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  1. Just thought I'd add some thoughts... Based on the rulebook on resolving abilities: "When a player resolves an ability, he must resolve the ability in its entirety. Any parts of the ability preceded by the word “may” are optional, and the player resolving the ability may choose not to resolve those parts." Key word: the player resolving the ability. Since the Sardakk player would be the one resolving the ability, and there are no specific rules about which player chooses which ships are destroyed in a general sense (unlike hits, which are generally assigned by the player on the receiving end), it stands to reason that the Sardakk choose which ships are destroyed.
  2. I actually really liked space mines, when i remembered to use them. Defending my systems without having to leave a bunch of ships there? Sign me up! i'm not sure my group ever remembered to get Shock Troops when our ground forces rolled 0's.
  3. Rules question here. When you buy the "Stonehenge" wonder it allows you to place additional control tokens on hills when you place a control token on hills. One of the culture focus cards (sorry, I forget which one) allows you to place 2 control tokens, and then move a control token to any adjacent hex except water. Does moving a control token count as "placing" it for the purpose of Stonehenge or other similar abilities? Specifically, if I move a control token onto hills can I trigger the Stonehenge ability?
  4. for what it's worth, "turn" is pretty clearly defined in the Action Phase section. not sure it needs a separate entry.
  5. So I haven't been 100% certain about this, but now reading around this forums I think I know the answer. But I haven't seen anything specific to this situation so I thought I'd ask what you guys thought anyways. There are tech cards that prevent 1 soldier or interceptor from being killed. Always nice, right? But we've been playing that when you roll a loss on the Threat die, you're done rolling. If you prevent a unit's destruction you just save it from going to the recruitment pool. But then I started thinking about it and thought maybe I was wrong. If you roll a loss but prevent a unit from dying, can you continue pushing with that unit until you roll another loss on the threat die? Thoughts?
  6. is there a rules reference that implies the killed units can come from reserves or even from tech cards? because I've been playing they have to come from the board which is murderous, but now that I think about it I can't think of any rules that say they HAVE to come from the board. Which would save my squad a whole lot of trouble because man paying the budget for 2 soldiers that are going to die? disgusting. As I'm talking through this I'm pretty sure you guys are right (although I'd hope to see an FAQ clarification at some point just to be sure) and I feel duuuuuuuumb
  7. This is total conjecture here, but I saw an announcement from GTS distribution that Cosmic Encounter reprint would be back in stores mid-january. Looking at "upcoming," the CE Reprint and about 3-4 other games, including XCOM, are all marked as "on the boat." Assuming they're on the same boat - which seems like a reasonable assumption, why not pack a bunch of games together? - it's likely to show up mid-january along with CE. I can't wait either.
  8. "under license" is the key phrase. Wizkids is doing all the work to produce the Star Trek sets, they just paid FFG to use the Flight Path system. Unfortunately I am a big star trek fan and it will be difficult to NOT buy into Attack Wing, but my fun money supply will hate me for it...
  9. I'd love to try fully loading a TIE bomber with a Large support ship to take hits for it. Unloading a massive amount of destructive weaponry could take down enemy ships very quickly. Of course, if you rolled poorly and didn't destroy your enemies fast, you'd be wiped pretty quickly after that, but it seems worth a try....
  10. futurewolf

    Upgrade pack?

    Does anyone know if FFG has any plans to release packs of upgrade cards? I'm finding that there are a few upgrade cards that I would like to use on multiple ships, but I don't necessarily have enough copies of those cards to apply on each ship. I'm also splitting costs with a friend and we share ships, but that means limited access to upgrades if one of us is using an upgrade card that the other would like to use or doesn't have a copy of. I would totally buy a set of cards that had 2-3 copies of upgrades that aren't limited to a single ship (or a single use per build).
  11. The new shipment of Wave 2 ships just arrived from across the ocean. It will take some time for everything to get shipped out to the right stores and the stock to be distributed. The FFG store itself might be sold out, or they may not update their stock until everything is distributed. Patience is required.
  12. I accidentally broke one of the guns off an X-Wing model, and a wing game off a TIE Advanced model. It seems simple enough to glue back together but I don't want to use a glue that will make things worse. Does anyone have a recommendation for a glue that will work, make a good strong bond, and won't damage the plastic or paint further? Is normal superglue okay? -wolfie
  13. man, I didn't think to check Barnes&Noble. I haven't been able to find ANYTHING and am stuck with a lonely base set, hopelessly bidding for a decent deal on eBay.
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