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  1. Hey thanks for thoughts. RE: Calvin I meant part of his backstory, and his card designation as "The Haunted"; kind of fits the inevitability of annihilation that is present in TCU. I've dabbled with Calvin and he's actually not a bad fighter once he gets going, but Return to Forgotten Age is close so I think I'll save him for that. Interesting on Patrice, I may well give that a shot...although I'm now looking at Joe Diamond again...so many choices and they keep coming!
  2. Well, I'm about to crack open The Circle Undone again IRL, and go for a 2-investigator team with me playing the monster manager who can still get clues, and my mate will be doing the flip of that - since TCU feels better when folks can do a bit of everything along with their main role. I want to be able to play Alter Fate at some point as I remember that card will get a lot of use. And since Survivors are super fun to play but I haven't played one in this campaign yet, I thought I'd throw it open to the boards. The Survivors I haven't played in a while or at all include Calvin and Patrice. Add those to the Mystics that can use Alter Fate, Marie and Mateo. Don't want to play Mateo here, so in all likelihood my choice will be one of the other 3 mentioned. Any thoughts on using Calvin, Patrice or Marie as flex fighter "A"/clue "B" investigators for this campaign? I'm gravitating to Calvin as his Haunted fits the inevitability of doom in this campaign, but forget some of the nuances in this one so if it's fresher in someone else's mind, would love to hear some thoughts.
  3. Yeah I played Tony Morgan in B, who's frickin' hilarious as a Rogue-Survivor. So no Open Gate for him, but thinking back yeah 1B to 3B had possibilities! The "A" series on the other hand...I used it once in the campaign and it saved me one action.
  4. I played Norman through the "A" side of the campaign and boy he was awesome. Only complaint is when I swapped out Delve Too Deep/Ward for some upgraded Mystic slots and excitedly bought 3x Open Gate to replace them, I found that almost every map we did was pretty useless for Open Gate. I'm trying to remember the maps on the "B" side (up until 3-B anyway) and think they're a little better but not by much. Here's a link to the 0-level deck and "next deck" links for the rest of the campaign if anyone's interested. https://arkhamdb.com/deck/view/658539
  5. I played through the whole "A" campaign and most of the "B", so haven't seen the epilogue. But spoilers (how do I shroud these again? don't look anyone not interested) IIRC you avoid one monster in 2-A that would give you XP if you off it. Otherwise there is no benefit to staying on the path up until the epilogue comes out which others may know about. I personally don't mind, nice for the game to futz with you now and then. You can always replay it.
  6. I think Wilson may well end up as a Survivor and Carson as a Guardian. But now that my man Harvey is out shortly, now I just have to wait for one of my other bearded faves, George Barnaby. No idea where he fits in.
  7. Playing Tony now as a Survivor (have done once before as a Guardian) and I like the "edge of your seat" feel that it gives you. With 2 Will and 2 Agility, he fits in the category you're describing nicely. A Rotting Remains is just bad news for dear Tony, so I favour the Survivor subclass for him more than ever. Like @Soakman says, there's tricks for every low will/agility character, it just depends how on edge you want to play. For Survivor Tony, I rolled with two copies of Lucky, Resourceful, Perseverance, Stunning Blow and Scrounge for Supplies in there to use on the Tennessee Sour Mash (also Resourceful-ed, but more to do with that card) and Liquid Courage. Add a soak Ally or two and you had a reasonable chance of passing or surviving badly-timed encounter cards, until you can upgrade to 2x Test of Will and the upgraded Sour Mash (aside, love Brute Force on T-man). Silas is simliar in the Will department - depends on how on edge you want to go!
  8. sounds good, Carcosa and TFA are the best campaigns so far (plus the almost-finished Dream-Eaters, especially if you're playing split campaign with a friend or two on the other side, it's fabulous).
  9. For me it just comes down to story. I really dug TFA's lost civilization motif, and agreed that you're just gonna take Trauma, a nice way of heightening the tension (I mean, it came with Calvin who lives on Trauma, and Leo's Agility is 1 so he disposes of a lot of allies instead...). But TFA felt fresh and immersive. There were a few kinks in there but it's in my top 2 campaigns (although it's #3 now that Dream Eaters is almost done). I really didn't like TCU. Felt boring and a retread where you end up back in a rift to another dimension again (spoilers, not spoilers). I realize they're trying to emulate the 2e board game for a while but there was a chance to do something else here. Some of the mood of inevitability is nicely written, but most of the scenarios are quite boring IMO. As for player cards I get everything so am losing track of which is which:) Although Leo Anderson and the BAR (with Stick to the Plan and Contraband from other sets) are hard to ignore. I do like playing Carolyn Fern a lot and she's a CU card. So if your main priority is player cards I'd check the lists and see what tickles your fancy.
  10. There's not enough improvement/impairment tokens to allow for an 8-player game to improve/impair the same ability (e.g. not enough "+1/+2 or -1/-2" Will tokens for 8 players). That last expansion felt like they included some good stuff (Stories, one of the AOs - not Narly as he needed more options in the Mystery/Cult Adventure department) but a lot of stuff that was phoning it in (everything else).
  11. "Sucked into Rift for last scenario" scores so far (you got me curious) Zealot - not counting, didn't have time to go into a rift. Dunwich - yes. Carcosa - yes Forgotten Age - yes (at least it's a time one) Circle Undone - yes Dream-Eaters - technically "A" is a rift of sorts, and not sure on "B" yet. But calling it a yes, even though it's enjoyable. Total Campaigns ending in Rifts: 5/5 = 100%! Even one of the two scenarios in Guardians of the Abyss ends up in a rift...
  12. Agreed with this take, helping me understand why I don't like TCU much. And to top it off with getting sucked into a rift (again) makes it hard to enjoy the ending.
  13. I mean, there are bigger issues to worry about, and stores may not be open locally anyway. But wondering if FFG's month-push to 'new releases' would also count the last scenario pack of Dream-Eaters.
  14. Well, I don't see it on the first page anymore...so howabout breaking some self-isolation melancholy with a new cycle ranking poll. Anyone know how to do polls here? Thinking just for the stories, not player cards or that kind of stuff. CYCLES 1. Dream-Eaters. New but love the split scenario vibe and great flavour throughout. Very well done. 2. Path to Carcosa. Eerie mood, international intrigue. Allows for some nice use of Fine Clothes many times over. 3. Forgotten Age. Deadly and although a couple of scenarios are frustrating (as seen on these boards) I like the impossibility of this one on certain levels. 4. Dunwich. Solid, the Essex Express is still hilarious and boosted even more with Return To.... Maybe the age of it has softened its strengths but stories usually got better after this one. 5. Circle Undone. In retrospect I really don't like this one. Left a weird taste in my mouth, not sure why yet. Won't be going back to it anytime soon. Not ranked: Zealot, for its introductory nature. ONE-OFFS definitely 1. Excelsior Hotel, 2. Guardians of the Abyss, then everything else lumped in a ball after those. Apologies if this gets brought up too often, trying to pass the time in here...
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