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  1. Four people (I think), including me, rose to the occasion (Arkham Horror, anyone?) and registered a Kotei for their city. As far as I know, that should be Nuremberg, D√ľsseldorf, Kaiserslautern and Berlin. However, with literally no response from FFG regarding European Koteis and further proceedings, we're left in the dark and cannot announce anything. But as soon as we get any information, you can be sure that we'll be posting it on Facebook, here, the German forum, twitter, discord, etc.¬†

  2. 15 hours ago, spindisc said:

    Great news!
    Have you done it? What did you have to explain to them? Was it a normal Damaged/Missing Components Service Request ?

    No, I just learned that from an official staff member. Asmodee Germany has some kind of "game piece replacement service", where you can ask for a free replacement.¬†I haven't received my copy yet, and I ordered an English version. ūüėČ

  3. We wanted to go the official road, that's why we asked them in the first place if we are allowed to do it. We both did (and still do) not want to be hit with charges of copyright infringement. We would never have charged for our work and of course always given proper credit. But Asmodee Licensing said "no sirs, we cannot give permission". :(  That was a year ago, we could try again. :) 

  4. Well, yes, we did upgrade the book quite a lot (up to the beginning of the last cycle). However, FFG prohibited us to use any of the official material (images, stories, quotes) and turn that into an ebook. That is why we eventually stopped working on it and never published it.

    In addition, FFG started to publish their stories as an ebook themselves, so I do not really see any point in our work if they continue to do so with both their online and printed stories.  

  5. I bought one core set on the weekend to try it with my wife. I myself am a semi-competitive L5R LCG player and have been playing card games since 1997, whilst my wife has only a little experience with the L5R LCG, which she enjoyed until we were wiped three times in a row ?

    So back to topic: The game does seem very confusing at the beginning. There are quite a few tokens, steps, phases, all that might seem overwhelming in the beginning. However, if you like card games and cooperative games, this one will be very rewarding to my mind. The atmosphere of the story/cards is immense and something completely different compared to most of the other games. Of course, we got wiped in our first adventure. But even failure does not end an campaign... :) 

    I am hooked and I want to get deeper into the game, but I need my wife to come along. I bought to have a (board) game to play with her, after all. 

    Just buy the core set, and play a few matches. 

  6. They managed to turn Yoritomo's Alliance into the Mantis clan as on of the Great Clans in the CCG, I am pretty sure that FFG can (and will) accomplish something similar. But it takes time. You cannot expect the story to make leaps so that we will be on the same level after 2 years that we had been at the end of the CCG (and please, almighty Kami, let pirates riding on dinosaurs never happen again!).

  7. On 6/18/2018 at 2:55 AM, phillos said:

    I'm just an RPGer and not published writer but IMO the most interesting thing you could do with Crab right now is kill Kisada.  He's shown to be an experienced and competent leader in their intro fiction with everyone in the clan totally supporting him.  If he goes down you introduce a power vacuum.  Then you set the stage for all sorts of bad stuff at the wall including an certain family daimyo perhaps gaining more influence than he might have otherwise, and Yakamo feels more likely to make really bad decisions than Kisada.  Flip the script on that one.  Make whatever shady thing Yakamo and Yori end up doing a very unpopular and divisive event for the clan, which drastically and violently splits the clan.  Do those things I think it all makes much more sense.

    I would not want my precious clan to go down that dark route and kill away my beloved leader... 

  8. 11 hours ago, LordBlunt said:

    Funny you say this - my group quit playing the game (and buying any further product for L5R) due to the Scorpion deck, and so did the only LGS that used (and I do mean used) to sell L5R LCG. What a coincidence. 

    Please do not take any offence of my following words:

    I think this is a lame excuse. Quit the game because there exist Decks that might be more powerful than yours? Scorpion are strong, yes, but they are not unbeatable. If you and your friends don’t like this particular deck, build others with different strategies or even different clans altogether. Try to beat a scorpion in local tournaments or a Kotei. It is very rewarding.

    Why the store did that, I cannot even imagine. Unless you have been the only customers for the game. Which would be sad. 

  9. I think they will all be unaligned, like the first char that we've seen. So will Yoritomo, as they wrote in this article that he would not be limited by any element to join a clan. 

    I am very happy to see him this early. It will take a while until they will be a fully featured clan, though. At least that is what I think. Unless they release a new unaligned stronghold (the one in the first pack) for Yoritomo's Alliance.. 

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