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  1. Yep, that's what I meant, sorry if that came across wrong ^^ The difference isn't very significant, that's also true, but the fact remains that the combo (and I'm purely talking about the combo here) is somewhat easier to pull off than Sea->double scorch (disregarding the 2 additional credits, but I don't think those should be extremely hard to get ^^). I fully agree with you that AD is pointless outside of the combo, and JH could be trashed before you get to use him, but you could also put him in a well-defended remote until you need him, using his other ability to get your combo together a bit quicker. I'd say we should agree that both versions of this combo are pretty much equally viable, as well as equally frustrating for the runner @ Dexter: Making mistakes is pretty normal in the beginning. While the rules of Netrunner aren't overly complex, they do have a lot of nuances to them and there's a lot of room for small oversights like the one you mentioned. I found it helps reading through strategy articles and other people's decklists, both to come up with new ideas and to find mistakes one kept making. For example, a friend of mine thought the corp could purge only one virus counter at a time for three clicks, leading to quite a bit of frustration on his side when playing against my anarch deck (he didn't say anything, though, the issue only came up when I asked him why he hadn't purged once against all of my parasites and datasuckers ^^)
  2. Not that difficult if you keep in mind you only really need to have three specific cards in hand...so it's actually easier to pull off than SEA Source into double scorch, since the chance to have 3 separate cards in hand is higher than having two copies of the same card along with a third card. Anyways, back to topic: As has been mentioned, you typically don't want to go below 4 cards in hand against a weyland deck (or a NBN deck that hasn't shown you where it's influence was spent). Also, pretty much never make a run on anything but Archives if the corp has 4 credits and you have less than 3 cards in hand due to Snare! Concerning Plascrete Carapace: One possible replacement for Plascrete Carapace might be Crash Space, if you want to avoid bying What Lies Ahead (which I wouldn't, since simply the additional agendas are worth it). Crash Space only protects you from 3 Meat damage, but that should be sufficient, and in the meantime you can even use it to get rid of tags cheaper. Only downside is it's 2 influence, so it might be kinda hard to fit into a non-criminal deck (oh, and there's only 2 of 'em in the core set)
  3. Or maybe simply allow you to take tests on untrained lore skills at all, since this isn't actually possible normally (tests on specialist skills can't be taken unless trained)
  4. It was sorta intentional, but we still laughed our asses off ^^
  5. Awesome ^^ How are your feelings about Xenos in your campaigns? ^^ On a sidenote, in a game of Relic we had some funny mispronounciations as well...the rouge trader was battling against one of the deadly jeansdealers xD
  6. Yeah, we stuck to simply calling it "Dark Heresy" because the german name sounds so stupid xD Our character sheets look pretty wild als well, since we're currently betatesting (so only english sheets exist) there's a wild mix of english and german words on them ^^ If anybody wants to start up a RT game, I'd be all for it. Always wanted to play an Ork - or a Kroot - or maybe a Dark Eldar after all? I'm just a huge Xenos lover
  7. I can also recommend the videos of Totalbiscuits DH round, they're pretty fun to watch and also fairly indicative of how the system works. The changes between DH1 and the second version of the beta aren't as big as to not be comparable, so I'd say give that a shot. Other that that, I'd probably better stick to the Ravenor/Eisenhorn 'version' of the inquisiton, as the Inquisition War series is both quite old (there were quite some changes in the fluff) and also feature more of a high-power portrayal of the inquisition. There're also the Dark Heresy books by Sandy Mitchell ("Scourge the Heretic" and "Innocence Proves Nothing", which are quite good and portray pretty much exactly the kind of characters you might find in a game of DH - if you like his general style; he tends to write somewhat more humorous and ironically than Dan Abnett or Graham McNeill. Unfortunately, he hasn't finished the trilogy so far, so some of the story threads don't resolve, but it should still be a good read and might give you some ideas.
