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  1. Vincent Lee never seems to be far behind Carolyn, so maybe he's the Guardian of the group.
  2. Just went through it as a player, and while the story itself was fine and really fun for good chunks of it, I think this scenario's player cards showed the first sign of bloat in this game. Adding the "Tarot" slot (which may or may not be expanded upon) is ultimately not needed, nor are the extra "Bonded" cards. The dual-class cards and single-class upgrades of same are interesting though, but adding Tarot and Bonded seem to be a harbinger of things to come. Starting to feel a groan coming on.
  3. Guardian: definitely Leo. cheaper Allies always in play and provides a huge advantage with the free action. Can run the BAR, Contraband and Stick to the Plan for gigantic monster killing relatively quickly...add in Double or Nothing and it's even better. Access to the new cheaper Hot Streak and other resource generators is great. Can use Adaptable which for 1xp is a must have in an 8 episode campaign. I can see the appeal of Mark or Zoey, but Leo really is above everyone else IMO. Seeker: Rex is a lot of fun but in multiplayer I'd go with a fast-draw Minh deck. Too much fun helping out and drawing cards all the time. Rogue: I'm not a huge Rogue fan and Jenny is WAY overexposed in Arkham Files for me! If I had to choose I'd pick Finn and his evading. Mystic: haven't tried Diana yet so will go with Jim. Playing in a campaign with him right now and he's pretty effective. Survivor: Calvin. Come on what's not to like about riding the edge... Neutral: no opinion on Lola, seems like a headache to play from my perspective:)
  4. If you have everything that's come out (except for the Return To boxes), then you already have all packs you need for the Return To boxes. The Return To boxes include about 10 or more player cards and new scenario cards for each scenario of a campaign. That's it...so you just insert your old campaign into the dividers included in each Return To box and you can play either 'original' or 'Return To'.
  5. good point on Sanford, and yeah I'm sure they're going to keep using Harvey...just feels more natural for him to be in the first batch of investigators for every expansion; he's a Lovecraft-typical investigator. Instead we get Jenny Barnes almost every new game...
  6. Wow, that's a really interesting tidbit of info. I'm sure if that's the case the LCG will still include him somewhere, but sad to hear it might be because of some legal issues. In the original RPG Harvey was a journalist, or at least that's what I remember. Maybe by the time the Arkham Files games came about they decided he retired as a journalist and turned to the academic life. Could be enough of a switch that it would give them more latitude in using him. I miss the guy. Edit: just looked up to make sure and yep, he was a journalist...some nice poster reprinted his stats from the RPG, I have the 1st edition and I think 5th edition of the game and remember it being in both. Harvey Walters, journalist (pre-Arkham Horror days) Age 38STR 4CON 14SIZ 16INT 17POW 9DEX 12APP 17EDU 16SAN 45Archaeology 50, Debate 50, Fast Talk 40, Law 40, Library Use 50, Oratory 15, Pilot Aircraft 60, Psychology 40, R/W Latin 40MA Journalism, Miskatonic$4,000/year income
  7. oh and I checked out the FFG In Flight Announcement at GenCon - some interesting products coming - but the final investigator is Ashcan Pete. So we have a drifter, a gangster, a dilettante etc. but no ACTUAL PROFESSOR FROM MISKATONIC on the Miskatonic campus. Heck, they gave us Rita Young, she totally makes sense there...but no Harvey?
  8. Hilarious - another Arkham Files game, wonder how much they can recycle for this one! I kid, although I'm at my saturation point for FFG Arkham games. Will happily try it out at a boardgame cafe. One pet peeve: Why is Jenny always one of the first investigators...traditionally it should be Harvey, as he was the 'example character' Chaosium used for creating characters in Call of Cthulhu, going back to the 70s.
  9. Hey there happy new year. For me, MoN was a big failed opportunity. I wrote a review on boardgamegeek that summarises my personal feelings on it, but bottom line: 1) the “campaign mode” is lazy - check out the pdf of the rules if you want, it barely fills a page. I’ve seen better examples of campaign mode on these and BGG’s boards. 2) the “resources” mechanic, while not completely useless, leads to way easier games and way more bloat. Could have just redefined Focus if you wanted. 3) the new investigators are interesting but about half have abilities relating to resources, meaning if you don’t want to use resources in the game (like we don’t, and read of some others who feel the same way), you have to forget using those investigators or houserule the heck out of them. 4) Both AOs are ok, Nylar less than A., and the one good thug of this expansion is A is great 5) some cards are interesting. This is a small box - at best - packaged and priced as a big box. The few good things (AO, a few cards) are vastly outweighed by the bad or bloated things (everything else). Honestly I’d look at another big box theme that you like if you want a new fix and make up your own campaign mode.
  10. Not to be a pessimist and I’m sure the game will continue being played like AH 2e, but man - this board seemed like a quicker death than that game’s robust message board.
  11. Man it was sure active - I play Eldritch now but it can’t hold a candle to the activity on the AH 2e board. Shame FFG killed it.
  12. Ya thanks gang, I knew the explore def was in main campaign book and should have specified - this scenario’s exploration deck felt different enough that I had to ask
  13. Hey I’m assuming you shuffle after every draw from the exploration deck in the Boundary scenario, but it doesn’t specifically say it in the Boundary document. Anyone know?
  14. I dunno, EH seemed to have its act together at first but the crappy nature of the MoN expansion (for the most part) with unnecessary things like Resources contradict effects of other cards and mechanics.
  15. I understand your last point here but if you want to play with the Mechanic, the Millonaire, the Painter, and one of the other new Investigators (Forget which at the mo) you need to either use Resources in your game or house rule their abilities somehow. A lot of the Personal Stories require Resources as well as a healthy amount of the Mythos cards and new Encounters. Yuck (again IMO: )!
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