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  1. Recently in the TDE I've noticed an additional life being lost or one being lost without cause. This will happen sporadically whether you are in the Ghost realm or not. For the life of me, pardon the pun, I cannot find an explanation when this occurs. It simply adds a life loss without notice.
  2. Another option that offers unpredictable variety (the nature of the Game) is to roll a six-sided dice at the Pit Fiend square indicating the number of fiends to be defeated and treat them as you would combining Adventure cards on the main board. So if you roll a 3, there's three with a strength of 4, meaning you must defeat a strength 12 battle. Many variations can be derived from this as a starting point, e.g. defeat not only loses a life, but causes a retreat one square, a standoff means you must battle the same combination again, etc... Other ideas for the six-sided: 1-Treat the square as you normally would in the game. 2-Pit fiends rally like jackals and eat one follower before battle begins. 3-See above. Roll to find number and combine strength. 4-Pit Fiends summon mutiny. Any/all trophies not turned in turn against you. 5-Fiends in fury. All are strength 8. 6-No battle, but fiends scurry off with a random magic object. And so on...
  3. It's my interpretation of the rules that the Grim Reaper simply is fate, i.e. no evading it, no stopping it, no magic against it, no fate rolls; when he comes, he comes, roll the die and face the inevitable. I've seen a couple of house rules mentioned, but are we in agreement that he exists with the sole purpose of determining a certain fate with NO intervention? To me, this seems only fair and logical. Well, at least as far as logic goes with imaginary playing pieces! Ha!
  4. Just wanted to be sure on this as it has been debated a bit at our table. Aside from the mandatory casting of the Command Spell in the Crown of Command, a character may perform any and all other actions, including the casting of spells, correct? I did post this under the recent news on the FAQ available, but the FAQ did not specifically address this. Veterans?
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