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  1. I heartily recommend Rough Night At The Three Feathers. It's a fantastic little adventure that can easily be run within a 6-8 hour period max. http://rpggeek.com/rpgissuearticle/520/rough-night-three-feathers
  2. This is sort of a silly oversight on FFG's part. How could this possibly make it past their internal play testing?
  3. Crull, please contact me direct at mformoniker at gmail dot com. I may have a licensing proposal for you regarding your artwork. Best, Daniel
  4. Bloody Sun Boy said: Interesting. This is my first time hearing about Corehammer. I'll admit that I was slightly disheartened to learn that his objective is to divorce the system from the Warhammer setting (the real reason I play WFRP) but I'll have to keep my eye on this just to see how it comes along. Thanks! Nice to see another mention of CORE RPG! As to not cause any trademark or intellectual property issues, the new system is inspired by everybody's favorite dark and gritty RPG system. However, I should mention that it's being built with adaptability in mind, so I can assure you that it would easily be compatible with whichever campaign world you run, whether it's an official one or homebrewed. I definitely welcome any opinions or feedback regarding the product. Feel free to check out the discussions over at Strike 2 Stun, or at RPG.net regarding CORE RPG. Once it's closer to being complete, I will have the website up and rearing as well. Cheers, Daniel
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