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  1. Well, if the Nantex / Fang fighter is anything to go by it's no guarantee. Both these comes packaged with Modification upgrades they can't use.
  2. Well, they made double certain to clamp down on Tractor-jitsu. Both the rules quoted above and the "The first time a ship becomes tractored each round" change to tractors pretty much kills the fun.
  3. I know why they did it though. It's in anticipation of weird shenanigans with Huge ships coming with epic. But still, with this update it puts Vizago in the same bin as R5-TK. Even at 0 points its really useless. Just to point out HOW useless it is. In a recent HOTAC campaign a friend and I played we have fully upgraded ships except the Illicit slot. Every week we look at it and go... what can be put here? Oh wait, each and every Illicit is junk. (For the people who doesn't know HOTAC is a fun multi-player vs AI campaign thing where you gain XP and upgrade your ships as you go) All changes to reign in the Nantex tractor-jitsu (Which is sad because I thought it looked like a fun and workable mechanic), and Scum tractors just got nerfed as a result.
  4. Wel, I tried 4x Z95 with Snap shot, DMS and Ion Missiles + Plut with DMS and Pattern Analyser. Opponent puts down Whisper + Rear Admiral Chiraneau. Both loaded to the teeth. RAC pretty much ignores the tractor beam. And Whisper was impossible to catch. Also Snap shots are supposed to hit a guy without tokens... Whisper with Fifth Brother has both an evade and a force available by the time he/she/it is defending the snap shot. Also, I sucked at staying out of my own DMS range. So, needless to say I got blown up really fast. I conceded when I had 2 Z95s left with no shields vs untouched Whisper and Rac with no Shields and maybe 3 or so dmg on.
  5. Very nice break-up. Unfortunately doesn't bring us any closer to a conclusion, but does bring me closer to seeing both points of view. Thanks.
  6. May be obvious and a dumb question, but just double checking. If the closest point of a ship is in Range 1, but some of the ship is also at range 2. Can a range 2-3 (Like Ion Missile) shoot at it? I always just assumed it will be able to, but now I'm confused by the way range measurement is specified. I mean clearly the opposing ship is in R1. But for the sake of the shot this doesn't matter right? I just check if the ship is in my legal arc and range? So in arc, within range span of 2-3.
  7. Oh ofc. Misremembering the previous thread. Ignore me.
  8. In your example it can go even further, simply because you mentioned you have 3. Nantex 1 passes its tractor to Nan 2, who then passes it to Nan 3, who then passes it to Soontir. Tractor-Jitsu galore. Just keep in mind (as we discussed in other threads, can't find the exact one now) that you HAVE to rotate your arc when passing along the tractor token. Edit* NVM. Confusing my abilities here.
  9. Bort

    Should i come back?

    There is one slight issue you may find. If you had most V1.0 ships, you are facing buying the starter and 5 different conversion kits to get all your ships going for V2.0. Rebels + Resistance for your V1.0 Rebel ships. Empire + First Order for your V1.0 Empire ships. Scum is still Scum. All in all I didn't find the switchover from 1.0 to 2.0 very hard. Some things are the same. Some are a lot different. Some are only slightly different. But I'm a casual player, not serious tournaments. Changes I didn't see other people mention: * Fleets are now 200 points not 100, so keep this in mind when using army builder apps. Ships are roughly double the points, so still more or less the same number of ships. 3-4 seems to be the norm. * "Pilot Skill" changed to "Initiative" (although almost everyone where I play still uses PS), and have gone from range 0-10 to range 0-6 (7). * There are now Medium size ships, and some ships now use a different size base than in V1.0.
  10. Another variation on the scenario. You target one of your own ships with Gorgol (for the sake of this thread let's say it already has a Ship crit) that is next to a debris field. For some reason (say to get out of a dangerous R1 enemy arc) you choose to roll your own ship onto the Debris field. Do you roll for the Debris damage first? So if you have bad luck AND you roll the crit AND you get a ship damage card. Can you then repair this new crit as part of the whole Gorgol effect? Or am I missing something in the timing here. Basically does all the: gaining the tractor, moving for being tractored, rolling for landing on a Debris field, interrupt the effect of Gorgol. My gut says it has to remove the original crit, and keep the new one. But my brain hurts.
  11. Which is exactly how I answered Sunny. While (A or B) do... hence, single effect. *Edit. I agree on your answer to Boba btw. If the wording is changed around: "While you defend or perform an attack, for each enemy ship at range 0-1 you may reroll 1 of your dice." I would have interpreted it as multiple effects. Just word order change and a new meaning. Technical writing is a pain.
  12. My statement was for the given example, which allows 1 dice to be re-rolled. And since no dice can be re-rolled multiple times it's the given example in the RR (unlike Sunny) is clearly boils down to once per attack. But you are correct. Multiple re-roll effects can happen. As a total aside, but something I came up against trying to figure out Sunny. Is Boba Fett's re-roll a single action, taking multiple dice. Or is it multiple effects, one for each enemy ship in 0-1? Say for example I shoot and I roll Hit, Focus, Blank. And I have a Focus token, and 2 enemy ships in R0-1. Can I then pick up the blank first. And re-roll it. Then depending on the result choose to keep or continue re-rolling other dice. If it's an EYE, I spend my focus. Or if it's a HIT I can then choose to either spend the Focus token, or gamble and re-roll the eye result. I have always just counted the number of ships in R0-1. Pickup up dice up to that number. And re-rolled them. Basically one Opportunity to re-roll some dice. But I think Boba has seen some more high level tournaments than Sunny, so maybe there is some clarity in this case. Maybe sometimes we overthink things. As for the original issue. As a Scum player I would be happy to be convinced that Sunny can happen more than once. But as things stands right now I'm not. But clearly there are people that agree and others that disagree. Go FFG writers.
  13. I see your interpretation: while (a or b) VS while a or while b. But I still feel the "OR" part doesn't give you 2 opportunities. It just allows you to trigger the ability either after the initial roll OR after a re-roll, but not both. The ability opportunity window is still the "while you attack" or the "while you defend" part. According to how you read it, should you run Sunny alongside Serrisu she could trigger twice on defense as well. Roll 3 evades, add a forth (sunny), then reroll one with serissu rolling evade again, and adding a 5th evade (sunny again). I simply don't see it that way. *Edit. If it said: "While you defend or perform an attack, after you roll AND after you reroll your dice, if you have the the same result on each of your dice, you may add 1 matching result." then I would have agreed that it gives 2 separate opportunities. But the use of OR to me makes it a choice which to use during your one opportunity "while attacking". Not both.
  14. Respectfully, I disagree. Sunny triggers "While you attack", which is the exact wording on the example given in the rules ref, which then goes on to specifically state that it comes down to once per attack. I know its different from the specific example, which uses both "While you attack" and "reroll". And "reroll" can only happen once per attack. Sunny says: "While you attack" and "after you roll or reroll" which can happen more than once. But I still think that the "While you attack" is the opportunity timing window. And thus the ability only happens once during this opportunity.
  15. I would say you can't. Also going on the "you need at least 1 to remove 1" train. Closest similar wording I could find is: Clearly Spare parts can be used whether you have locks or not, because it says to break "all" locks. Which would mean 0 to many. But I may easily be persuaded that Gorgol works. Really not certain on this one.
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