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  1. I think its because they are so toolboxy that you don't see more. They get assigned specific jobs/roles in the squad, while vultures fill the spam for cheaper.
  2. But that's my point. Dice happen. There are a lot of other aspects to the game. Starts with army building. (So army selection), and then moving correct (Dial selection) and then choosing the correct targets at the right time (and much much more). But its this last part I feel I overdo. There are a lot that can be said for correct target selection, but I feel if I leave Math out of it I may be happier with the outcomes. Instead of calculating the odds, then rolling dice that are one random sample in a sea of probabilities, and then complaining because I didn't roll average or above. Maybe its just a personal opinion.... besides, try as I might I struggle to switch off the math calculating.
  3. So relating to the thread.... do you guys think its really better to know the odds when playing. I'm relatively strong math minded. So I can usually quickly determine the odds of something good/bad happening. But it feels lately that this is just putting me in a bad mood when I believe things are going "below average". I mean, the odds of rolling 3 crits are 1/512 yet we all see it happen against us right. Or that 2 red dice coming from you at range 3 obstructed and both landing. Small odds, and yet, it happens. I know it might just be my rotten mindset, but still. Maybe if I didn't overthink the maths behind it all, and just rolled the dice and see where things lead I may be happier with my games. So do you think in this case ignorance could be bliss?
  4. It feels like I should have many things to contribute. But I also tend to remember the times I go 2 rounds of attacks with 3x IG2000s and get 0 (yes not a single one) hits, but then forget the times when things go astronomically good. I can say in my last 3 or so games the situation came up twice where I roll 3 attack dice, roll 3 crits, and opponent then rolls 3 evades. But then if you actually do the maths the chances of rolling 3 evades are waaaay higher than rolling the 3 crits. I do fear the range 3 obstructed shots though. They seem to do more damage than range 1 shots.
  5. My CIS experience is quite limited, but to just give an alternative view I played the following recently: 4xVulture-class Droid Fighter - Trade Federation Drone - 24 Trade Federation Drone - (19) Energy-Shell Charges (5) 2xVulture-class Droid Fighter - Trade Federation Drone - 20 Trade Federation Drone - (19) Grappling Struts (Closed) (1) 2xHyena-class Droid Bomber - Techno Union Bomber - 32 Techno Union Bomber - (25) Proximity Mines (6) Landing Struts (Closed) (1) Total: 200/200 Also 8 ships, but only I1. The ESC for that initial R3 engagement is worth it in my opinion. And I stand by the usefulness of Prox mines. The main problem I find in taking either TA-175 or Kraken is it simply puts a giant bullseye on one ship. Guess you can use that to your advantage and use the Belly as bait to set up with the droids. On the other hand, I did have a turn where most of my ships did a k-turn all in the same turn, which meant almost no calculates. If I had a Kraken I could have at least carried over some from the previous turn. Maybe with more swarm type lists currently there is value in taking I3 instead of I1, but I felt the guarantee move first + action and lots of blocking was to my advantage. Most ships are going to shoot before you anyways, so rather save the points for upgrades. Just a thought. As for Kraken vs TA-175. I feel Kraken is the better option because TA-175 kinda leaves the timing of the calculate distribution in your opponent's hands, but I will need to fly both a bit more before I can really say.
  6. They don't need to do anything to make ppl buy stuff. Heck, they slap a different paint job on an already existing ship and people flock to the shops. Yeah, we are all a bunch of druggies. 😜
  7. I absolutely suck at placing bombs. More often than not hitting myself and missing the opponent. Proximity mines on the other hand are gold. Just last night I did 3 damage to Darth Vader from a lowly CIS Droid TUB dropping a prox mine. Sure it was pure luck to get 3 damage (which also killed Vader). But even getting that 1 damage through his dodgeings, agility and force makes it worth it.
  8. I just have one question. All this hoo-ha about Boba. This is purely a function of what other can't bring to HS anymore right, rather than Boba being broken now all of a sudden? Boba didn't even get a point reduction. Contraband and Slave 1 went down by 1 points each. So that's a total of 2 points. So what is it that made Boba go from a no-show to an all out monster? My point is very little changed in the Scum lists, it's more other lists/pilots that got removed while Boba stayed almost exactly the same that now makes him somehow shine. So is he now good, or has he always been this good and simply been overlooked the last 6 months while everyone was shouting about Nantex and Jedi?
