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  1. Well I love the model, I have asked everyone I know how much they will play epic, most say they won't 1 friend said he would play a few times, that is not enough reason to buy the model. I don't have the space to display it. I do want the advanced upgrades but I just don't think a few cards is worth all that money just so a store permits me to use a build.
  2. Has the Palpatine card been spoiled somewhere or is this list just for Fluff? Was is the rumored Palpatine card text?
  3. I can see this working, too bad I don't own a shuttle.
  4. Yeah! this is why I am asking, I have only been building with interceptors for a short time now and I just can't seem to understand how he fits in a squad.
  5. I never tried him, but a lot has changed since he was new. Any got a good build that makes him worth using? Not talking tourney winner here.
  6. X wing dial sucks, even the firespray has more on its dial. I think whit their crappy dial the best thing you can do with them is make them a 3D target for bombing scenarios
  7. C3PO is considered an auto include by most, I don't own it and every time I ask for help with a build for the 1300 all advice includes 3PO, even FFG said they did not consider used on the falcon or something close, they may have even called it broken.
  8. Yeah seems like you will have to mobile Advances that can't use their mobility without loosing Jendon's ability.
  9. Do you have any suggestions I was thinking without owning 3PO: Han-Title-Gunner-Engine 2X blue B-wings Or Chewbacca Lando Calrissian Engine Upgrade Millennium Falcon Kyle Katarn Blaster Turret Recon Specialist Engine Moldy Crow A wing Prototype Chardaan Refit I have never flown it before so I just don't know what is best for a first time
  10. So what hapen to the tie only upgrade that changes red maneuvers to white? Was that just BS
  11. They are really trying to lure me into buying a huge ship I will not use do to never having enough time for a 3 hr game. I like the look of the raider I just know none of the players will want to play the long game needed to be worth buying it. ****! I would like to own it but it just will not see more than 2 plays before people say"I just want to play 100 points this time" and that will end its use.
  12. I would like to read about the Imperial fighter pilots, any books you could suggest?
  13. Same way the tie fighter hovers in the episode VII preview, Star Wars is more fantasy than science, same as the light saber
  14. bmwrider

    mini battles

    Sounds like big fun. Thanks for sharing the idea. I the rule book even mentions using different amounts of build points
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