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  1. Hey all, I'm reading through my book, learning the rules, preparing for my first campaign with this game. As I work through understanding the fundamentals, I find myself a little worried about the mechanics of character-experience and was hoping for some opinions on said mechanics! It seems to me that a massive amount of XP must be spent before a character even hits the first rank. By the time they've hit the first rank they could have upgraded all their characteristics to their top tiers and learned a significant number of lvl 1 skills - or all the skills with significantly, though incompletely upgraded characteristics. How do you all feel about the progression? Has it been fine in your campaigns? Are my worries unfounded? While I've played 40K since pre-DE update 3E, my only experience with this style of RPG is DnD. I'm confident in my story-building skills and knowledge of fluff to create an emmersive world. But I want to be prepared for the rate in which the characters of my campaign advance. Any advice for the aspiring GM on pacing a game? I also have limited GM experience (a couple of short-lived campaigns, mostly so-lived due to social circumstances) so any general advice in conducting this campaign would be great!
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