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  1. I'd like to inquire as to how the pilot card creator is coming along? I've got some ideas I'd like to put down.
  2. I've been digging this one. we've been doing 7 points with no force points, 9 with 1 force point, 12 with 2 force, and 16 points with 3 force points. It's made Strikers tons of fun and the 7b Delta with Anakin, though expensive, much more competitive.
  3. I guess I'll post just that one... evidently I'm limited to how much I can upload.
  4. Fantastic system! I've been playing with it for hours! Here's what I've come up with and some ideas for points: 10 points.
  5. The group im play with are currently playing a campagn of Sea of Blood and ive been thinking about picking up Tomb of ice. We are only 4 "game weeks" in. What actually is put into the campaign from the ToI expansion and would we be able to still add it without causeing to much trouble. I guess what im really asking is, would it be worth buying and adding the elements to the game?
  6. hi guys, new to forum. Our group has been playing decent for about 6months, weve played through 6 of the maps that it comes with, and a few customs made with the scenerio editor. I recently wanted to get one of the two campaign expansions and decided on Sea of Blood...mostly because of the recent huge bump in price on Road to Legend. Im happy with my purchase and we are excited to get into it deeper. we have played only one "game week" and loved the idea of a long running campaign. My concerns is as follows: i have read alot that the rules are a bit broken. we havent encountered a problem yet, but to save us from problems are there any suggestions for house rules to make the often criticized ship rules. any other suggestions would be great.
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