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    Feldwebel_Francis got a reaction from Fomorian in Anyone else slightly disappointed in the scale of the game?   
    With today's technology you can get some fine quality at the 15-20mm scale.
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    Feldwebel_Francis got a reaction from Fomorian in Anyone else slightly disappointed in the scale of the game?   
    The nice thing about KoW is you don't have to have all the minis required for a unit. For a regiment (20) you could have roughly 15 figs. Make a sweet diorama.
    The miniature count is a big plus for RW.
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    Feldwebel_Francis got a reaction from Taki in Unpainted Models   
    I hope they are. I really do. Everything I've seen so far has me really excited for this game. I really want the miniatures to be of a high quality. If they are, I'm all in.
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    Feldwebel_Francis got a reaction from Iceeagle85 in The prices are outrageous   
    Which is why Frostgrave is my new love.
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    Feldwebel_Francis got a reaction from Muz333 in Unpainted Models   
    I hope they are. I really do. Everything I've seen so far has me really excited for this game. I really want the miniatures to be of a high quality. If they are, I'm all in.
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    Feldwebel_Francis got a reaction from Tvayumat in Unpainted Models   
    I hope they are. I really do. Everything I've seen so far has me really excited for this game. I really want the miniatures to be of a high quality. If they are, I'm all in.
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    Feldwebel_Francis reacted to Tvayumat in The prices are outrageous   
    I think you'll find the contention here is that the outrage is *not*, in fact, legitimate, or at least not justified.

    It's really not.

    This game is objectively cheaper than many others it is in direct competition with.
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    Feldwebel_Francis reacted to jek in Unpainted Models   
    That's reasonable...no hate no rage just caution about the quality of the components, I can get behind that as a reason not to jump into the hype (I scream out the window of the caboose of the hype train lol I am super excited for this game...have I mentioned that before?)
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    Feldwebel_Francis got a reaction from jek in Unpainted Models   
    I haven't and won't, no desire to get the game, but I have yet to have a PVC mini that I didn't hate working on.
    Now, maybe these minis will be fantastic, which would be great, but I am not jumping in on release date. I want to see the figs in hand before I decide to buy.
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    Feldwebel_Francis reacted to Tvayumat in The prices are outrageous   
    Honestly, as a tabletop war/skirmish gamer, this is starting to make me feel like I spend too much on my hobbies.

    I look at the prices FFG is asking, consider what all I'm getting in the packs, and shrug off a "Well, less expensive than like three other games I'm playing..."
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    Feldwebel_Francis reacted to jek in Anyone else slightly disappointed in the scale of the game?   
    I'm sure eventually we will all reach the point of having 150+ models and possibly running ridiculous pt games but it is nice to only have 50ish models to paint to have a tourney army...
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    Feldwebel_Francis got a reaction from Muz333 in Unpainted Models   
    GW and others use a styrene plastic, also called HIPS, hard plastic or sometimes sprue plastic. IA minis are PVC, which in my opinion is garbage, especially for table top games. 
    Hard plastic is the way to go. Great detail and easy to clean and assemble.
    The material is the one thing that will prevent me from going all in.
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    Feldwebel_Francis got a reaction from Fomorian in Master Product & Promo List   
    I'm rooting for this game and am hoping for a quality product.
    I really like the prospect of cavalry and infantry versions of the same character. You don't see that too often.
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    Feldwebel_Francis reacted to MacrossVF1 in small X-wing hack I discovered..   
    I don't care what wikipedia says, it's still wrong. Get off my lawn and all that.
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    Feldwebel_Francis reacted to Slugrage in X wing has lost its way?   
    I've been playing X-Wing since it came out. I've bought every wave of ships, typically in pre-order months before they're out. I've done the same with the upcoming S&V along with the Raider.
    I'm more excited about this game than ever. Seriously. Where some see stagnation, I know that FFG has always played the "long game" here and they know what's in the pipes for months in advance. Every time I've seen someone bemoan that some part of the game is "broken", lo and behold a release comes out that tweaks the "broken" feature.

    Sure, there's been some ups and downs, but that's a natural part of product development. The game has grown in ways that none of us who've been around since near the start could have imagined.

    As noted above, there's a huge variety of lists out there - Alex winning with this all A-Wing swarm at a store championship shows that it's quite possible to win with anything if you put your mind to it.

