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  1. So what would happen if Eometh defeats his opponent in the Ambush step, yet does so with his last card? Are both combatants considered defeated? Would Eometh be able to continue his turn and explore his current position (Dol Guldar)?
  2. Just came across another issue that could use some clarification. It arose out of the last question concerning Eometh's quest. At the beginning of his turn (after the draw phase at the end of Sauron's turn) Eometh has no cards in his life pool but 4 cards in his hand. Since he is on Dol Goldar with the Mouth of Sauron I assume that he cannot rest. Not only is he on the same space as a minion, but in a perilous location If he should not defeat the Mouth of Sauron during the Ambush phase, that would make him defeated forcing him to move to the nearest Haven, yes? Also, since the Mouth of Sauron has not moved from that spot during Sauron's turn, he cannot be healed as Eometh occupies the same spot, correct?
  3. Thanks a lot for the clarifications, Dam. Glad to know there are people willing to help out!
  4. Hey guys, I just purchased MEQ and have played a few games solo to try and get a feel for the rules and the flow of the game. After searching through the forums for advice to any questions that have arisen, I have a few questions that I haven't seen addressed (tho I may have missed them). During Sauron's turn on the plot phase: 1. When a plot card is played, is the affected token advanced upon card play or upon the next turn? 2. When 3 plots are in play and you wish to discard a current plot to play a new one, is the new plot played the same time as discarding the old or must Sauron wait a turn to play the new plot? My other question is based upon a quest. Eometh's Advanced quest has him exploring Dol Guldur. The Mouth of Sauron was waiting there and combat ensued. Both became exhausted and combat ended as did Eometh's turn. This end of combat and turn did not allow Eometh to explore Dol Guldur as his Quest requires. Here are the issues: A. On Sauron's turn is combat required if the Mouth of Sauron does not move? B. On Eometh's next turn if the Mouth of Sauron did not move, the Ambush step (I assume) becomes required? C. Since Dol Guldur is perilous can Sauron choose a Peril card instead of combat with the Mouth of Sauron? D. Even tho Eometh did not technically "explore" Dol Guldur, since he stepped within the space, does that count as exploring? E. Should a second combat end in another stalemate, is there a way for Eometh to declare himself defeated so that he can be sent to a Haven and rest? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!
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