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  1. "It's always quaint when people get their rhetoric all lined up, because they want to tell us all about how the Imperium is evil. We know it is" Agreed, it's really is quite special. Good job I didn't do that, too.
  2. Thanks for the more constructive criticisms. I can certainly take seriously your concern that the rules I've set out would make for an overpowered effect, and I've already taken on board previous posters' comments that Ethereals are more likely to work in the background, and use pheromones rather than psychic ability. Of course, these rules were meant only to be a starting point, and this was clearly stated in the opening post. Given you decided to rewrite it twice, it's a little trying that you missed this. Your original responses looked very much like some misguided reductio ad absurdum that wanted to show the very idea of Tau indoctrination was a nonstarter; not that my rules implementation was problematic. Your notes on kroot and Ethereals' interactions with the rest of the Tau are helpful though. I disagree that mind control is more the provenance of Chaos, by the bye. The effects of the Warp on a sentient's mind is more akin to harmful sensation, of the kind embodied by the Cthulhu Mythos, for example. Besides which, control is born of a desire for order, not chaos.
  3. Because Dark Heresy is all about playing xenos… Neither do Orks or the Imperium actively engage in propagandising external threats, as I'm proposing the Tau do in my campaign. Yes, the Imperium uses propaganda on its own populous but they're no way close to welcoming outsiders into the fold as much the Tau obviously are. Erm, full marks for effort though! I did chuckle at the Orky names for the Chaos gods.
  4. "And dont get me wrong, I dont want your apolofy because its your game and therefore your rules. But you posted them here for discussion and not just our agreement, right?" Of course, I didn't mean to imply you'd asked for it. I just wanted to be clear that what was up for discussion (by my preference at least) was more the mechanics, not how true to the original fluff I was being. As it stands I do find the Tau a source of interesting possibilities but still rather bland as is. Hence the desire to tweak them for my DH campaign. "For my understanding our current term of indoctrination is some slow process" I'd go along with that as far as the reality of the matter, certainly, but I'm not committed to a realistic portrayal of the mechanisms of social and political propaganda, here. I'm instead characterising a particular insidious effect with the term 'indoctrination'. I should perhaps instead have put more emphasis on the Meme aspect, but had hoped to highlight that in the opening quotes. The idea here is that this is a new kind of heretical threat, not at all like the others the Imperium faces. Outside of the immediate threat of the Tau military force, this is not a tangible danger, nor is it a supernatural one, but more of a 'battle for hearts and minds', if you like. "And "believe or suffer" is no indoctrination its emotional blackmail." In the strictest sense of how the psychological process of indoctrination would take effect, possibly. The reason I say otherwise though is because Stockholm Syndrome comes to mind, which is arguably a form of indoctrination (in my admittedly loose sense; again, I don't want get hung up on the actualities of the psychology). Given the Tau appear to hold entire worlds hostage as both their captors and protectors, Stockholm Syndrome on a massive scale seems like a possible repercussion. I didn't know that Ethereals use pheremones by the way. Thanks for the pointer, I'll look into that.
  5. "The Tau does not "indotrinate" you." Not sure if you're picking up on my single typo of 'indoctrinate' there or using quote marks for effect? You've made a few yourself. Regardless, some interesting insights into Tau here, though I'd argue that notions such as 'believe or suffer' are a form of indoctrination. Naturally, these are my proposed house rules and so there's no apology to be made for changing canon lore.
  6. 'Morale' too. **** this forum for its lack of edit function.
