasn't exactly what I meant. I was more thinking of a chart like the one for generating daemons or daemonic weapons. B.Kaedran
  10. Hey fellow DH players! I was looking through the books and realized that ,mostly, you don't really get a chance to hae really cool ,customized weapons . I know that you can make your own weapons but the game doesn't really provide help with that. So ,I thought we could try making our own weapon generator in order to get customized weapons that still fit in the game without being too strong or too poor. Let me know what you think of it ,and if you'd be willing to help. Thank you, B.Kaedran
  11. Hey guys ! Sorry I haven't posted anything yet ,I didn't get much time to work on these rules . I'll post new rules as soon as I can. B.Kaedran
  12. Well I run a game with a hands-off Inquisitor but I guess I'll have give some items to the player as I reward . Another plan I had was to have the players ask for a particular thing (we're starting to build a base) and they get it as a reward for some particular mission (obviously the rarer it is ,the more dangerous the mission is). But some things litereally cost thousands of Thrones so I don't see how they can buy them without help from the Inquisitor which my group and I don't really find fun;it's like asking your dad for a new bike and hoping he'll say yes. I guess I'll throw better equipped enemies and they can sell their gear or something. Thanks for the answers, B.Kaedran
  13. I did say that I appreciated your comments by which I ment your honesty. Now,this seems like a mutual misunderstanding and I apologize if I somehow offended you or if you felt insulted . I just thougt that telling me to feel bad was something slightly exagerated. I want to stop this here as the topic is not about a fight between you and I but about a new houserule I created . I will when it's done ,post the complete houserule and would really appreciate a critic as long as its not getting personal or insulting ; and this is for anyone who wants to comment . And now this pointless unrelated arguing stops.Feel free to answer and criticize as long as it is about the rule . B.Kaedran
  14. Hi! Yet another topic from the needy GM that I am,Iwanted to now something about the monetary system. I don't now if it's the way I do things but it doesn't seem to me that Acolytes make much money. I ruled that every real life month which passes gives them their salary as well as in game months as we don't play that often. So what's your opinion on the money system ,is it flawed? Is it made to be hard? Or am I just doing something wrong? Thank you, B.Kaedran
  15. After reviewing the rules and taking into account your comments I realized that it isn't so bad . However ,I have another issue about money but I'll make another topic about it . Thanks a lot ,it really helped me! B.Kaedran
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