    I'm the most excited I've been since I started playing this game. Honestly.
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    Feldwebel_Francis got a reaction from Marinealver in Imperial Raider length   
    I'll be surprised if it's not the same length as the CR-9O.
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    Feldwebel_Francis got a reaction from romulanwarbird in This Evening's Entertainment   
    This is the best thing ever.
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    Feldwebel_Francis got a reaction from Blail Blerg in This Evening's Entertainment   
    This is the best thing ever.
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    Feldwebel_Francis reacted to bubblepopmei in How can we be more gender inclusive in X-Wing?   
    I'm a bit spent on these forums because they are very toxic. I really respect what you're doing and saying and there seems to be a growing number so I recommend to keep doing it, within the guidelines of the FFG forum.
    There are enough guys here who are so dim witted that they honestly think because they do not personally experience inequality it must not exist. I'm too busy in my life to bother trying to climb that wall. As far as I'm concerned, they are not worth the time investment to try to educate, especially when in an online setting like this they are so quick to aggression. 
    I suppose the easiest way for the community to improve would be for everyone who gets it to ignore the ones who don't. Then their contributions shrivel up and fewer and fewer people will be talking to them so they might actually go away. That would resolve the issue, from a certain point of view.
    Alternatively, if you've got the spirit remaining you can continue to fight the fight via education tools. With all the guys here priding themselves on being intelligent, someone has to have the brains to actually research about social justice and feminism and learn themselves a fact or two. The rest just put on ignore because their contribution to society is only negative. They don't understand why, either.
    I'll finish with this - the x-wing community needs a lot of work. I find anything but the most benign discussions degrade into attacks on gender. There is a lot of misogyny and aggression towards women here. What else is new, right? I don't think the guys here are any different than any other gaming community. Needs improvement. It will be slow going because one of the favourite responses from them is to blatantly deny that any wrongdoing has ever happened in their neighborhood. That's hard to fight.
    I honestly don't care to discuss this. The thread helps me identify and ignore abusive men and identify and feel safer around good men like you, Mikael. Yes, many of the men here make me feel unsafe. Their level of aggression and denial is terrifying. Not that they will bother to learn about why, they will just deny aggressively.
    FFG seems to be doing a good job of inclusion in their latest releases. I like the company and appreciate their efforts and talent. I also appreciate anyone who is willing to stand up and try to identify and resolve issues like this. 
    I'm going to go back to the Edge of the Empire RPG forum now. They aren't as aggressively macho as the x-wing community is.
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    Feldwebel_Francis reacted to Bakura83 in Fan Art of Rexler Brath, Whisper and Echo + Fanboy fluff-love.   
    Massive amounts of fluff/lore, head-canon, and general fanboism ahead.  Proceed with caution.  Or skip the text and just look at the pretty picture of Imperial awesomeness.
    So as a 40k survivour, I'm used to there being massive amounts of fluff and art to roll around in like an itchy pig in a mud hole.  Say what you will about GW (and there is certainly a lot to say), when it comes to fluff and art, they not only provide, they provide in a consistently eye-popping/mindblowing way.  Epic characters, portrayed by epic writers and artists.
    Star Wars EU is much less consistent.  For every beautiful vista and character portrait there's about a hundred crappy ones (in fairness to Jaxxon he did get a better picture, but he's still stupid).
    Now, you can't fault FFG in the art department concerning X-wing.  Beautiful models, beautiful card art, etc.  But I do sometimes wish there was more art and fluff about some of my favourite pilots.  (not that I'm saying FFG is failing somehow by not providing these - it's not really within the scope of the game itself).  
    To help my craving, I decided to make this post in honour of some of my favourite Star Wars canon, and a little of the "head-canon" I've developed that fills in some of the grey areas.
    So first off, I loved the Imperials as a kid.  I wanted to know their stories.  I especially loved getting to know the back stories behind the different Imperials who weren't just nazi stand-ins.  I was particularly interested in the ones closest to Vader - what stories were behind the relationship between him and Tarkin (who called Vader "Old Friend", and spoke to him in as familiar a tone as Obi-wan speaks of Anakin)?  What about the Pilots who served alongside Vader?  What had they done to earn his notice?  How awesome must they have been to not suffer the death-by-choking we see so many higher ranking officers suffer?
    So who are my favourites which appear in X-wing Miniatures Game?
    Obviously, Soontir Fel is the man.  I'm not going to insult your intelligence by talking about him like you don't know him.  Besides, there's tons of lore about him, all of it awesome.  Nothing more needs to be added by silly ol' me.  And bonus points to FFG for actually giving us some in-game art of the man himself, not just the ship he flies.
    After Soontir comes the (second?) coolest squadron in the Empire: Onyx Squadron.  Why are they the coolest?  
    Because they are versatile: According to the lore, they've won battles in TIE/LN, TIE/IN, AND TIE/sa craft, and they were the first squadron in the Empire to fly the TIE/D.
    Because they have names: Three Onyx veterans made it into the game: Colonel Jendon, Captain Yorr, and Rexlar Brath.