  8. Or to simply soak his autogun bullets and vaporize him on the spot once your meltagun finally doesn't get dodged But I get your point. While it might (somewhat) even out, the problem remains that a weak automatic weapon is at least as good as a hard to get, very high powered single shot weapon.
  9. Agreed, Telepathic Link is way too versatile, especially considering Mind Probe was really expensive and had a lot of prerequisites. Influence is okay imo, because to really be equivalent to a social character, a psyker with influence needs all of the social talents as well (at which point he might as well have rolled a character with high fellowship and be done with it). Influence is good for convincing a single guard to let your friends into the gouvernor's palace to attend the dinner party, but you can't use it to sway the angry mob like a dedicated social character can. Also, while they may not exactly be underpowered, I really don't like pretty much the entire Pyromancy discipline. Cauterise seems a little unspectacular for being tier 3 and costing 300xp, and spontaneous combustion, flame breath and sunburst are basically 3 iterations of the same power, which just seems bland and uninspired (especially considering their descriptions are still beta 1, i.e. a spray and a nova power)
  10. No idea, but I presume they're pretty busy with cranking out DH2, what with having to scrap the entire design and starting anew due to player feedback...
  11. Exactly, although you're technically not supposed to know whether or not your opponent rolled well or not (and your character definitely isn't) ^^
  12. I have to say, it's rare that I can understand both sides of an argument, but in this case, I really do...opposed dodge feels more satisfying to the players, because now NPCs can't dodge their 6 DoS shot, but on the other hand, the system also gets a lot deadlier. I think maybe a capped dodge penalty would be a way to solve this without making dodge horrifiyingly bad, something along the lines of "-10 to dodge per 2 DoS, maximum -20", similar to the extra damage accurate weapons receive (might need to be balanced when actually used with accurate weapons, as they might get too good otherwise. Maybe only allow one use for DoS, so either extra damage or lower chance of dodging). Also, as has been said by a couple of people before, give called shot an option to penalize dodge (maybe -20) instead of hitting a specific area (focus on tracking instead of careful aim). That way, DoS on single shots would actually matter, but dodging would still be possible and dive for cover would be a valid option when faced with skilled shooters. Inescapable attack should be deleted (or at least toned down, maybe giving double the normal penalty) when using this system, however, as it would be too strong.
  13. Well, it's definitely a step in the right direction, as before it was "I'm fine, I'm tired, tired, tired, still tired, unconscious", which was even worse... I think some sort of gradual approach would definitely be better, something along the lines of "(fatigue-characteristic bonus)x10=malus on test" I definitely like that you brought back the Max AB for armours, otherwise there would've really no point in getting anything else than feudal plate...
  14. So, I've begun experimenting with deck ideas in my head to come up with viable setups. One result of that is a Noise deck - probably a fairly basic one. Identity: Anarchs: Noise Cards: 47 / 45 Influence: 15 / 15 Event (8) 3x Dirty Laundry 2x Stimhack 3x Surge Hardware (8) 3x Cyberfeeder 2x Grimoire 3x Plascrete Carapace Program (26) 3x Corroder 3x Datasucker 2x Djinn 3x Femme Fatale ●●● 3x Imp 3x Medium 3x Mimic 3x Parasite 3x Yog.0 Resource (5) 2x Ice Carver 3x Personal Workshop ●●●●●●●●●●●● The idea is to put a lot of pressure on R&D with medium, trashing accessed stuff with Imps. Anything the combination of datasuckers, parasites and ICE carver can't deal with I've got Femme for, and personal workshop is in there for all the nasty tricks that are possible with it in a Noise deck. Off the top of my head, the biggest problem I see with the deck is cred generation (which is why I included the cyberfeeders), any ideas on how to fix that (or any other glaring weaknesses you see)?
  15. Well, I could still use a combination of Datasuckers, ICE Carver(s) and Personal Touch to kinda achieve the same effect, but somehow I doubt that'd be efficient, Influence limitations aside...
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