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  1. And, sorry for going so hard on the investigator choices, I didn't even mention the options! I actually go against the rules for this one. I either construct a deck for them that I feel is pretty good and varied enough to get a taste of most types of cards or I just make them the recommended starter deck since it is the most varied. The 2nd option is actually my preference (starter deck). If you do not have a 2nd core set, you wouldn't have many options until Dunwich anyway. Plus, it lets them experience as many different cards as possible. Then, once the first scenario completes, I let them fully reconstruct their decks for the 2nd scenario since they now have a feel for it. The upgrades are still handled the same way. So basically, for that first scenario, I let them swap level zero for other level zero cards without spending experience (usually costs 1 xp per level zero swap). It lets them make the deck their own. They have no idea what is coming in the next couple of scenarios, so I find it really does not have much of an effect while playing the base game. Plus I only let them do this after playing that 1st scenario. That way, they also get to experience created a deck (instead of just swapping out a single card).
  2. So, in summary - I prefer Roland/Agnes or Roland/Daisy or Roland/Wendy with new players - with Roland/Agnes being my personal favorite for playing with new people. Since I have 2 core sets and quite a bit of experience, I let them choose any (even Daisy or Skids) and will choose Roland if they don't (Agnes or Daisy otherwise).
  3. I would definitely put Roland as one of the 2 as he can both Investigate and Fight quite well. The difficulty there is that I would recommend him as the new player as he is easy to use (already has good stats in Combat and pretty good Investigation - awesome if he also has a flashlight or an ally to boost his stat). Also, since they are good at both, it gives them more options and allows them more options while playing - without needing to rely on their hand. I'd also recommend you playing him as he's capable of running the show on his own so you can do whichever action the other player isn't doing or whose character isn't great with. What I typically do is let them pick a character (if they don't want to read them, I just tell them to pick whichever looks the most fun or has the best story!). If they don't choose Roland, I choose him. If they do, I choose Agnes as I love spells. If you are planning to give them the option to choose, you may be best off taking Skids and Daisy out of the mix unless you have a 2nd core set since Roland and Skids both use Guardian cards and Roland and Daisy use Seeker cards and a single core set is not enough to have such overlap - without expansions. But, if they typically love spellcasters, they'll be fine playing Agnes as you'll be able to pick up the slack. And, it lets them have fun with those spells as they'll have a little more wiggle room. (Daisy is fine here instead of Agnes, but you'll need a second core set if you are playing her with Roland at the same time since they both use Seeker cards). I have nothing against Wendy. I just haven't played with her yet - only one I haven't played with. I dislike that she has such high Willpower without access to Mystic cards though. I understand why she does since her ability is so great, but it definitely makes her tougher to play well.
  4. One way to help a character that may be weak in one of those areas is to add lots of cards that help make up for it, such as cards that can be used to get clues directly (or boost the number you get while investigating). And, assets that increase the investigation skill are great for solo players as clues are usually needed. Sometimes, I even included 2 of such a card in my deck to increase the chances of getting it since it's that important (and if I get a second copy, I can either use it to help a skill check or I can use the current asset to take damage and/or sanity and then put out the new one) And, if you are playing with a character that relies on spells, you need to include cards that help you get through your deck faster. It helps any character, but is critical to spell casters.
  5. I agree. Roland is probably the easiest to Solo with as long as you add cards to help his low sanity. Basically, to solo well, you need someone capable of getting clues and fighting monsters well. I have solo-ed well with Agnes, but she's tough as you need to be sure to have both offensive spell cards and also cards to assist getting clues. If she does though, she really can do well. Having 5 Willpower used for her fight (or also for investigation if you are playing Dunwich), is just great. She's a high risk kind of player. Marie Lambeau (promo investigator) is a bit less risky as she has a stat of 4 in both Willpower and Investigation so she only needs to get spell cards to help her use that Willpower to attack since her investigation is already pretty good. Plus, her ability can let her get through cards faster (as long as used strategically; I try to add a Doom to a card that will eventually get discarded so it won't advance the Agenda prematurely) As a side note, after playing Skids, I noticed that he struggled much more than Roland when fighting, even when using the same weapon as Roland. That single extra point in Combat stat really helps. I found myself having to boost Skids with cards from my hand (skill cards, etc) much more for that reason. (I have not played most Dunwich characters yet so I am mostly just discussing the base game investigators). Any one can be solo-ed with, but without a good and quick way to get those clues and dispose of monsters, it will be a tough game. You may even wish to play on the easy setting if you have a character that is not consistent at both unless you really want the challenge. (After going through the game once or twice, I actually enjoy the challenge of trying to have such characters struggle through on standard mode, but it can be a real struggle at times!)
