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  1. It looks like FFG have given up on PDF of rules for expansions. There have been quite a few recently that haven't been uploaded. I am not sure if this has to do with wanting to restrict access, or it's just lazyness. Either way, it's really limiting my purchases because normally my gaming group will use rule books on tablets to prepare for sessions. Not such a huge deal for IA, but if this is the way FFG support for gamers is going, there are a lot of other games companies who could do with my money.
  2. Is there any updates on the Cosmic Eons rules being posted? I am organising a games night, and normally we try to get people to read rules before we gather; however Cosmic Eons is not yet listed under the Rules section of Cosmic Encounter.
  3. There are several things I would like to see for Imperial Assault. Highest on my list is a Co-operative Campaign. Either similar to the Descent system, or managed some other way, where the Imperial Forces are controlled with some random element, and every player controls a Rebel. Then design the entire campaign that way. Lots of other systems like this are doing it successfully, and it's honestly more engaging. Half of the time the feedback from the Imperial Player is they are playing to a formula anyway, so why not mix just add a random element to mix things up and release campaigns with this built in. After this would be a way of playing the standard campaigns are co-operative missions. Release campaign books (Like Heirs of Blood for Descent), which are usable with known sets. Sure the addition of the cards for missions probably makes this a little harder than Descent does it, but releasing a book with a small set of cards just for the missions should be managable. More missions always preferable to just more figures to do the same missions with. What my group is wanting is to play stories in the Star Wars universe. Short campaigns where we are the Rebels fighting back against the "Evil Galactic Empire"™. Alternate Character Side Missions would also be good to add some depth to the characters. I know a lot of people are focusing on new characters for playing the skirmish game, and the skirmish game is fun; but I worry that the skirmish game is going to become the main focus for this game to the point where the campaign game stagnates.
  4. My question is about the meaning of the symbols. I have been teaching this game a lot, and have had a lot of frustration with new players not knowing where to look to find out what a symbol means. Once you have looked in two rule books and not found something, it gets annoying.
  5. Has anyone got a combined Reward & Penalty list for this that includes both expansions. It's annoying having to refer to multiple rulebooks.
  6. It should not be possible to lose Bilbo in the first round, but it's very easy for this to happen. We tried the delay tactic to try to ensure we had the right cards, but after 8 rounds the threat from having to try to guess how much quest we could get away with in order to overcome what came from the encounter deck without progressing stage 1 was the problem. The problem with a lot of the Hobbit Saga is it's all down to the three shuffles. If any of the decks (either player or the encounter) get a bad shuffle, you are doomed before you start. It's a common thread though a lot of game design practice that "if something could happen 1 in 100 that will make the game impossible and therefore not fun, then it will happen to enough people to negatively impact your game". These aren't 1 in 100, they are 2 in 3. This isn't difficulty, it's not trying to play for a good strategy, it's not even pre-planning. It's bad design. Let me put it this way. Make a good couple of decks, then use Flies and Spiders (or We Must Away, Ere Break of Day) and introduce the concept of LCG/CCG to a new player with them. You won't get a convert. The person I have played through all of this game with from the start occasionally brings over his sister so she can watch and get some time out of the house... She has enjoyed watching us play, right up to The Hobbit Saga, where she basically says we should look for a new game. She isn't wrong. Both Descent and LotR LCG are suffering a lot from a rapid release cycle with insufficient playtesting. Both of these games used to get a lot of play time at gaming groups and on game nights, now the only people still playing them out of the dozens that were are Mat and I, and we are so fed up with the crap that The Hobbit designers put in that we are close to giving up. Going to go back to Heirs of Numenor for a few weeks, but it's likely that will be the end of it. Rushed expansions to meet a fan base who wanted the books in the game. Poorly designed. Too many instant lose situations. Stopping players from being interested.
