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  1. Hi! Recently my group came up with new victory conditions to improve our favourite game, i hope some of you will try it out and share your opinions ^^ In short, after each turn we count how many cities each player controls and he or she gains that many points. At the end of the game, player with the largest ammount of points wins. Alternatively, if someone gains control of 6 cities at the same time he or she still wins immediately, and this is just a new method of determining the winner when the last turn ends. Why it's more fun? It makes you attack people early to get additional points, and not just wait for the Last Offensive to win the game on the spot. Generally, at least for us, it makes for much more dynamic games. Check it out and share your opinions! : ]
  2. I'd love to see an official program for online play. Games would be rather slow-paced i can imagine, with people logging in, executing 1 order and logging out, but i would be interested.
  3. IMO,for second edition, just left the greyjoys out, make pyke off limits, turn seaguard from stronghold into castle [olny 1 mustering point] and you are ready to go.
  4. Sometimes you want to be first on the iron throne track, and sometimes you want to be last. I really like this element of the game.
  5. I recently played 2nd edition with Stark, Baratheon, Lannister and Tyrell, and it went great. We made pyke off limits, and put neutral forces tokens in the southern lands near the normal martell starting location and also in Seaguard. The balance was almost spot on, the only change we will make next time is downgrading the Seaguard from 2 muster points to 1.
  6. I think next game i will choose Lannister [we normaly draw houses at random, but as Lannister is tough to play i hope to trade afterwards ] and try to let the Riverrun go if the Greyjoy will take it and focus on the center of the map. I'll post afterwards how it all went : )
  7. What happens to the supply? Calculated at the end of each turn? IMO the game will not be balanced, Lannister wil have NO chance against the Greyjoy if there is a mustering each turn. Also, i think that the game works just fine if you have only 4 units for the first 2 or even 3 turns, but if you don't think so u can muster when you like via special consolidate power. [There is an issue of 2 houses left without special orders at the beggining of the game, therefore unable to muster this way. If you are stuck in the position of no musterings as Greyjoy or Tyrell, you should send 1 footman to pyke/arbor and make enough power tokens to dominate the next bid -> gain special orders. your initial position on the map is safe enough to last long with only your 4/5 units.] This said, i don't like the randomness of the cards, but prefer to play with the top 2 cards in each deck face up, to eliminate it. : )
  8. jhagen said: However knowing the future 2 turns ahead makes it largely pointless to use the cards. You still have to somehow determine when you will muster troops, count supply and bid for the tracks I like this rule because it removes the element of players winning and losing the game because of the wrong bet on the next turn cards. But the situation can be better in the second edition [ i hope to play it at last in few days!] where the certain cards allow the player first in the right track to determine what will happen. Can anoyone tell me if that is how it plays out in his experience?
  9. So Vendredi, you would suggest different course of action for Lannister than immediate conflict with Greyjoy who took Riverrun on turn 1? Expansion towards the eastern coast in hope for grabbing cracklow point? Cause it's certain that you can't live on 3 mustering points for very long before other houses will amass forces much greater then yours. Is it possible to continue to place the special consolidate power token in your capital in order to muster troops AND keep Lannisport safe at the same time?. I can see the benefit in taking the central positon on the map in blackwater and threatening either Baratheon or Tyler, witch will posiotion you as the perfect Martell ally. Do you have posiibly any experience with this or any other leave-the-riverrun-to-grayjoy-for-the-first-turns strategy?
  10. Was it mentioned as an option somewhere in the expansions, or my group invented it, i don't know. Point is, we always play [and we play a classic AGOT boardgame with ports added for balance and map overlay for the 6th player] with basically two top westeros cards from each deck face up. I was wondering if this is popular with the fellow gamers around here. Personally i really like it, as it gives you chance to plan your turns better, and removes the last random element from the game - makes it even more chess + diplomacy like. Also my first post, so hello : )
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