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  1. The box is sturdier/thicker than the one from Arkham Nights. We got a flat sheet that you fold yourself (similar to when you buy the standard generic white card boxes you buy at many places).
  2. I am not upset that there is extra room (side to side) for the cards as it isn't that much room, and I can fill it up with the bags I use for the components. And, then with the components out, it will be easier to grab cards. Currently, I use a standard white cardboard card box, but when it is filled up all the way, it is touch to get them out. There could be better solutions, but for a quick $10 solution, this is pretty good for a thick box and dividers (since the cost of a 60 card expansion is usually $15 and this was $25).
  3. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/3/7/the-deep-gate/
  4. I bought the first at Arkham Nights, and bought the 3rd while visiting family during the Easter weekend. Since I missed the 2nd (Ire of the Void), I decided (with my parents' consent) to pre-order through FFG and have my parents pick them up for me as they come out since they live in the area. Since they sell out so quickly, I wanted to be sure to get the rest. So, for now, I'll just be missing Norman. I'm glad the 3rd was still there since I play Roland quite a bit and it will be nice to use the more forgiving weakness....though as soon as the new set comes out, I plan to try out Leo. Will be fun to see which I prefer playing. (in 2-player games)
  5. Most likely. The Arkham games are still going strong so I would guess they'll be another Arkham Nights this year too. Will be many months until they announce it though - probably in August/September. The event itself is typically in mid-October (my guess would be Oct 12-13 if it follows the pattern of previous years), but this is all pure speculation. Just have to wait for the announcement.
  6. I believe this is the link you were looking for: https://www.boardgamegeek.com/filepage/141939/deckbuilding-options-investigators
  7. Most of the signature weaknesses are worse than the benefit their signature asset gives so I doubt I will ever play with both sets unless I am just doing it for fun. I can't see it helping for the most part unless my character manipulates the deck a lot (to avoid weaknesses).
  8. Well, the way they word it, it seems to indicate you include them as sets (asset and weakness together), but since it's a coop, there is nothing stopping anyone from doing it any way they wish. But, the words as written indicate what you stated (either just use original asset/weakness, just use new asset/weakness, or use all 4).
  9. Yeah, I have a friend in California who would have came if the notice was different so he won't be coming. I am also holding off on judgment about the price because I have never felt like I haven't gotten my money's worth out of going, and the price increase will likely not change that. Last year I was actually quite surprised that the price wasn't higher after I learned we got an expansion (and that ended up having an MSRP of $15 by itself).
  10. I'd say there is a decent of getting to play the Labyrinths of Lunacy since the picture on the advertisement is the same as on it: https://boardgamegeek.com/image/3715409/arkham-horror-card-game-labyrinths-lunacy
  11. It definitely is the shortest notice we have gotten. Luckily I am driving distance (Lol, was using google to get approximate hours, but did walking instead - 110 hours). Driving time is 4 hrs 50 minutes I typically miss most of Friday as I don't take off of work, but often still have time to pick up my bag and look around.
  12. No problem. Am looking forward to the site announcement as well! Booked my ticket yesterday so am good to go.
  13. Yep, it's on their facebook too:
  14. I'm surprised there still isn't an official announcement.
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