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  1. I don't really see how the Starks are so unbelievably unbalanced. They have 2 bottleneck sea areas yes, but that also means 2 areas to defend. In almost every game we've played Baratheon moves a ship north and wins almost every time. That means they have easy access to the North, exact same happens if Greyjoy attack north by sea and again they will come out on top more often than not. If that happens then Winterfell is easily attacked. They can muster into both seas but it can be hard if they get pushed back. The Starks need to go BACK in order to gain any power areas and that means moving troops. Anyone else can advance towards areas that their opponents might go to in order to gain power, thus setting up a defensive perimeter. Starks take a step back in order to do this. If they do this they also can't muster ships early to get a naval advantage. Supply is also an issue so they also need to aquire those areas to increase their very small armies. So basically Stark can fall behind in supply and power very early on and it's not always easy to recover. I think there's balance here, not necessarily perfect but there is a balance. Starks have only ever won one game that me and my friends have played. Other victors have been Lannister, Baratheon and I think Tyrell.
  2. This one seems to pop up quite a lot and is very simple. Gaining supply in an area does not immediately increase your position on the supply track. Only a resupply card can do that. Best way to think of it is that an area has supplies in it, but it's not been distributed yet to the armies. A resupply card does that. The people inhabiting the area or castle gather up the food and other supplies and make it ready for use. The same way a castle contains troops but until the muster card comes up you can't call in the banners so to speak.
  3. Interesting variant. I might get my board out and have a better look. The thing the Roose Bolton is interesting but I think for him and then Ned Stark to be used every turn; the Stark player would still either be losing a combat and therefore losing ground, or using up one of their own march order tokens and therefore not making much ground themselves through a wasted/sacrificed movement. I'm not sure but I think it balances out itself. Then again I wouldn't be averse to playing that Stark gets his discard pile back but NOT Roose Bolton himself.
  4. If a player leaves the land area connected to a port but still has a ship in the port do they maintain control of that area? This popped up in a recent game where I attacked the last castle needed for my victory, won the combat but the other player played his Arianne Martell card which meant I couldn't move my troops in. The other player was forced to retreat but still had a ship in the port. What happens to it?
  5. I can see that working much the same way as Junta (old edition).
  6. It's our understanding that cards are all drawn, wildling marker moved (reflective of symbols on all cards), then each card is resolved 1 by 1. Unless a card is drawn saying "immediately re-shuffle and draw again" in which case we would do that before advancing the wildling marker. Pretty sure this is whats stated in the rules but shall check.
  7. I think at the moment 6 players is enough, I don't really think adding more would be beneficial to the game in terms of game length. When we first played this there was mixed opinions about the amount of game rules and how long it takes to play. The most player who was most negative about the game (whilst still praising it in some ways) was the one who has by far played the most board games and RPG's. I had thought before about the addition of House Arryn. They are in a strategic place of the board and in the books are a big house who's involvement in the war would be of great impact. So why aren't they in it? I think the answer is balance. With such close proximity to Martell I think Baratheon have had their technical home of Storms End moved to Dragonstone, thus becoming what I consider the Eastern power. If Arryn were added then it would potentially create an imbalance with Baratheon and Stark so close by. Now fair enough you could argue that the western regions of the board is crowded already with Greyjoy, Lannister and Tyrell. But I think the game caters for that and the East is set up geographically and strategically to not allow that same set up. In other words it would need a whole new game board to cater for Arryn, changing supply, power and castle locations. I think this would be the same for adding any additional houses like you mentioned, mainly Targaryen. Of course you can always swap another house out like Tyrell but then there's a gaping hole where they used to be. I think with a lot of re-juggling it could perhaps be done but would ultimately require a new game board or maybe just certain area tiles put over the top to adjust it slightly. I think it's also worth noting "what would it bring to the game?" In an RPG, novel or computer game this would bring a new perspective to the series, we'd get more of an insight into these events and it would be fun to experience. In a board game however we aren't going to get this. All we could really expect is new house cards with different rules. I don't think it's really enough to add a new experience to the game. But then again that's not something that would stop people buying it anyway and I'd probably still buy it myself! It is an interesting idea, I'm just personally not too sure if there's enough there to do it. What about a completely new version with the lands across the narrow sea? There's a lot of scope there the Free Cities, Slavers Bay, the Dothraki, Asshai, Qarth and the Summer Isles amongst others. Admittedly I don't find it as fascinating as the Westerosi stuff because I just love that era/way of life and I think GRR Martin is a better historian of that.
  8. An issue that cropped up in our game was the use of the special token for consolidate power. The issue was whether it could be used for mustering on any area in control of that player, not just strongholds and castles. My understanding was that it enables the player to use mustering there, but that the mustering rules would still apply, thus still requiring it to be used on castles. My friend disagreed because it only simply states something along the lines of "allows mustering". I can kinda see both arguments but personally I'm going for still needing castles because players higher on the Kings Court could use it to muster lots of troops anywhere they controlled, thus gaining a ridiculously unfair advantage. I thought I'd get this clarified though as the rules don't make it and in the interest of fairness
  9. I read most of the this but skipped the last page or so so apologies for any ground being run over again! I think it's worth pointing out that Seagard and the North is a much more inviting target for the Greyjoys and this scenario has little chance of coming up. If it does (and apologies again if this has already been discussed, dismissed or debunked) then surely there are strategies that can be played that aren't pre-determined or set in stone. In a game I played I managed to take out 3 Tyrell territories with much weaker Baratheon forces due clever use of house cards, supporting tiles and raids. Also worth noting was what cards my opponent had left. I understand that this scenario goes by earlier turns and influence positions but what makes this game great is that everything can be turned around and you can very quickly find yourself in a reverse situation than before. First time we tried this game out we got a Clash of Kings card on the 2nd turn! There are so many ways that can force Greyjoy to make or not make certain moves, ranging from Stark getting involved, Wildling attacks reducing power tokens etc etc. When we played the Lannisters and Greyjoys both had the biggest forces on the board but neither won. I myself managed to win with Baratheon all down to swift attacks using ships on the last turn. Because I was pinned back with only 1 on supply track for many turns people just kind of largely left me to myself, I was not a threat. Tables turned though with some luck with resupply and mustering. I know its a different scenario but there are always moves to make and to force your opponent into. Its a great strategy game that can be unpredictable at times. Not all these moves are set in stone and will work the same each game.
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