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  1. We have a couple of people that play Cnquest down here in Osaka, but most of us play Netrunner or Game of Thrones. And of course, Osaka and Tokyo are a favor distance apart. But if you find yourself in our neck of the woods, let us know.
  2. Catelyn Stark: While Catelyn Stark is participating in a challenge, your opponents cannot trigger card abilities. Rules Reference Guide: A duplicate grants its controller the following triggered game ability: “Interrupt: When the overlapping unique card would leave play, discard this duplicate to save that card. (Cannot be canceled.)” Assuming Catelyn gained a Military icon somehow (Syrio's Training for example), would she prevent her opponent from triggering the duplicate save? I'm assuming not, since the rules state the duplicate is a "triggered game ability" and Catelyn prevents "triggered card abilities", but the duplicate IS a card in the end, so I'm not 100% sure.
  3. Thought the highest it could get to was 5 since you can't have 6 plots in your used pile. At least until they print Betrayal at the Wall for 2.0.
  4. Good catch, although there have been times when these sorts of preview articles get small details like that wrong. I'd wait to see the rules book to make sure that optionality is intentional. Well, in this case, the Renown description is printed directly on the card (Eddard Stark I believe) with the word "may", so it does appear to be an intentional change.
  5. "Prohibitively expensive". Oh please.Stop believing this crap and stop misinforming people. If you think that what you say is true, then why do 220 cards in LCG core sets cost as much as 500 cards in Dominion? Also, out of those 500 cards released for Dominion, there are only about 32 unique cards. That, along with the very simple design and art used on the actual cards, means that development costs are very different. this is the classic Apples and Oranges argument. They are both fruits, but not close enough to draw any actual comparisons.
  6. How dare a company do something that would earn them more money?!? ; ) Honestly though, I don't think that opinion (i.e. that they are just doing this to make more money) is all that prevalent. Most of the people I know that actually play the game are quite happy with the reboot. While we all love this game, none of us are fooling ourselves by saying the game was perfect and didn't need a serious overhaul. Too many things carried over from the CCG days or added since then (moribund....shudder), really needed to be removed.
  7. Well, we meet the first Sunday of every month at a community center in Namba for gaming from 9:30am to 9:30pm. There are usually between 20 and 30 people there. Of course, people come and go throughout the day. During Golden Week, we do a 3-day gaming weekend, which usually has about 40 to 45 people. There are also a lot of smaller meets during the month to play specific games. Oh, and we have JIGG groups in other parts of Japan as well. The Tokyo group is pretty large as well I think. And Nagoya and Kyoto are decent sized (though most of the Kyoto people are also in the Osaka group). If you are interested, just check out our Facebook group for meetings and whatnot. We have a guild on Boardgamegeek, but it's not used as much as the Facebook group.
  8. Actually, Kansai: X-Wing is primarily just a subset of JIGG: Kansai. There are a few members who aren't in both groups of course. Just like our Kansai: Game of Thrones and Kansai: Netrunner groups.
  9. There is a decent sized group of gamers in Osaka. We play a variety of board and card games. There's also a handful of people that seem to play X-Wing at just about every one of our monthly game days. If you want to find out more, check out our Facebook group. It's called JIGG Kansai.
  10. Has there ever been a card that removed "all instances" of a keyword?
  11. Bastard of Godsgrace "The first event card played by an opponent each round gains 'prized 1' if Bastard of Godsgrace is standing." I'm assuming since it says "the first event card played by AN opponent...", that in a melee game he would only trigger one time. He would not trigger for the first event played by each opponent right?
  12. I mean, every house seems to have one (Baratheon has two!), except for poor Martell. Let's get on this already!
  13. Follow up question....So if Rhaegar dies, each phase still ends sequentially? So what would happen with the new Bloodthirst agenda if Rhaegar was used for claim durning a military challenge, but the Bloodthirst player still had fewer characters? Would he still get to draw two cards at the end of the challenge phase?
  14. Good catch. Thanks! I edited my original post to reflect the correction.
  15. I've finally been able to get a few games in and am starting to feel more comfortable with the rules and timing structure. I would like to present an example of how I understand the timing structure, just to make sure I am understanding everything properly. Let's assume I am playing Martell. We are in the Challenge phase, and I went first. For whatever reason, I have knelt all of my characters (perhaps I went on a major offensive). Cards of note: I have Areo Hotah (PotS version) on the table (knelt) and a Red Vengeance in my hand. I also have Quentyn Martell attached as an agenda, so my unique Martell characters all have Vengeful. Opponent sees and opening and moves in for the kill, sending in more than 4 strength on a Military challenge. So according to the timing: Step 1: Determine Winer of challenge Step 2: Challenge Result is implemented. Step 3: Reward for unopposed challenge is awarded. Step 4: Renown is awarded. We determine my opponent to be the winner in step 1 and in step 2 I would have to kill one of my characters. This is the point I'm assuming I would play Red Vengeance since it cancels a claim effect. So I play it here and my opponent would have to kill one of his characters (assuming a claim value of 1). The character my opponent chooses to kill for claim would become Moribund (dead) at this point, but would not actually leave play with regards to passive or effects or responses. Any attachments on said character would become Moribund (discard), but would also still be in play. He still won the challenge, so he would claim one power for unopposed and then any participating characters on his side with renown would gain one power. Now that we have finished the framework steps, the window for passive effects would open. I'm guessing my Vengeful keyword would trigger here and all of my guys would stand up at this point. After that, a window opens up for responses. If I'm right, this is where I could use Areo Hotah's ability (since he is now standing from Vengeful) to kill one of my opponents characters (which would also become Moribund (dead) at this point). If my opponent's characters (including the two Moribund (dead) characters) had any eligible responses, they could also be triggered at this time. Finally, the Framework Action Window would close and the two Moribund (dead) cards would officially die and are placed in the dead pile, while any attachments that were attached to them would enter the discard pile. I'm guessing I got (most of) this right, but I want to be sure. We have been playing somewhat loose up till now, but I think it is going to become more and more important to perform all of the steps in the right sequence. Sorry if this is too simple for most of you. Thanks for any feedback or corrections you can give me.
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