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  1. Toturi, works on attack and defense. Also just need to win at getting the ring, not break anything. His power will work more often.
  2. Unicorn looks super good, though not sure about the clan champion. Her* ability at 1st glance doesn't seem that great compared to other clan champs.
  3. I've been trying to get my head around lack of combat in the game. Sounds like your just comparing numbers to try and break a province. After you compare, both sides go home. Its weird to think that my army would just go home and let the winning army sack their home land. They should be standing their ground and fighting to the bitter end. With that in mind, I've been trying to think of some sort of abstract way the units are fighting. Maybe the two armies did clash, and the survivors are the ones heading home at the end of the turn... Reading Wispur's quote above helps with the abstract thinking. Many pros and cons with all of this. L5R doesn't really feel like a fighting game, more of a story game. If they took out the military conflict and just did political, the way they made the game totally makes sense.
  4. Warhammer 40k Conquest, every deck needed a full play set of its best cards to be competitive. Not having 3 core sets was a huge handy cap.
  5. Which as anyone who has played a 3 core LCG can tell you, no one can be competitive with 2. Steve either misspoke or lied.
  6. I love the idea of a campaign. My group had an epic run with Risk Legacy and did a gaint season of Forumla D. We played a few Eldritch Horror games in the past and just finished two with all the current expansions. Loving all of it. We are thinking of playing all 7 bosses one by one. We'll reset the board after each game, with the only rule being, you can't pick an investigator you died/went insane. The only expection will be if you can get to that person during the game and the back of the card sounds like they lived. I forget who, but one person says you leave them to recover in the hospital. In those cases, they will have to skip the next game, but can once again be picked for future games. I don't think we'll keep items from game to game. I don't want the game to get easier. Plus "Story wise" it could be a year or two between bosses. Need to pay rent somehow, better sell off that Lighting Gun.
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