  7. For a while now it's bugged me that the Tau, at a glance, appear to be the 'good guys' of the 40K setting. That's clearly not the case, but I wanted to go a step further to formalise their own particular brand of evil. So here's something I cooked up recently for inclusion in my planned DH campaign to make the Tau a little more sinister. Despite the name, this idea had its genesis not in Mass Effect, but in Paranoia by West End Games (now under license by Mongoose Publishing), together with Dawkins' notion of Memes. There's some deliberately simplified concaternation of Utilitarianism with Communism here, which aren't the same thing, but for the sake of adding flavour to the Tau race I think it serves its purpose well enough. The actual mechanics are still rather rough and ready, and advice from more seasoned GMs on refining them would be appreciated. "The Greater Good" "You can kill a man but you can't kill an idea." --Medgar Evers "An open mind is like a fortress with its gates unbarred and unguarded." --Unknown Librarian To the unwary, the Greater Good is a seemingly benign promise of hope, happiness, and purpose in an otherwise bleak reality; particularly for the faceless and unappreciated masses of the Imperium's fringe worlds. To those who know better, it is one of the most insidious forms of heresy yet encountered. For this is an enemy without form or boundary, as mutable as Tzeentch's twisted schemes, as infectious as any plague of Nurgle, as seductive and devious as Slaanesh's interlopers; and can see its converts commit slaughter and self-sacrifice on a scale to rival the crusades of Khorne. The Greater Good is not simply an idea. It is a living, virulent entity, that, once taken root in the minds of its converts, can demand a response normally reserved solely for Tyranid infestation. The meme of the Greater Good spreads through extended contact with the indoctrinated (i.e. those in possession of the trait: Tau Indoctrination). For every day spent socialising in the company of those already propagandised one must test WP, with a cumulative -10 penalty for each day after the first. In addition, Tau Ethereals can actively instill indoctrination via an opposed WP test once a day. This is a psychic ability that demands an opposed WP test, and functions rather like the Navigator ability 'The Lidless Stare' (p180 Rogue Trader core book). The rules for avoiding the Gaze are the same. Would-be victims who possess any of Common Knowledge (Imperium, Imperial Creed, Adeptus Mechanicus, Ecclesiarchy) have +10 to resist for each rank of the skill possessed. Only the highest ranking skill can be used to resist; separate skills cannot be added together for a higher bonus. Successful resistance means the player is immune from further indoctrination tests for the rest of the day. Failure however, grants the victim the trait: Tau Indoctrination. Trait: Tau Indoctrination Whilst this trait is in effect you are at a permanent -10 to WP tests to resist orders and requests from Tau officiates. Orders which demand self sacrifice, or betrayal of close friends and colleagues are made at base WP. You have a -20 WP test to resist direct commands from Ethereals, with -10 WP for orders demanding self-sacrifice or betrayal. Resistance grants immunity from further commands for the duration of the scene, but also results in such feelings of self conflict that all further actions are conducted at +10 difficulty. Fear tests are made at +10 bonus against anything directly threatening the Tau race.When in the company of outsiders (i.e. those without the trait: Tau Indoctrination) a WP test must be passed in order to avoid actively espousing the wonders of Tau society and the benefits of the Greater Good. Such overt acts of heresy carry a heavy penalty in the wrong company! --------------------------------- These rules have been written from an Imperial perspective. Other major races will likely be far more resistant, or even outright immune in the case of Orks and Chaos heretics, for example. The rules can be used in Rogue Trader too. I'd also like to hash out some sort of mechanic for dealing with the spread of Tau Indoctrination to a ship's crew. Something like a daily test against morale, with failure resulting in a steady decline to the point of mutiny unless the necessary steps (likely purgation) are taken. Regarding potential Kroot characters, it could be assumed that they necessarily are not indoctrinated and so do not have the trait. Alternatively, devious GMs might want to insist their Kroot players have this trait, with all the potential headaches that can arise from it!
  8. Got my replacement pack on Monday. Thanks Fantasy Flight!
  9. I sent an email (subject: Forbidden Alchemy Replacement Components) with my name and address to Fantasy Flight's customer service, as directed in the Forbidden Alchemy audit news, but received a rather generic reply: --------------------------------------------------- Sorry about the delay in getting a hold of you. We are receiving a higher volume of emails then normally here at the customer service department which has resulted in a slow down of parts replacement and response to general requests. Thank you for taking the time to contact FFG Customer Service. It has come to our attention that Forbidden Alchemy, our recently released expansion for Mansions of Madness, has a few serious errors with particular components. Please be aware that we are committed to take care of your problem, and any replacement materials required will be sent to you at no charge. Our CEO and founder Christian T. Petersen has issued a statement on our home page, which you can read for full details. After an audit of the product, affected customers will receive the following replacement components: “Bone Saw” Starting Item card “Wrong Turn” Mythos card “Sword Cane” Starting Item card “Studies on Hysteria” Starting Item card “Memory Hole” Side Effect card “Return of the Reanimator: Objective 1B” Objective card “Fire and Vengeance: Return of the Reanimator III” Event card “It’s Him!: Return of the Reanimator IV” Event card “Yellow Matter: Objective 1C” Objective card "Lost in Time and Space: Objective 1C" Objective card Rules of Play/Investigator Guide book (Revised Printing) Keeper Guide book (Revised Printing) Please also visit the FAQ and Errata (pdf 1.5mb) for more information. We apologize for this unacceptable issue and we will work to correct it. Regards, Kalar Komarec Customer Service Associate Fantasy Flight Games Customer Service Team customerservice@fantasyflightgames.com Issue Statement: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=2930 Fix List: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=2944 FAQ and Errata: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/mansions-of-madness/support/MAD_ForbiddenAlchemy_FAQ.pdf --------------------------------------------------- Is this what other people received? It's a little confusing as nowhere in the email is there an indication that my name and address has been noted. I do understand they're still in the midst of printing the new cards, I'd just feel better knowing for certain I'm on the list of receivers. Rather than repeating the text from the news article (which I had already to have read in order to know to email them) a brief 'We've made a note of your details and you can expect to receive your replacement components in X weeks' would have been clearer.
  10. I'd like to see a version of this for Android. As in the boardgame, Android. I love the game but it takes up way too much space to play easily, and setup is a real chore.
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