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  1. Krysmopompas

    Impressions of Masks of Nyarlathotep?

    Hey there happy new year. For me, MoN was a big failed opportunity. I wrote a review on boardgamegeek that summarises my personal feelings on it, but bottom line: 1) the “campaign mode” is lazy - check out the pdf of the rules if you want, it barely fills a page. I’ve seen better examples of campaign mode on these and BGG’s boards. 2) the “resources” mechanic, while not completely useless, leads to way easier games and way more bloat. Could have just redefined Focus if you wanted. 3) the new investigators are interesting but about half have abilities relating to resources, meaning if you don’t want to use resources in the game (like we don’t, and read of some others who feel the same way), you have to forget using those investigators or houserule the heck out of them. 4) Both AOs are ok, Nylar less than A., and the one good thug of this expansion is A is great 5) some cards are interesting. This is a small box - at best - packaged and priced as a big box. The few good things (AO, a few cards) are vastly outweighed by the bad or bloated things (everything else). Honestly I’d look at another big box theme that you like if you want a new fix and make up your own campaign mode.
  2. Not to be a pessimist and I’m sure the game will continue being played like AH 2e, but man - this board seemed like a quicker death than that game’s robust message board.
  3. Krysmopompas

    RIP 2nd edition board

    Man it was sure active - I play Eldritch now but it can’t hold a candle to the activity on the AH 2e board. Shame FFG killed it.
  4. Krysmopompas

    Exploration deck in Boundary Beyond - shuffle?

    Ya thanks gang, I knew the explore def was in main campaign book and should have specified - this scenario’s exploration deck felt different enough that I had to ask
  5. Hey I’m assuming you shuffle after every draw from the exploration deck in the Boundary scenario, but it doesn’t specifically say it in the Boundary document. Anyone know?
  6. I dunno, EH seemed to have its act together at first but the crappy nature of the MoN expansion (for the most part) with unnecessary things like Resources contradict effects of other cards and mechanics.
  7. Krysmopompas

    Masks Review - such potential...but...

    I understand your last point here but if you want to play with the Mechanic, the Millonaire, the Painter, and one of the other new Investigators (Forget which at the mo) you need to either use Resources in your game or house rule their abilities somehow. A lot of the Personal Stories require Resources as well as a healthy amount of the Mythos cards and new Encounters. Yuck (again IMO: )!
  8. Krysmopompas

    Masks Review - such potential...but...

    To be fair, there’s a whopping 4 new artifacts in this box, not many more monsters or Assets, *one* new spell, and half the new Investigators have special abilities that require use of Resources, which bite the big one (IMO). So while I get what you’re saying there’s not much of that stuff in the box. the new mystic ruins material is nice and sure the 2 new AOs are ok, but this box is a letdown given what FFG is capable of doing.
  9. Guessing forsaken lore is the highest selling expansion for what replayability it provides. But agree with @tsuma534above that trying out some POD card packs would be interesting. I think we’re beyond AOs, investigators and monsters, but extra Mysteries and Adventures would be welcome. Would probably have to assume the buyers had every expansion which might be complicated tho.
  10. Well, I just picked the box up today and I’m gonna say this is the last one. for sure? No, but the way they’ve packaged it seems like it. 1. On the back about Personal Stories, it says there are stories “for all 55 investigators”. 2. In the printed rule book for Campaign Play, it has a full list of every AO and which Preludes correspond to them. So for me that takes investigators and AOs off FFG’s priority list. They even reprint 4 preludes from other expansions. there are enough new cards in here, when combined with everything else feels like the end. My $0.02.
  11. Hey all, might be my last question here as I sold my set of AH! But a friend has all of it anyway, so I’m sure it will come up again. Here’s the situation: an investigator has a Task which requires them to go to (example) The Witch House. While at the Witch House , they get an encounter card that says “...move to the Plateau of Leng and have an encounter, there, then immediately return here.” The FAQ says that for a Task stage to be advanced, they need to spend “the entirety of the encounter there”, but to me that seems geared to the encounters where you get a taxi somewhere else and stay in that place, or get booted on to the street, etc. This example above seems to be more like an oversight by FFG (keep running into them). So I’d give the player that advancement on the Task from this particular case. Any official ruling on this anywhere?
  12. Krysmopompas

    Getting into Eldritch after Arkham?

    I posted this on the eldritch board (in a Pick one - eldritch or arkham) and I might have been a bit too harsh, but general sentiment is definitely the same and thought I’d post it here *ducks* .... I really do like both and have all expansions (so thank god AH is over save the fan expansions - and some of them are great). But at the end of the day if I had to pick one it's Eldritch. It's faster, and despite what I'm reading here the story and theme is a lot stronger and consistent in Eldritch for me. Sure it's a bit Indiana Jonesy, but the more I get back to Arkham the more I remember some bad experiences of it. Playing with veteran players of AH (in play by forum and IRL) usually sucks, at least in my experience. The first time I played with someone who had Monterey Jack as an investigator and he 1) traded all his equipment to other players for their money in the first few turns, then 2) spent most of the rest of the game at the Curiositie Shoppe "farming" for Elder Signs, it was kind of novel. When it kept happening I saw that people weren't playing the game anymore, they were trying to break the system. There are strategies like that for every investigator on the AH boards, and the frequency of these kinds of moves were waaaaay more common than I ever would have expected. Theme, which should be nice and present, was secondary to maximising the mechanics of each investigator VS. the mechanics of the game. Every now and then I'll play AH solo and like it. But EH has become for me what a game like this should be : good story and immersion, interesting rules built for clarity and fast play, and a lot of fun with friends. It's also a lot of fun solo.
  13. Krysmopompas

    Masks of Nyarlathotep

    Hey it looks to me like investigators trying to stop or track a shipment of stuff - in the Masks of Nyarlathotep campaign from Chaosium/Call of Cthulhu, that kinda happened in a certain encounter involving a drunken Norwegian sailor. Masks has the reputation of being the best module ever written for any game system, and I finally played it with a group a couple of years ago. It definitely lived up to its reputation and I’d highly recommend it. What an epic blast.
  14. Krysmopompas

    The Next Expansion

    Announced: masks of nyarlathotep! They’ve been teasing it all game series, so wonder if this is indeed a form of wrap up? it does feel like it could be a culmination - check out the card that looks like a strange remnants exploration card in the preview. campaign mode - I’m in
  15. Krysmopompas

    Masks of Nyarlathotep

    Yes!! Excited for this one. However it does feel like it could be a culmination - check out the card that looks like a strange remnants exploration card in the preview. campaign mode - I’m in