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  1. Thank you for the clarification 😁👍
  2. I also forgot to add, I’d there a limit on mon unique deployment cards, elite and regular?
  3. Hi, I am new to the game, and have a question. Some cards have 2 deployment costs, does that mean I could just buy one model on a group card using the lower cost, or do I have to buy the full compliment of 2 or 3 models? Thanks in advance for any replies.
  4. Thanks for the reply, I have the chance to buy an AT-RT from a two player box at 30% less than the expansion box. It's a bargain but wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything ?
  5. Hi, new to Legion and have recently split a two player starter box with a friend...I have the Rebels ? Does The AT-RT expansion box have the same upgrade cards as the two player starter box, if not, what is different? Thanks in advance ?
  6. Hi, just got into Dust Tactics and loving everything about it Am I correct in thinking that the Allies are mostly US units with UK (Red Devils) support? The SSU mostly Soviet units with Chinese support ( Chinese volunteers) Therefore will the Axis, all German units at present, get Japanese support in the near future? As previous posts have mentioned, there is suggestion of Japanese units/walkers in the expansion booklets, along with the odd hero also mentioned. The addition of Japanese units would bring a nice balance to an already exciting game
  7. Just in case FFG monitors these posts for levels of interest in a possible 40k LCG, I add my whole hearted support for this to happen. Make it happen FFG, Once Star Wars LCG has been released, get your creative team working on a 40k version of LCG
  8. Hi Virgo, Many thanks for answering my question. Let's hope FFG releases Ogres and Tomb Kings in future
  9. Hi, can anyone tell me if all the Warhammer world armies are represented in Warhammer Invasion? I know that the core armies of Dwarfs, Empire, Chaos, Orcs, High Elves and Dark Elves are represented as their own cards and Kingdoms. Skaven, Lizardmen and I think Wood Elves are in the support cards. Daemons I think, are part of the Chaos set. What about Bretonnians, Beastmen, Ogres, Tomb Kings and Vampire Counts? Are these in any of the support cards in the battle packs? Thanks in advance...
  10. Hi Mallumo, Thank you very much for your clear explanations, makes so much more sense now I am sure many more questions will arise as I get into the game, and I will search previous posts before I ask. Don't want to become a nuisance beginner Had this game sat on my shelf since it was first released. Religously bought all the battle packs and expansions. Can't believe I waited this long to finally play the game! (Well done FFG). Thanks again...
  11. Hi All, I bought Warhammer Invasion some time ago and have contiued to buy all the battle packs as they became available. Ironically, I only played my first full game this Xmas! Several questions arose, some answers were found online but here are a few very basic questions still needing answers: 1. If your Capital board is attacked, Kingdom, Quest or Battlefield and any of these zones are destroyed, can they stil be used? eg: If Batllefield zone destroyed, can you still put cards down here and attack from this zone? If Kingdom destroyed can you still put cards down here and receive resources? If Quest zone destroyed can you still put cards down and receive extra draw cards? 2. Specific cards questions: Warpstone Excavation, core set No.116 - Your units enter this zone corrupted. Why would I play this card if any future unit (not existing cards already in zone) that arrives in this zone is unable to attack or defend until un-corrupted (only 1 card per turn allowed to un-corrupt?) I can see the benefit of 0 cost for an additional resource if placed in Kingdom or additional draw card if placed in Quest (is this correct?). But is that the only reason why I should play this card? Can this card ever be destroyed/removed? Grudge Thrower, core set No.18 How can this card be destroyed in the battlefield? What extra rules applies for the 'Siege' keyword on card, or is this not a keyword but just a card type? Although there were a few problems with rule interpretations, what a great game Can't wait to play with the extra battle packs I have bought over time. But first must play several more games of the basic core set until fully in-tune with the rules. Many thanks in advance for help regarding the above.
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