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  1. So all cards are FFG American? No Mini-USA?
  2. I did as well. Both the game and mat are listed as "new arrivals". My order has moved from waiting to the virtual order queue. I don't know what that is exactly but I'm hoping it's good.
  3. And we don't know much about it! We're actively going through Descent Road to Legend campaigns and I have a bunch of new converts to Terrinoth. Looking forward reading more about Legacy. Now I might be able to get my old Diskwars stuff, RuneAge, and BattleLore to the table again!
  4. Ordered my copy yesterday. Hopefully my FLGS has it in a few days! Very excited. Now to figure out a mega campaign of Runebound, Descent, BattleLore, Rune Age and my old, original Diskwars stuff!
  5. Looks great but I have sleeved cards. Hope it supports them. Doesn't look like it does though.
  6. Signed Also would not mind an app version. I'd say include them in the Star Wars Dice App but I understand the theming issues.
  7. Fantasy Flight tweeted it. And Team Covenant tweeted about it in the presentation.
  8. All I heard was Dewback Troopers. And a big worm guy. And a Rancor. And Jet Troopers. There was other stuff announced?
  9. I was just looking on coolstuff for Descent lieutenants and noticed that both of the WHQ character packs are in stock for around $4 each.
  10. Andy's pretty cool. But Bob the Ostrich? He's an outright bastard.
  11. Mantic's Dungeon Saga has 3D doors & furniture. They sell the packs separately from the base game. The furniture seems tough to find at the moment though.
  12. Similar boat. Descent's been on my acquisition list for quite some time. Stumbled across a pretty decent deal for somebody's collection. Most of everything through the first two expansions - lieutentants included 5 of the 6 from the core set. Yup, no Splig. My completionist tendencies are killing me!
  13. I'm very excited about this app. I just bought a Descent collection (core, lair of the wyrm, labyrinth of ruin, most of the core lieutenants, first two heroes & monsters, conversion kit, first co-op) and I'm looking forward to getting it to the table. I'm currently working through Dungeon Saga and have a bunch of other dungeon crawlers/adventure games in my stable. This app will move Descent to the front of the list I think. While I enjoy being the Overlord I also like to run co-op, especially with my kids. Thanks for this FFG and I'll echo the vote for an IA version.
  14. I'm in the Ft. Lauderdale area but we drive across the alley to go fishing & visit friends from time to time. Will keep an eye out on this thread.
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