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  1. I do not mind how this is structured, but do wish they would schedule a reprint for Dunwich. It sold out so quickly, but they don't even have it on the schedule. And, with how they are laid out, I obviously am not going to bother buying any other until it is reprinted.
  2. Thanks for the rundown; I always enjoy reading other's outcomes. I have to admit, I do not play with BGotW much. Might be time to make sure that changes.
  3. If they were $15/mini instead of $4/mini, I would feel the same way. I am glad they aren't more than $4 though so I'm happy for the quality I got for the price. Plus X-wing will sell a lot more than arkham minis would as X-wing is for the game instead of just pretty accessories as with Arkham.
  4. Note that selecting Investigators in that link allows you to see each individual investigator for sale instead of buying all of them at once. Some are available; some are not right now, which is why Fyzzle is asking. Skids, Roland, Daisy, Agnes, and Wendy are all available individually right now (all the base game characters) though so that should help you out. If you are preparing for the Dunwich expansion, Zoey and Rex are also available, but Jim and Jenny are not right now. (As far as I know, the 5th investigator has not yet been revealed) Also, if you pre-ordered the https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/the-investigators-of-arkham-horror/or just are preparing for when she is released in a future expansion, Marie is also in stock.
  5. The investigators on this link: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/arkham-horror-premium-figures/
  6. I've never lost the first scenario yet - I've played with Agnes 2 times (solo) and Roland once. I admit that I've had some fortunate draws with Agnes though, often getting exactly what I need when I need it, but I do make sure to draw a lot of cards to help speed her up to get the cards I need. One of the 2 times, I did not play with her recommended starter deck. I took out some of the cards I didn't like for her (removed knives, and a couple specialty cards that I wasn't using much) and replaced them with more neutral skill cards to help her draw the cards she wanted most even faster. Besides the knives, I did not remove many though. It did make her even more risky though as she has so few +damage assets.
  7. I haven't played them all solo yet, but I know Agnes is. I got a neutral (neither win nor lose) ending, but the chance I'd win (based on possible bag draws) was over 95% (and I got the 5%). So, I had to settle with a neutral ending. Agnes was a bit tough; you really had to plan out when to use Shriveling (if you only had 1 core set). I'd assume it'd feel similar with Daisy (except that Daisy is not quite as good at casting spells so she'd need more of a boost for it too). It does help that she gets clues so quickly that she'd be able to start fighting sooner though.
  8. Especially tough for any investigators that are low on either health or sanity as it makes it that much closer to death to begin with!
  9. FFG Playmats typically sell for $20-30 (depending on size) so the extra $20 for a playmat, 4 art prints, and AH LCG cards is not unreasonable. And, the price on the book is understandable considering it is 264 pages. It's definitely tempting me.
  10. I think this exactly right. The Rules Reference says "During a campaign, players build a deck before playing the first scenario." A deck is intended to be for a campaign run. We don't know for sure how decks might transition from one campaign to another (I'm guessing they don't) but it looks to me like you'd redraw a new basic weakness even for the same deck starting a new campaign. They do say a bit about transitioning at the end of the campaign book. it states that you can continue to use your investigators in the next campaign if you want an extra challenge (as investigators will likely be damaged in most campaigns and those would carry over), but the typical intent is to allow new decks between campaigns. We only have the one campaign so I do not know how often investigators will make it through well enough that you'd want to continue using them (other than to have a challenge), but the campaign guide said you can feel free to do either.
  11. Oh, did quite well on the first scenario all 3 times. On my solo, it did average or slightly below on second scenario and neither won nor lost the final scenario.
  12. I've played Agnes 3 times: once in a 2-player demo game (only did first scenario). once solo fully through all 3 scenarios of a campaign once in a 2-player game (we have done 1 scenario). I like Agnes though she is a bit tough to solo with since I only have one base set. I have to be very strategic with my Shriveling spell; though if on 2nd or 3rd campaign I can get lucky and get my spell re-charger before I have to use it much. I kind of wish I'd played with Daisy now though (on most recent 2-player game), just to try something new. I may even ask if I can swap for her. (other player is Skids so those 2 are my only options at the moment) I was not the leader so I do not expect it will be an issue, other than not being very thematic. My next solo game I'm going to play a better physical fighter just to try it out - so either Roland or Skids.
  13. It will no doubt become quite powerful as new expansions add more Tomes for Daisy to use.
  14. It seems like an easy solution. If playing with multiple characters for a single campaign, draw from a single (with base game only that means 10 card deck) - no matter how many players you play with. If you are making decks for another campaign (that you do not plan to start yet), grab weakness cards from those other decks so you use a full set of 10 and then draw cards for new campaign. Of course, you should just make a note of which weakness was used for each campaign. Overall, this hasn't been an issue for me yet since I have had to make note of a lot more than just basic weakness. I have a single base game and I play it solo plus with another player. I do not have enough cards for a 3 player game so I have to make note of my cards anyway; the weakness cards are just another note I make. For my notes, I assume all 20 class cards are used (and I make note of any upgrades and removals of those cards), but I make note of which neutral cards are used (except the ones I tend to use every deck, which are 2 flashlights and 2....whatever gives 3 resources). I don't think the rulebook was talking about how to make a deck that you then let sit around. It's about how you make one just before playing. If you do something that isn't standard (such as either building it well beforehand or having a friend bring their own deck, then you just do whatever you can to make it most like standard - so you draw from 1 pool). If you really are going that much beforehand, I'd just draw your weakness right before you play your first scenario with that deck. If you have to steal it from another deck, make a note.
  15. What did people think? My friend and I have both really enjoyed it so far. My friend has played once (first scenario). I've played the first scenario 3 times and the second and third scenarios once. (those last scenarios were done solo with Agnes; I've partnered with Skids on first scenario those 2 other times) Fun in groups? solo? I have had fun in all cases, solo and in group. I am curious to see how it will go with a partner on the last 2 scenarios. Improvements from LOTR? No comment (Never played LOTR) Too hard? too easy? At this point, it's just about right for me. It was very tough to win with Agnes going solo, but I came very close (one bad chaos token pull away). Instead, I got a neutral condition (neither win nor lose). I definitely look forward to expansions and to getting a second base set so that I can play with 3 players or getting the expansion set.