  7. This quest was the last straw for the Saga Expansions for me. They are really poorly designed. Yes, you remove all resources from the first player, not everybody (at least that is how I read it). However, this quest is often over before you can really start. It takes two more Resources Phases before Bilbo can restore another character, but he can be unconscious in the first turn, and is generally unconscious in the second, well before another character is woken up. Which is an instant lose. The Saga Expansions, which I looked forward to a lot, have been the worst part of this game; and I am very close to not buying any more of this game because of how many combinations of instant lose there are in them.
  8. This actually makes me feel better. A lot better. For the last few sessions we were basically finishing Dwarrowdelf, and then decided to move onto the Hobbit stuff. So we had trouble with The Watcher in the Water, then did The Long Dark and Foundation of Stone okay, then hit a wall with Shadow and Flame. Then we moved onto The Hobbit, so it's possible we are feeling it based purely on the pain of Shadow and Flame (which was great, just took time), and then moving onto this stupid sack business. Looking through our play record, we have been doing okay mostly. One or two attempts on most quests until Shadow and Flame, and then nearly a dozen on We Must Away... Time to move onto The Heirs of Gondor I think. Either that, or develop nerfs to the Hobbit Saga to make it more reasonable. On that, our current ideas are. * Start with 1 extra resource on each hero. * Have Bilbo need to exhaust, but not spend a Baggins resource to use the location that allows you to remove a sack. * Allow cards that remove conditions to remove sacks. * If this isn't enough to make it fun, change the text on the Trolls to "The first time the trolls engage a player" with regards to sacks.
  9. I think it's the difficulty. In order to progress you need to spend more time working on the perfect deck than you do actually playing the game; and this is what is causing my weekly group to start looking at other games, even though we are less than half way through the stuff we have bought. Co-op is great for a lot of people, because it builds the element of working as a team; though it doesn't feed the "must be better than others" aspect a lot of gamers seem to have. The story is amazing. However, we constantly are trying to sort out how to "nerf" the quests to make them more enjoyable with what we have. "We Must Away, Ere Break of Day", the FIRST quest in the Hobbit Saga, is just plain rude. There are lots of little tricks you need to get exactly right, and if you get bad draws, either from your deck or from the encounter deck; you pretty much can lose on turn two. Even when it goes well, a single bad draw near the end can end it instantly. This is either phenomenally bad design, or just designed to be way too hard. If they want this game to last, they need to ramp down the difficulty about 50%, and then have ways of increasing it; rather than have the difficulty it is now and then have some pretty lame ways of lowering it. I love this game, I love the flow, I love the theme, I love the complexity and I love how I never know what is coming. I hate having to spend more time refining decks than I do playing the game, and have to almost start from scratch for each and every quest. They got Mirkwood right, and they got Dwarrowdelf mostly right. They completely lost the plot with the Hobbit Saga, and that's just from one quest.
  10. Very similar. I used to play the original Eon set a lot, and many of the Alien powers had "Do not use in a 2 player game" on them. I was hoping the new version would have something similar, but I guess not.
  11. I have just got the core set, and have a question. Do you keep getting cards for the Order of the Silver Twilight in other expansions and Cycle Packs? Basically am I going to continue to get new cards for this faction after I buy this expansion, or am I going to be stuck with just the cards in it's original box? I couldn't find details on any of the FFG pages if the new cards included were for the first 7 factions, or included the 8th. Thanks
  12. It says a few times in the rules that Jack "may" declare his escape. eg. P18 "If Jack is on the numbered circle he chose as his Hideout, he may declare his escape, and the Hunting - and with it, the Night - ends." If Jack gets to his Hideout, and chooses not to declare his escape, does he need to move off his Hideout the next turn, or can he stay there and risk being caught to try to give a false indication of distance? It says in "Escape the Night" that Jack moves from his current location, but it doesn't mention if he can stand still - either in a street or in his Hideout. Is Jack's movement compulsory?
  13. I have made a series of dividers for my personal storage solution, but for the Voice of Isengard expansion I have been unable to find the icons anywhere in order to do this. Does FFG make these available for players to make their own dividers considering they don't have any in the Support section of their site?
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