  9. And I hate that so much that I'm willing to derail a thread. Aces High really should award points for first opponent damage done, and final opponent damage done. As written too many dumb loop-holes to deny points both for the 1st point and the final point. Ok, so to get back on topic. I struggle to get bombs to work. But mines I like.
  10. Well, not going to comment on your list directly. But what I will say is I get a lot of "Boba is HS king" vibe at the moment. (which I don't agree/disagree with necessarily) My point is, you should definitely keep in mind how your list beats Boba going into a tournament, because chance seem to be fairly good that you will face him.
  11. Bort


    Ooh. I like math, but I absolute LOVE pointless complex boardgame math. Especially the pointless part. And this definitely falls into that category. And I love it so much I gone and manually double checked your calculations. Which was in itself pointless because you did a superb job.
  12. I actually played Asajj, Latts, Plutt yesterday vs. Boba Koshka. I enjoyed the game. Both Asajj and Jabbernetic Bus are fun ships to fly. But I did end up losing horribly. There were some unfortunate dice results. I had target-lock + focus on Latts almost every turn, and I think I used the focus maybe once. I roll blanks so much. But mostly I got outflown by a very good player. Think I stripped Boba's shields. Koshka had 2 dmg on. And I was left with Latts with like maybe 10 stress, 6 hull, and nothing else. Latts, Jabba, Contraband, Han [75] Asajj, 0-0-0, Shadow Caster, Baffle, Hate [89] Plutt, Proximity Mines [36] Lost Plutt before he could drop the 2nd mine, but only because Plutt ended up between the 2 firesprays and became an easy target. Never used the Baffle (contraband would probably have been better). Never used Latts' ability. The ship with the target lock never ended in R1. Plan to next time switch Latts for Bossk and go for a more aggressive list. Maybe drop 0-0-0 for the points. Probably swapping out Plutt for a more aggressive option as well. Sunny / Seevor. *EDIT. PS. I don't own any Debris fields (hoping that the obstacles box will actually hit South Africa some day), and I do think this list will do better with Debris than asteroids. Mostly because it gives the Bus a better play field.
  13. My X-wing world is so much different from you guys. And I'm glad I'm in mine. I don't really play tournaments, so I guess that says it all. But we almost always play till total annihilation, only calling time when the shop wants to close up or we want to fit in another game before people leave. That being said, I can't even imagine a game going on for 75 minutes without any ships engaging. In most of my games people approach quite hard and fast the first 2 turns.
  14. My last game with Asajj had the following: Asajj, 0-0-0, Hate, Title, Rigged Cargo [91] 4-LOM, Advanced Sensors, Title, Autoblasters [63] (After game think Elusive > Autoblasters) Zuvio, Prox mines, Pattern Anaalyzer [44] [198 total] Hate worked good, but mostly because I was facing equal and lower initiative pilots. 0-0-0 + Asajj + 4-LOM handed out quite a bit of stress. Making the tractor from Title and tug much better. The choice to take the 90 degree turn became a real hard one. But I will definitely try out your variant too. Jabbanetic busses is becoming a favourite for me to fly.
  15. I would argue that the original idea works. On turn 1 the docked ships' "undocking" goes into the queue along with all other initiative 1 system phase things. But then, after undocking we are (a) still "During the System Phase" and (b) still at initiative step 1. So I see no reason that the "lose 1 energy" shouldn't now go onto the queue and be resolved. My interpretation of this is in rules ref p3 "Ability queue" Point 3. "If resolving an effect from the ability queue triggers additional effects, they are added to the front of the ability queue using the above rules." Does deploying constitute an "effect" that triggers additional "effects". I would argue definitely. You deploy, you make a maneuver. You can even perform an action (with all effects as normal). So after deploying the ship, both the "during system" and "not docked" are still valid, and ship loses its charge. Actually, I don't think you even have a choice about this. It HAS to lose a charge, because you can't put the charge loss ability on the queue while docked, and hence can't let it trigger and fail before undocking.
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