    Captain Yorr in 3 ABY, just prior to the Battle of Endor.
    Because they appear in the OT: That's right, both Jendon and Yorr appear in RotJ, and according to the lore fought in and survived the Battle of Endor.  (Yorr is the first person who speaks in RotJ, he's the younger pilot of Vader's shuttle.  Sadly, an entire scene of them talking was cut from the final film, but survives in the novelization.
    (I suppose you could argue that the 181st fills these criteria too [hence the (second?)], as Fel's Wrath is also briefly seen on camera in RotJ, but I'm sticking with Onyx.)
    So now things start to get head-canon-ish.
    Canon + Head Canon: 
    Lore states that between 1 BBY and 1ABY, the Empire took a serious hit.  The X-wing entered service and began eating TIE/LN's for breakfast, and the Death Star was lost with (almost)all hands.  It was less like Pearl Harbour, and more like if the Japanese had managed to nuke Washington and New York simultaneously in 1941.

    Col. Jendon in RotJ, already a veteran of decades of fighting.
    As a result of this, a huge number of academy pilots were rushed into service, including more female cadets as necessity began trumping misogyny.  I imagine grizzled veteran Colonel Jendon suddenly being in charge of a bunch of green horn kids straight out of their academy diapers, and whipping them into shape.  Among these were Yorr - who in 3 years managed to go from cadet to Captain and gain the coveted #2 spot in Onyx Squadron - and Brath, who I'm assuming wasn't far behind (I head-canon him as Onyx 3, even though lore doesn't specify).  I also head-canon two other X-wing Miniatures pilots into Onyx: The Next Generation, namely Whisper and Echo (who I head-canon as women, but PLEASE let's not argue.  If you think different, that's cool!  Please share below.)
    Why are W & E in Onyx?  Well...if you were looking for pilots for your apex predator next-gen fighter, wouldn't you go straight to the best Squadron in the Empire, where every pilot had to have survived at least 20 missions to get in and had proven themselves in multiple craft?  And who's going to put them through their paces?  How about the greatest fighter pilot in the Empire?
    Hence the inspiration for this picture.  I wanted there to be an actual picture of Whisper, Echo and Rexler Brath, as I imagine them:

    (By the way, I only painted the stick figure original concept - not the final product!)
    So there you have it.  Soontir and Whisper share their initial experiences with the scaled-down Phantom Prototype, as Echo, Rexler and a young Yorr (still only a Lieutenant at this point) listen in.  I like to think that on Soontir's recommendation, Whisper and Echo were accepted into the newly formed Sigma Squadron, and fought together in the Dreighton Triangle.  Rexler rose to Onyx 1 after Jendon retired post-Endor, and Yorr moved permanently to Shuttle Command before finally being given command of a VT-49.
    I did some research and decided to head-canon that "Whisper" took her call sign from the Whisper Birds that populate the forests of her home planet of Null, and that her fierce opposition to rebellion came from her suffering through the Separatist take-over of her home world as a young child.  I imagined her to be tall, lithe and elf-like, fitting in with her weak gravity arboreal home planet.
    "Echo" always felt like a much more rough and ready sounding character.  Someone who had graduated from the school of hard knocks with honours.  I like to think she's named after her habit of attempting to sarcastically finish the sentences of commanding officers who she regards as either misogynistic or incompetent, and that her sharp tongue often lands her on punishment detail, but her exceptional piloting skills always ensure she eventually finds her way back into the cockpit.
    Anyway, hopefully this will interest some, and maybe spur the community on to more fan art.  Feel free to share your own head canon, even if it contradicts mine!
    Hopefully I didn't bore anyone to tears.
    Stay tuned for part two of my project: Homebrew cards!
    - Captain Yorr crew card (so he and Jendon can fly ST321 together with Vader. straight out of RotJ!)
    - Soontir Fel: Flight Instructor crew card (for the Phantom)
    - Jendon, Yorr, Echo and Whisper TIE/D pilot cards.
    - Rexler, Echo and Whisper TIE/IN pilot cards.
    Dream list: Jendon & Yorr in Lambda escorted by Rexler, Echo and Whisper in TIE/INs for 100pts or less.
    Edit: Should "Fanboy fluff-love" be my title when I hit 1000 posts?
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    Feldwebel_Francis reacted to FTS Gecko in How far is too far   
    This is too far.
    And yet at the same time, not quite far enough...
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    Feldwebel_Francis reacted to trustybroom in 40k refugees and newbies...   
    I stopped playing way back in the middle of third edition and I've been tempted to go back many times, but I just don't recognize that monstrosity of a game anymore. 2nd edition fo' life, yo.
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    Feldwebel_Francis got a reaction from Arashi in My playmat solution   
    Just ordered mine off Amazon. $28 with shipping.
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    Feldwebel_Francis reacted to Zarynterk in I Might Be A STAR WARS Nerd...   
    Even more proof as to why men shouldn't play with toys lol...

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    Feldwebel_Francis reacted to DreadStar in YT-2400 is way underpriced!   
    Didn't sky fall with the phantom's release ? How could it get up this fast to fall again ?
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