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  1. Hi, I have just bought the game and I got stucked in few parts. Can somebody please answer me a few questions regarding the rules. 1. 'The rules of play' says that if you want to play with the card affiliated with a diferent House (than the House you are playing), it will cost you 2 additional gold to play (gold penalty). My question is how can you obtain these cards in the first place. I understand that you play with the cards of your own House and then when you won during the Chalenges the opponents cards go to Dead Pile or Discard Pile.Or maybe you are taking them??? 2. What do you do with the Dead Pile and Discard Pile.Do you include them into the game after each Taxation round or you are not supposed to touch them till the end of the whole game. I know that these questions might be silly, but it's not clear for me when Iam reading the rules or watching tutorial. Please help me:)!!!! Thank you very much!
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