  6. It reminds me of a spreadsheet I made for an old CCG (only one I'd ever owned or played - not Magic and won't tell you which!) It had many categories of cards (such as we do with allies, items, etc). I made a spreadsheet that let you type in the amount of each type you wanted in a deck, and then it generated a random deck for you. (also had to select which of the energy types - so class in our case). In that game the maximum for each type varied, but in this game you'd still need something to indicate if it is a unique ally as you would not want to force them to have 2 in that case (though I guess you could still as it would double the odds of getting it quicker and give you more health/sanity to use up. Anyway, it's definitely do-able. I may even consider doing it for this game (making a random deck based on certain inputs - or if blank, completely random). But, for now, I'm not bored with it. I did it for that CCG because it was such a small CCG (only 2 sets ever released) that the same cards were picked all the time. This made it much more fun, but could sometimes be brutal to use! It was great to try out new cards though. It really made the game different. And, in this game, I may do the same. If I feel my deck is too awful, I'll just play on easy. (will post if I ever get up the ambition to do so)
  7. I do not mind how this is structured, but do wish they would schedule a reprint for Dunwich. It sold out so quickly, but they don't even have it on the schedule. And, with how they are laid out, I obviously am not going to bother buying any other until it is reprinted.
  8. Thanks for the rundown; I always enjoy reading other's outcomes. I have to admit, I do not play with BGotW much. Might be time to make sure that changes.
  9. If they were $15/mini instead of $4/mini, I would feel the same way. I am glad they aren't more than $4 though so I'm happy for the quality I got for the price. Plus X-wing will sell a lot more than arkham minis would as X-wing is for the game instead of just pretty accessories as with Arkham.
  10. Note that selecting Investigators in that link allows you to see each individual investigator for sale instead of buying all of them at once. Some are available; some are not right now, which is why Fyzzle is asking. Skids, Roland, Daisy, Agnes, and Wendy are all available individually right now (all the base game characters) though so that should help you out. If you are preparing for the Dunwich expansion, Zoey and Rex are also available, but Jim and Jenny are not right now. (As far as I know, the 5th investigator has not yet been revealed) Also, if you pre-ordered the https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/the-investigators-of-arkham-horror/or just are preparing for when she is released in a future expansion, Marie is also in stock.
  11. The investigators on this link: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/arkham-horror-premium-figures/
  12. I've never lost the first scenario yet - I've played with Agnes 2 times (solo) and Roland once. I admit that I've had some fortunate draws with Agnes though, often getting exactly what I need when I need it, but I do make sure to draw a lot of cards to help speed her up to get the cards I need. One of the 2 times, I did not play with her recommended starter deck. I took out some of the cards I didn't like for her (removed knives, and a couple specialty cards that I wasn't using much) and replaced them with more neutral skill cards to help her draw the cards she wanted most even faster. Besides the knives, I did not remove many though. It did make her even more risky though as she has so few +damage assets.
  13. I haven't played them all solo yet, but I know Agnes is. I got a neutral (neither win nor lose) ending, but the chance I'd win (based on possible bag draws) was over 95% (and I got the 5%). So, I had to settle with a neutral ending. Agnes was a bit tough; you really had to plan out when to use Shriveling (if you only had 1 core set). I'd assume it'd feel similar with Daisy (except that Daisy is not quite as good at casting spells so she'd need more of a boost for it too). It does help that she gets clues so quickly that she'd be able to start fighting sooner though.
  14. Especially tough for any investigators that are low on either health or sanity as it makes it that much closer to death to begin with!
  15. FFG Playmats typically sell for $20-30 (depending on size) so the extra $20 for a playmat, 4 art prints, and AH LCG cards is not unreasonable. And, the price on the book is understandable considering it is 264 pages. It's definitely tempting me.